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  7. Everyone come by NQ3 to say hi :)

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  8. I'm realllllly going to try to make it to this one. I said I was going to make it to the last one, but I completely forgot
  9. Who wants to give me a million dollars?

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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone
  11. Surprisingly, I didn't eat at a lot of Vietnamese restaurants while I was there lol. The restaurant selection was really diverse. They had your normal American restaurants like Burger King, McDonald's, Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut, and KFC. Korean food is really popular there so we ate at a Korean restaurant called Gogi House about 3 times. Also had Thai food, Brazilian food, and I even managed to find some Mexican food a few times for my girlfriend to try since she had never tried it before. All the food was really good though! All the people seemed to be very friendly and helpful. I don't remember running into anyone that was rude or tried to cause trouble with us. People did tend to stare at us a lot and some would ask her questions because I was white and she was Vietnamese, but that was really the only thing out of the ordinary. I was spoiled a little bit having my girlfriend with me. I didn't have to deal with any major language barriers. Here's a few pics of food
  12. I wouldn't say all the time, but it seemed to come and go and not hang around all day long which was nice. We did have to drive a motorbike in rain in Da Nang which kinda sucked, but it didn't interfere with the trip at all.
  13. The first few pictures are from Hoi An which is about 30 minutes away from Da Nang. The ones after that are mostly from Da Nang. The dragon bridge was awesome Traffic was kinda crazy in Saigon. I couldn't imagine trying to drive a motorbike there everyday.