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  1. I'll come back when I have more time. Once again thanks to all. Will miss ET.
  2. Yes, I should come back later when I have more time for ET.
  3. Hey Guys, I have been playing ET for 11+ years. It was wonderful playing with many of you in FA Hardcore server for last 7+ years. I started as a bachelor in India and now am married and have 2 kids and moved to US. I thank you all for making it so entertaining for me. As an admin I always tried to join the weaker team and make it win and it was really fun when that happened. So why am I leaving: As my priorities in life change, I decided to cut down on my hobbies to give more time to family. I am a software engineer who already works 8-10 hours in front of computer every day. So the best hobby to cut from health perspective seems to be computer games. The other hobbies like Tennis, running, Precision rifle sports and competitions remain for now. My small ET history: My first clan was KD that split into EMS and TEC. I ended up in TEC and soon became an admin there. After TEC was gone, I joined FA and soon became server admin (because I was admin of an allied clan). I already got my level reset to 2. I will retain the forum account in case I want to come back Good Bye and Best Wishes, Sudhir Singh (=F|A=Rajput)
  4. Hi All, Just as I write this, I see that ET Hardcore and Public Recruiting Servers are Crashing / Restarting every few minutes. Its hard to complete even 1 map. More than 1 is nearly impossible
  5. I sent the mail in January 2015 and got no responses, hence put the post
  6. Gotcha, the app generate 500+ installs per day, but has few players playing the game online with average CCU of 5. I have a new version coming with much better graphics and expect a much higher user base for new version. I am hosting the servers as of now. Don't want to create a new clan. I can redirect all my players to FA website for joining the clan if the game has a section on this clan. Can we move it. Not sure if I have permissions
  7. It was not advertising, it was request for partnership. Who would be the right person to discuss this with in FA Clan. I believe FA would have a process for choosing games that it hosts.
  8. Would like to know the conclusion of Clan Admins on my proposal for inclusion of my Game. I see that the post has been removed. I'm OK with removal of post, just want to know the idea.
  9. I am able to reconnect after re-installation. However I seem to have lost admin on Servers despite having the same ETKey.
  10. Both did not work . Will try again after uninstalling current instance of ET
  11. Did not work. Also I can connect to FA Silent Recruiting which is also Silent Mod Checked, did not help.
  12. Hi All, I have been unable to connect to FA Hardcore Server for last one week. This started happening after an abrupt disconnection. It just hangs at Screen showing Awaiting Connection ..... 1, 2, 3, ....20, 21. I can connect to FA Silent Recruiting without any Issues. So its just the one server that I like most . Can it be because I was Banned! If not should I re-install ET? Regards, Rajput
  13. Game Details: First See Trailer Video Here (Because a picture is worth thousand words and a video thousand pictures) Download Links for Android: Freemium Game Pro Game Amazon Store Download Links for Windows Phone: Full Game

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