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  1. Feels good to be back....

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    2. Antimony


      @Cheepheep Already done :).. waiting for level reinstatement.. Meanwhile i configure etconfig

    3. Raziel


      hey, welcome back :D

    4. CheepHeep


      Welcome back then mate :)

  2. So guys so I got a new build which I assembled myself and I need new graphic settings (r_ cvars) to get 125 fps ). Im using GTX 960, and resolution I want in ET is 1920x1080. If there is anyone with GTX 900 series gpu it would be helpful. CPU is Core i5 6500 @3.2 ghz and currently it has 8 GB RAM (will add one more 8 gb stick in few months) I tried to use old cfg from my computer which had lowest settings but all i got was 30- 40 fps in game. All drivers are already up to date, and I am using windows 10 currently Pics and more details of PC will be posted tonight in separate topic..
  3. That feeling when you find a lost 64 gb USB drive with important data on it after a month in your trrousers :|

  4. Got a new job .. See you all next year :)

  5. ET was released in 2003, almost 12 years ago! Any new gen gpu no matter how slow can easily run ET. I run ET on 6 years old PC with integrated G31 intel chipset and manage to get stable 43 fps easily on maps. On small maps and small number of players I get stable 76 fps. Just turn down the graphics and resolution to medium and you will get 76 fps easily on most maps. I assume you play on hardcore server (its in your profile) so dont worry about fps. That 5500hd gpu will easily manage it. (It can play COD 4 too)
  6. Just signed up.. Installing client.... Evolve HQ : Antimony
  7. Bad idea. You will need to atleast 18 days for level 4 dragon. 4 days for Lvl 10 storage and 14 days for research upgrade. Better construct xbows as they make your defences quite stronger. As dom mentioned you will need to all builders free as there are whole new buildiings to build. Not to mention you will be raided coupole of times in these 2 weeks and lose some elixir. also its kinda noobish that you are getting lvl 4 drags just for cc defence. They are useless against Th9 and anti drag th8 bases .They die anyways since all players in war take out cc troops first. (That is first thing people learned in wars). Better get the clan to lvl 5 so everyone gets +1 lvl troop upgrade. No need for anyone to research lvl 4 drags.
  8. I have already mentioned that HTC has issued a update to fix the heating problem, but update induces thermal throttling means it will downclock the CPU when it start to heat even slightest. The phone wont have good performance due to underclocking.
  9. Just a headsup : Just read specs of HTC m9 and found that it uses SnapDragon 810 SoC. I think you should look for another phone because that Soc has tendency to heat up even in small tasks like browsing. One of the main reason why Samsung didnt use 810 chip in their flagship S6. HTC (and other OEMs) has issued a update to fix it but it involves severe thermal throttling (The frequency of processor is limited once it starts to heat even by slight amount thus reducing the performance of phone ) Almost all phones with snapdragon 810 are facing this problem. So you can think of other phone like Sony z3 compact. Another thing i would like to mention is One plus has indeed poor sales services but they just announced 3 months extended warranty if your phone is in service centre for more than 15 days (only for india).
  10. OnePlus One is better option than HTC m9. First you would save lot of money (almost 20K) .Second the phone is bang for buck Great performance, great battery life, good camera too. Even though its cost less than most flagship it is still made from quality materials and has great finish and doesnt feel cheap at all. HTC is just over priced and people who like to show off can get those.
  11. Not entirely true. Witches can screw up dragon attacks. How? Well usually most of us keep cc in centre during wars. When drags start coming towards centre and trigger the CC, witch comes out and spawns few skeletons. Now many people use King for funelling dragons. If king or any ground troop is deployed and witch is still alive, her skeletons run to attack the ground troops. At the same time drags if nearby run behind skeletons screwing up the attack. To counter this, just deploy the king when cc is destroyed and never use ground troops in Dragon attack or lure the cc troops to kill them. Drags are powerful enough to kill cc troops with ease.
  12. Batman stole Iron Man's helmet....
  13. Instead of thinking about what you're missing, try thinking about what you have that everyone else is missing.

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