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  1. Dam the Croatia-Nigeria game was boring in the end, went to sleep instead:P
  2. AdoretTV came out with a educating video again: Yes, we all know about AMD-s rebranding of Tahiti GPUs from HD 7xxx to RX9 3xx and some other things other companies have done also but this is just interesting view on Nvidias history and how they have put break on innovation of technology (and still doing- asking to disable async compute altoghether). Especially interesting in the light of this: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-discrete-gpu-2020-raja,37289.html
  3. What a great game at last. Last Big Cups were so boring in the beginning, here we saw 6 goals in one game! Nice goals from distance but still fast and strong uncatchable for goalkeepers. Spain played their game, short and precise passes, enjoyable to watch.
  4. Up to 80% off on uplay store.
  5. Scroll down for gaming benchmarks: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1070-Laptop.169549.0.html
  6. I see the shuffle being given on higher admin level when admin levels are based on recruiting count is becoming more and more irrelevant imho. @HIpkat it goes basis by basis and is off topic here. Auto shuffle is a good thing- teams get unfair by the time and sometimes there are no admins around at all. Shuffle is a good thing- sometimes teams get so messed up that untangling would take too much time and effort. !putteam is a way to go most of the times, even when admin could switch sides, it´s best to consider !putteam before unbalancing teams even more by FA switching sides itself... Can´t really vote for anything as all goes basis by basis and can´t choose a preferred method which would work all the time. +1 for silent commands
  7. Those AMD machines look outdated, especially when one considers what is available for the same price from "green" side. If the AMD PC-s would have been with Ryzen 2xxx and Vega GPU then I´d consider them. This one looks much more promising: https://www.amazon.com/CYBERPOWERPC-Master-GMA5000A-Desktop-Gaming/dp/B071NSBXTK/ref=pd_day0_147_7?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B071NSBXTK&pd_rd_r=XQ7KKNMZCW07HKT9TR0A&pd_rd_w=hUj1x&pd_rd_wg=DJx39&psc=1&refRID=XQ7KKNMZCW07HKT9TR0A A i7 Intel CPU might or might not give 10% FPS boost over i5 in 1080p gaming(one excample of i5 8600K beating I7), in 1440p games it matters even less. B350 doesn´t have as plenty of connectivity options as X370 does, x470 series would be even better as it has better RAM OC support. There´s a class difference between GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, not so big difference between GTX 1070 Ti and GTX 1080: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gpu-hierarchy,4388.html https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-ti-8gb,5311-16.html
  8. Is anyone still playing it? When the teams are balanced the game is fun, especially on Titanbrawl. The game engine is awsome, loads up so quickly, is good looking while keeping FPS stable. Also I can minimize the game without later game crashes. Haven´t seen ant game crashes also.
  9. Hope they will not put mortarhack as a legitimate weapon on this version(artillery truck).
  10. For a low budget build definetly go with AMD ryzen APU 2200\2400, as it has integrated GPU worth about GT1030... I myself am rocking an Ivy Bridge based i5 build with Hawaii GPU(Fury X). For gaming purposes 16GB isn´t a must as stupid games still use Virtual Memory on hard drive, even if you have 10GB of RAM to spare.
  11. Now OP don´t be thrown off, keep digging and you might learn something. Just be warned not to make reckless modifications and ask here for more infos and dig up some more. If you are interested how firewalls etc work, keep going. If you are interested in if you have lag, better make another topic and let´s analyse it step-by-step: Lagometer SS Ping trace\MTR results PC specs and not WIFI or LAN cable. Latency monitor: http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon_idlt EDIT: Forgot that some antivirus can be a pain... It could be bogus, but giving that nowadays sound cards on expensive motherboards are shielded, it might be that sounds\music can cause interrupts. I´ve not only once noticed it but I´ve just run around in ET and looked at lagometer and every time bass drops in DnB song, my lagometer goes crazy. Way to test it out would be to get separate sound card but ...
  12. Vanaraud

    For Honor

    Sry for the bump. The game is for free this weekend to try it. And it has a big price reductiong, also one could use ubipoints to get 20% extra off, worked for me once.
  13. Like it´s with everything: "It´s gonna be easy they say, it´s gonna take 15 min they say" Pretty much how every new component installation in my PC have gone;) Thanks for the hard work. PS Do the updates have any benefits we could see? Or just updating old OS for security etc...
  14. It´s common to put a URL to the article one references in the post;) If you have problems in ET, let´s start with this: If you can´t connect to more modern games where you don´t have dedicated servers and you have p2p matches and you can´t connect to them, then you´d want to start fiddling with your NAT. I´m no expert but the NAT is there for the reason. With todays botfarms crackers have tremendous "calculation" power in their hands to probe every modem out there for easy weaknesses, which it seems to me you are creating out there. Some1 with more knowledge in that matter can share more light on this subject.

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