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  1. At least we know now Joedirt isn´t down.
  2. Realized one day that we are in the future. I remember how cool the car KITT was in TV in early 90s and how impossible it sounded as there was like 1 PC for the whole town. Nowadays everyone has mobile PC(mobile phones) which answers your questions(Siri, Cortana). My city Tallinn tested self driving public transportation buses, there are self driving cars already out there on public market: Tesla is one that pops into my mind. The laser gun KITT had used once in a while is also probable, as it is being tested to shoot down airplanes, though atm those laser don´t fit into a sport car. Yet... It´s interesting to think that the creators missed only by 10-15y by predict the future by naming the self driving super car K.I.T.T. One other creator of science fiction comes into my mind, namely Jules Verne who also predicted sub-marines before his time.
  3. Autoreload off and switch to akimbos... Only when reaching safe spot start reloading. Reminds me of players who would throw 2 medpacks in dangerous situations and blocking\pushing me or blocking enemy with their body, like those 2 medpacks would help when a pro comes out behind corner with 3HS kills. Better cover me and after enemy is down give a needleshot, that´s more useful. Also players begin for ammo and looking at FO not covering the possible enemy routes. Again pulling out ammo packs and pro jumps out of the corner ding ding both dead. That´s why I don´t give any ammo unless you cover me, not staring into my wide blue eyes like it is meant to with Ray Tracing.
  4. When I´m having last bits of enemy shredded and teammate run pass me from 1m aways, still the game decides to "correct" my position and warps me to different location. Ofc aim goes off then... Also it´s funny when I turn around after shootout and run couple of meters and then hear "ding". Upon checking whats going on I discover enemy being killed by HS...
  5. Those are not nice words on escalator...
  6. Heroes 3, brings back some memories.
  7. Harder? Well gave it another chance and without large fields which can be dominated solely by snipers and without planes it was quite fun. It felt like every class had a role to play as medics and MG in right spot could turn the tides. Maybe when AMD finally comes out with new drivers and I´d get over 35FPS the UI will act quicker and smoother also. Though I liked the BF1 respawns more, where it did default to Deployment Screen right away. With a clueless squad it´s pointless to spawn on squads and instead I had to cycle through spawns manually. Too bad any i7 3770-s aren´t sold anymore, I´m sure i5 vs i7 will have a big difference. Played mostly the conquest game type.
  8. Tried it. Played it for about 5 min, then got sick of it. Basicly it´s the same game as BF 1 but much slower- FPS is down by 20FPS(waiting AMD drivers, might improve it), game mechanics feels slower, menus are slower. The whole game interface has been made even more unintuitive than it was in BF1. Oh and there are snipers everywhere. When drawing parallels with other EA shooters then I remember Titanfall 2 coming out just after TF1 as a money grabber. But TF2 at least had everything improved, it ran very smoothly, HUD, notices, FPS counter were placed just for a FPS Doug. TF2 felt instantly like everything was made to enjoy the fighting in game whilst BFV feels like you have to fight with everything in order to play the game.
  9. Personally I haven´t notice anything on those demos, Witcher 3 and ROTR are very beautiful without RT. Not to mention the impact on FPS. What I´m impressed is, that ppl are actually going along with the hype train and PRE-ORDERING almost 2x costing GPUs.
  10. Anticipate your opponents possible movements when taking corners, try to calculate possible angles for rnade for possible enemy campspots. Rnade needs even more knowledge about map and enemies usual movement path than other weapons(except maybe mortar). Also it it doesn´t help when moving around sporadically, have to move calmly and pace the shots so the rifle spread drops to minimum. In very close range you can shoot quickly and aim for the head. Usually the bounce from wall works best with rnade, as good players jump over if you shoot it through the floor. Also you can bounce it from the floor up in the air.
  11. This is dedicated to all pushers out there;) Keep the finger on F button.
  12. @zakreW This girl finally got one idiot to marry her:P #2 the car is still drowning?
  13. Sooo, when I´m renting 50\10 mbit\s from my ISP and I wanna increase it to 500\100 mbit\s then my ISP sends a technician to tape 4 battaries to my LAN cable?

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