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  1. Vanaraud

    Pic of the Day 08.04.18

    Last pic, "grounding" done usefully
  2. Vanaraud

    Xbox One FarCry 5

    The original Far Cry 1&2 were good(from Crytek?), then came the Blood Dragon which was a hell of a shooter also. So is this one resembling on of the good old shooters or is it the usual open world run there, fetch this, clean the same outposts 2x per 15 min type of game?
  3. aaa, thats why autoplay on youtube dpesnt work anymore!
  4. Vanaraud

    Rough times in real world

    Those are some rough news, hope you will recover quickly.
  5. Vanaraud

    Battlefield 1 - still worth?

    Decided to try the game as I got it free on my yearly EA access. It took me a while to familiarize with the big maps and near real life combat system- 1 hit kills often compared to ET-s bullet sponges running around. Also for a team to win every class MUST be represented, medics are really important as healers, opposed to ET rambo-medics again;) It´s really awesome to storm wide fields with the whole team, feels so grandiose. Had some problems to run the game as it started to crash in every 15 min, fixed it by lowering my CPU OC- maybe my system is getting old and gets tired. Also I noticed it stresses the CPU a lot, most of the time my old good I5 IB runs on 100%. But nothing suprising here as I knew massive Multiplayer games do stress CPU a lot. Also lowered the game graphics settings, maybe it helped with the crashes also, took a hit to my pride to dial down to medium-high;) Wanted to ask what those medic, assault etc class promotions give. It describes quite well in ET with every promotion given- medic have more health packs, FO more ammo, can arty quicker etc. But didn´t find any descriptions for BF1 classes. I´m playing under the name in BF1 as is the name under I´ve played in ET HC lately.
  6. Vanaraud

    Good Aiming and Bad Aiming vs. Internetspeed

    1st. wrong sobforum;) 2nd https://fearless-assassins.com/forum-11/announcement-9-how-to-recognize-your-lag/
  7. Vanaraud

    Happy birthday to comatose aka l3fty!

    A bit late but Happy Birthday, wish you all the best :all rock:
  8. Vanaraud

    Pushback from Thompson vs MP40

    Maybe the hitsounds are played more often or otherwise differently with mp40? Because as lvl4 soldier with both smgs I notice myself switching always to mp40 whenever I have bullets as it seems to hit better. Even though the acc might tell a different story... In beginners server the rate of fire is insanly high, so even without HS it´s possible to "1-shot" to death?
  9. Vanaraud

    Teammates wide a**s

    Is it only me or why is it so. Whenever some teammate comes in 3m from me I get pushed aside, ofcourse I will loose my aim and also can´t move. Quite annoying "feature"...
  10. Vanaraud

    WTF is happening with my pc?

    If anything is broken, then it would be reasonable to assume many system crashes to happen. One possibility is that fans got damaged and PC is throttling. Try to monitor the temps of the laptop, HWMONITOR is a good program, it alos has basic SMART capabilities to see if HDD got damaged as hard disks are very susceptible to vibrations.
  11. Was KDR used in old etpub servers? If yes, then it had many problems also...
  12. Vanaraud

    Pic of the Day 26.02.18

    #2 sometimes you just need the s***t been done. Also kudos to driver who could get her? up.
  13. Vanaraud

    PBPrior - Enemy Territory Software

    Thanks for the info. From personal experience I gave up tinkering with those settings after moving to win8.1 as it manages CPU resources better than win7 and before that. Though with pre-win8.1 it seemed to matter and it´s worth a shot with CPU-s with low frequency.
  14. Vanaraud

    GPU Issues

    2 things will destroy electrobics: temps and\or overvolting. If you keep them on recommended specs its all fine. Heard nvidia doesnt throttle down with multimonitor setup, might wanna check if gpu\memory go Hz go down while idle. So basically you deleted you colorprofile with new card? if calibrating on monitor the settings might stay..
  15. Vanaraud

    old farts

    What are you trying to sell here?