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  1. Yeah, as the 2nd gen Pokemon started coming out I was getting into Yu-Gi-Oh. It was fun, different, and it seemed less of a kids game.
  2. I'm just curious what other people think about Pokemon in 2021? I haven't collected the cards since I was a kid in the 90s (which I still have), but these days it seems like it's more popular than ever. I started paying attention to it again last March when America started going into quarantine mode and it seems to have picked up even more since then. Does anyone out there collect or invest in it? I'm into more of the original Pokemon since that is what I grew up with. It makes my head spin whenever I see all the new ones they have added lol. I haven't bothered trying to get into t
  3. This is Bella. We adopted her from another family in October of 2019. We were told she was 4 years old at the time we got her. They did not take good care of her so she looked like a mess and had hook worms when we first got her.
  4. Apologies for being late to the party. I haven't checked the forums in awhile and came across @daredevil tagging me hehe. I would like to share my experience and hopefully inspire others! The short version is some friends talked me into downloading Tinder while I was traveling in Japan. When I got back to the US I paid money so that I could Tinder across the world even though I was still in the US. I ended up swiping on a girl living in Vietnam while I was still in the US and we hit it off. We texted, voice chat, and video called every day for 7 months until I decided to visit her
  5. Welcome! I think we started playing ET about the same time, but you were quite young in 2008!
  6. So I decided to pull out an old external hard drive and I found some amusing signatures I made back in the day. I don't know if I'm ready for any requests yet
  7. I miss a lot of people, but just to name a few @Blade @Papito @mew @Maximo Decimo @speedfact @GI-JOE @Novice and always fun killing @JoeDirt and then him hating me afterwards. There are many more through the years that I have had the pleasure of playing with. I still wish Xfire was a thing because I would love to hear from some of the people on there and go back and see all the time, screenshots, and videos I had recorded through my first years in ET. While I may still be "around" I will never fully be back like the old days. Hope everyone is doing well. Maybe I'll catch you in a
  8. Hi :)

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    2. speedfact


      yeh, just took sometime off for life changes. New kiddos, job and had to move. Only meant to be gone a few weeks...but thats life. Anyways man, how ya been? And pssshhh we all know I aint scared of him. I would die 100 times and only kill him once, but it would be the one headshot known to alllll

    3. Corey


      I can understand that. I've been doing good. I don't play games like I used to that's for sure. Within the past few years I've gotten married, bought a house, and even got a dog :P. No kids for now, but it's definitely on the roadmap.

    4. speedfact


      I took so long to reply cause I was shell shocked there. Congrats on all 3 things mate! And yeh feel free to borrow one of mine and never return em. Glad to hear your doing good though and I feel the not gaming like I used to. I can barely get on.

  9. OK I'll start by saying I know nothing about ET 2020. I'm not an expert on this stuff, but I thought I would at least throw some stuff out here for you to look into. I tried to keep it as budget friendly as possible while giving you a nice upgrade all around. The CPU is not the current gen out, but it's still an upgrade to 6 core 12 thread. The Ryzen 3 3300x would be my first option, but I have heard it is impossible to find one. Let me know what you think and depending if you have existing hard drives/ssd's you want to use those can be removed or tweaked. PCPartPicker Part
  10. Check out this video on YouTube. I started following him when I was looking into building a PC and he gives good advice. In this video he does about a $500 pc so you have some wiggle room to get some better pieces, but this should be a good starting point for you. Recommendations Get an AMD Ryzen CPU that comes with the air cooler. You may not have the best temps, but this will eliminate the need for buying an aftermarket cooler. For RAM I would suggest at least16 GB of DDR4 3200 kit similar to what he has in the video. The 3200 MHz seems to be a sweet spot for the AM
  11. Just an update... I made a noob mistake when reading my cpu temps. This was my first time using the iCUE software from corsair and I thought it was giving me CPU temps when it was in fact giving me the liquid temps of the aio. Now that I figured out how to get the CPU temps I see it mostly hovers around 38-40c while writing this post and will occasionally spike into the higher 40's. I did remove the cpu cooler and paste and reapply the thermal paste. I don't believe it made much difference. Going to keep an eye on it to see what happens while I play games. I have been googling and
  12. Not yet. I do plan on overclocking at some point. For now I'm just using it stock as I break it in.
  13. Thanks Snuffs. It is something I will definitely keep an eye on as I start using the PC more. I went with one of the more recommended setups with the fans and radiator. 6 intake on the side and bottom and the 3 fans on the radiator are blowing out the top. I know it is recommend having the fans on the radiator as intake to get the best cooling performance, but from the comments and videos I watched with this case it appeared that having the fans blowing out would still provide decent results all around. This setup may be the cause of the temps being higher than you anticipated. I also have to
  14. Thanks! Yes, the fans have a lot of cool lighting effects, but I'll probably stick with the white color for most occasions until I'm feeling festive. I can see some cool Halloween and Christmas theme lighting coming soon . Don't worry it's not my computer desk. I took over my wife's table she had a sewing machine on since I was still using my old pc during this build process. I plan to get it all moved over soon. Thank you! I think the cables really help tie in the black and white theme.
  15. It's complete!! I'm very pleased with how it turned out. All in all it was a incident free build (besides me accidentally touching the pre-applied cpu paste on my aio ). That probably worked out for the best anyways because that gave me a chance to remove the stock paste on the aio and replace it with something potentially better. I haven't had a chance to game on it yet since I just finished it tonight, but my temps were hovering around 26 - 30 degrees Celsius with no load. Hoping this pc will last me for awhile, but guess we will see There's always new tech coming out so it's only a matter
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