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  1. Once upon a time there lived 3 grinches. They created winter wonderland in a domain of ET called FA and made out of snow henchmen who they could abuse with commands forever and forever. The henchmen would appear only near 3 grinches, so that´s why you see them so seldom. ... and everybody lived happily forever in the kingdom of FA. (hope there will be a christmas themed server this year)
  2. Vanaraud


    On my watchlist, will let you know when I´m done;)
  3. Yep, right now it´s wise to wait a little, it´s a leak but I think it´s possible:
  4. Hey my country made it to the PoD, again:D
  5. I7\i9 are at ridiculous prices atm, you could get 2 r7s for 1 Intel CPU. Anyways as tests show @ 1440p and especially with GPU-s <GTX1080Ti there´s barely any difference between r7 i7. I´d say i5 holds the ground also but some games stutter a little with this(Far Cry\BF). i7-s have been always best, but one can always get next level GPU from the price difference of i5-i7 and get guaranteed 15-20FPS boost. Whilst i7 might get higher FPS in some games- Hardware Unboxed 35 games CPU review shows that 50% games run better on AMD chips and 50% on Intel. Not to mention some games where i5 is still rocking the boat(not sure about the latest 9-gen).
  6. I have no issues with Origin, unless in the times when news sites report also that Origin\Fifa was down. Also when full server starts suddenly complain about lagz, then I can be pretty sure the problem is not only on my side;)
  7. Glad I only took 1\month Origin Access to try it out. Every weekend the problems start. Have had it for 2 weeks and on 1 weekend Origin was down. Even though the game servers were up and running, but bc Origin was down, couldn´t connect to the BFV(Noticed that Origin was dc after quitting BFV and after trying to log in again, couldn´t connect to the game anymore. Even though I just played it 5sec ago with no probs...) Today it started to lag very badly for everyone. Not gonna pay so much for so lousy service. Maybe if they finally fix all the bugs and servers and there are still any players left, I´d give it a try again. EA "at its best".
  8. Oky, its going to be voting then. Why not to increase intermission time to 2 min, except when >75% have pressed Ready. When ppl have to hit Ready, maybe they notice to vote;) Taking maps out on certain amount of players makes sense when doing rotation...
  9. I had also problems, opened case for other reasons and discovered front panel wirering was loose... I´ve heard the battery on mobo keeping BIOS settings can cause issues. PSU is faulty? It´s old enough...
  10. Cathedral is a map of 2 chokepoints- so Id reclassify it. Oasis, Goldrush and Decay are for a go maps if "hardcore maps" are not in rotation...
  11. Other than crawling through rocks, haven´t noticed bugs. Like always, going really well in first try, afterwards it goes downhill. Compared with ET it´s slow, everyone gathering 3xless the kills per map. Im Wboson btw.
  12. Ive been trying it out also.

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