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  1. And everybody! I am back! and full development is within swing! I am working on it as speak and should be ready for beta by christmas! I'm sorry that i couldn't get this done sooner, but college took over and stuff like that Basically we are running into the problem of textures, as the game runs on the old OPENGL however android does not use this. SO IN ITS CURRENT STATE! it is ready to go, but it requires a lot of mods to the phone with installing OpenGL So my solution is to remake the textures for android and make sure they work properly, so this means redoing the textures with conversions and editing the code of the game. So hopefully by christmas we will have this ready for you! On the CFG front i'm currently going to be working with Th3ory to get the most optimal cfg's for older phones and higher quality cfg's for more powerful phones. We might have to have custom keywords to get it to work properly, so hopefully he can help me with making an online converter for the CFG's Networking is an issue because once again, it uses an older system. Im currently working on fixing this Currently for every Hour of play, it looks to be about 40mb of 4G+ data. After testing with stable data types we recommend you atleast have a 3G connection with 4G+ recommended The Game will auto adjust cl_timenudge every 10 seconds to help with any fluctuations within the connection. IMPORTANT Can you please post here if you want a copy of the beta! I need to compile a spreadsheet! if you've already posted, this is fine. but anyone else who wants a copy! please state so. So that's what's going on! sorry for disappearing again See some of you Lads & Ladies (And all the inbetween) on the battleField If you want to contact me, please PM me or send a note attached to the mortar round within the quadrant of D7 On Oasis... Pictures will be uploaded soon!
  2. Handing out Copys (BETA) next month!
  3. I do know, but that is really messed up, and i prefer to make it myself so i know it works, and having a look at it. i would take more effort to tweak it rather than making a new one. Touch screen with controler support for JS1 remotes and other types
  4. using the base 2.60 SC but im experimenting with Legacy, and im apprehensive about putting it up on github just yet, i want to keep it community centralised

    1. Shana


      Don't let it get to you! you can do it! :D

  6. Using SDL, I am currently working on Porting WOLF ET (wolfenstein ET) to the android and IOS devices. IOS - The problem I have though, is that although Wolf ET is a free game, its not leagal to share the .PAK files, Meaning that this is very hard for non "JailBroken" IOS Devices, Also as far as i am aware you canno't use SDL for IOS, as its Linux based (and Android is based on Linux) So i will have to find a way around this... Could possibaly be emulation. Android - Once again the problem with the .PAK files stands, but now I have SDL Sorted, it does work on my android Device. So my current problem is that it is laggy as it was not designed for mobile devices (Yes It Currently works on my Android Device) Also it works with all FA Servers. But Once again, I must state that it is no where from Finished What I need - I need aload of People from Android Operating Systems (Cyanogen Mod, Samsung's Touch Wiz, ASOP and Any other android Based system) to test this for me, This will allow for me to accuratly tell what Devices are Working and What devices need Patching and working on. ANDROID DEVICES DO NOT NEED TO BE ROOTED OR OVERCLOCKED!!!, However if they are. it means i have a better mix of tests. However I would like a mix of Rooted and Non Rooted Android Devices. In the Near future I will be passing out copys of the Android ported ET for testing to anyone who applies for them. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ For People who want to be considered for the Beta testing of the WOLF ET android port. please send me an INBOX on the Site, Also post here on the on the topic with your Phone and spesifications for the phone (If your new to modding android and spec Sheets, then the phone model is fine) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So Lastly my order of programming is 1st) Android Stability Issues 2nd) Device Patching 3rd) Roll Out Beta Copys 4th) Look into IOS Porting 5th) Examin Data and Hopefully Figure out whats causing Lag issues 6th) Fix Lag Issues From the Gathered Data 7) Start work on IOS Port! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks to anyone who Applies (Remember to Inbox me and post Below) And I hope to beable to Serve the ET Community with this port of one of the best Games of all Time!a
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-31662024 Check the Link Above Rest In Pepperoni, you absolute GOD of acting
  8. I knew Ray... He was my friend, he got me back in to ET... Every day when i logged onto jay1, he was there. Not just to play, he was one of the most social and friendly people I know. we got talking and he told me to Apply, Said I'd do great. I loved talking to Ray, When i logged on and he wasnt on, i would wait there for hours and hours. just to chat with him. He was truley one of the best people in this community And my Heart littaraly broke when i heard this news. and i cant stop crying See you some Other Day, My Sexy Exploid The Mortar Man.
  9. Ja i did guns firing bb pelets I made some for a college project maybe ill see if it will over write
  10. Me and my friend had some fun today firing Replica guns *** http://imgur.com/s0hlYS0,NeujPAF(Images can be scrolled througgh at the top) Love me sporting some nazi gear (FYI im not a not a Neo-nazi, and yes I am ginger) Now if only i lookd this sexy and ginger in game <3 so that reminds me, can we use custom skins on in the game and not get kicked for using them? *** http://imgur.com/s0hlYS0,NeujPAF(Images can be scrolled througgh at the top)
  11. I know, but ive never had a bad experiance at the one i go to. but there was a few new staff. Also was it me or was the BBQ sauce stupidly spicy. I dont mind spicy things and i think they are good. but this was rediculasly hot. like someone put chilli sauce in it. Maybe it was a dud batch for me tho
  12. ***MATURE LANGUAGE*** I’ve got to be honest... I’m a bit of a porky guy... and I was looking fall wards to the new Mc'Rib in the UK. As it has just been released... I’ve had one in America and it was amazing. But I have to say that the English version is absolute S**T! Please look at the images here (At the top of the screen you can select images)... http://imgur.com/i9dSmOy,Qrctwgr,WBWGrGz,4c3gQ37#0 Whoever the lazy piece of Cr*p who made this deserves to be shot... it was completely drenched in BBQ and stained my hands and jumper.... What has this world come to when they can get away with this lazy behaviour...? They might as well have taken it and thrown it into the vat of sauce and fished it back out again... Never in my life have I seen such a shoddy excuse for a meal... ALSO IT WAS BONE FUC*ING DRY! AND SO COLD! And the chips where cold and the drink was half ice... Well hopefully you have a better experience than me with the Mc’Rib... *RANT OVER*
  13. I would like to point out that the lounge has no... how am I ment lie back in a leather chair and kill "exploid" in ET... WHEN THE LEATHER CHAIRS DON EXIST! !! *fuming mad* Pledge your alliegance to the problem and I will provide the solution! At 200 partitions ill buy one for one of the admins! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/FASofa

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