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  1. So any1 tried out the Battle Royale mode in BF called Firestorm? I had some EA Access time over, so gave it a shot. Hadn´t played any BR type of games so it was a good chance to try it out. And I even became to like it. I thought by all the PUBG videos that Battle Royale is a big camp fest but, oh well it is that too. But it is actually the game you and the squad want to play it. The biggest plus on the game is that it really forces for team play as everyone wants to survive as long as possible. When a good squad is formed it´s fun to sprint from cover to cover, everyone trying to cover all the sides- so no1 can flank you- many try to revive as the chances drop drastically when squad numbers decline. Yea, I´ve lurked in bushes from all other 3 teammates fallen in first 2 min and made it to the end within 5-7 players standing from starting 64. But it´s really hard solo vs 2-4 players. I can survive much longer in ET 1 vs 2 than in FS. Also it´s quite fun to loot for better equipmeant. Sadly the pacing can become boring- either you jump into the far side of map and spend 20 min on looting and maybe get a good firefight in the end. Or you drop down in the first min. And then starts the long waiting period, till the squad is formed in matchmaking and the game server is formed and.... yawn. So either you go and loot the whole game on empty corners of the map or go into endless long "respawn cycle". (There´s actually no respawn, squad mates can revive you for a while, but when you are done, you are done for good).
  2. Have seen the SW movies once, some twice, never played a game from Star Wars universe but this one is intriguing. Loved the side story movies even more than SW episodes and the game will take place in the same story line, so expecting good story from there. Also Respawn is developing it, they really made a good game from Titanfall, so hopes are up. EA on the logo is putting everyone down, but hey, even they can accidentally come up with something good once in a while. The reveal trailer:
  3. Vanaraud


    There are too many SP games coming out to name all of them. Do you mean multiplayers? Everything has failed in my eyes- BFV, Anthem. I´m hoping BFV Battle Royale doesn´t get messed up, really into it atm. Maybe I just have beginners luck in BFV BR;)
  4. Graphics look amazing- that´s something I would play only for graphics. And those RT titles look so boring besides this. It´s all about artist work, nothing to do with HDR10 or DXR or other technology... Just played Bayonetta and not sure if I could take another boring run on hack-n-slash, maybe this one is better?
  5. How I´ve missed this. Was going to search in YT for memes titles: Please dont feed the trolls and stumbled upon this pearl: Good material for soundpack and also for FA anthem:P
  6. Vindstot, last pic is brilliant:P
  7. Vanaraud


    Coming out next week but playable for Premium Access players (and Pre-Order players) tomorrow. Official site: https://www.ea.com/games/anthem It has out some quite long gameplay videos already. It´s action-shooter-looter game where you can fly around in suite called Javelin and shoot and use combo abilities on baddies. I think I haven´t spent so much time in any game\RPG on cosmetics- choosing right color combination on suit. There´s also possible to unlock new suit parts for looks and for new abilities. On demo I didn´t notice any level\ability settings other than coming from weapons and equipment. You can play it solo by free roaming or doing missions or play it in Coop. Any1 else starting to play it?
  8. Looks cool. Who is developing it and whats the release date? Sounds and especially the swearing in Russian added to the realism. Looks amazing despite of the awful stutter in PRE ALPHA footage. It felt real- especially when the enemy was hitting hard and agressively. Didn´t do much dmg as seen in health bar but it felt real.
  9. Well yeah that´s you;) And then there are the HC regulars who are very keen on their stats. First thing I see after map ends is !hstats on the main chat. When the game has been very intense for both sides, then there´s some chatter about mistake\higlights of the map. And then the next map loads with 3 points;) Maybe for the other side of spectrum- khmnabskhm- it goes the other way around. First vote for map and then go for coffee. And that´s what sometimes happens- some bad map is loaded and everyone is leaving bc they didn´t get to play short maps like Frost, SD, Adler again... Come to think about it, I haven´t noticed players dropping on maps bc they are bad- like Marrakech or Italy. But usually when the map goes on for 20min and both teams are still struggling for 1st objective(getting the tank over bridge, getting the truck to place) then ppl start complaining. Usually when you can´t win the game in 15min, then it´s not gonna happen in next 15 neither. Welp maybe only if other team runs dry of good players...
  10. You seem to forget about little thing- the charge bar. If it´s empty one can´t throw ammo;) Also sometimes as a only FO I have to make a choice- do I give out ammo pack or to put out arty to make it harder for enemies to advance. Also when I´m only FO, I try to disperse ammo pack out so every medic who is near me would get 1. But then there´s always one who will take ammo pack, reload for 1 bullet and take other too. Unless you are 4-5KD player you will end up dead within minute and there´s no use for you for that extra 1 bullet. In HC I feel often the urge to facepalm myself when medics throw med packs when my health gauge is filled at 30-40% and 2-3 enemies are rushing at our position. There are better options- shoot at enemies and back down, get needle, revive and get behind spawn shield. Or shoot teammate and revive with needle to full 100% health. Mindlessly throwing out health packs will usually end up in both teammates dead and that´s no good for the team neither; not to mention to personal scores.
  11. Yeah, it´s much better now, 3 secs was too low and too much spam. haven´t seen a map played twice in a row at least- means 0 votes. In HC some maps are played seriously and players like to check their stats and let some steam out by chatting, so imho it doesn´t have to have the lowest possible intermission time... I guess 50s is enough for now, but maybe take into consideration to raise the intermission time? Not saying it has to be changed but I have the feeling it´s not enough in sometimes. In other hand warmup is too long? One doesn´t have anything better to do for 45s besides TK the hell out of teammates? just my 2 cents Anyways thanks for the changes DD
  12. Gotta love when playing a match and there are no ammo around and you choose FO in Special Delivery to ONLY hand out ammo and be only FO. Next it´s supply and everyone chooses FO and there´s like 1 med and 1 engy and everyone is spamming arty and airstrike... sigh. 3 FO isn´t too much for 15 players per team as 1 can throw air, 1 arty and one can give out ammo. Because medics without ammo are left with suicide or running around with knife and they will not be so much rambo anymore;) Depends a lot by map but yeah, for a map which takes place only inside 1 FO is more than enough.
  13. Run ET as admin and also post SS of lagometer here. \com_maxfps and \cg_maxpackets use any combination of "magic numbers" 43, 76, 125 and in addition 52 and 90, to see if lagometer gets nice smooth and green- \cg_lagometer 1. And \rate plays a big part also, so the number of combinations goes higher;) I guess you can´t go over "stable ISP settings", so I´d start with \rate 40000 and \cg_maxpackets 100. If it´s unstable then lower maxpackets to 60, and if still unstable then lower \rate to 32000... If it gets stable then try to hit highest stable maxfps. You can type \com_ and hit TAB to see all values starting with \com, works with \cg etc. Also works with any partial match \cg_lag and hit TAB. So you can see if those values are actually set from config or ET still uses defaults from under ETMAIN folder. I don´t know if I even can possible get over stable 125 FPS. But I have I7 and Fury X and still have to drop down settings for maxfps 90\76 sometimes when server is full and my ping becomes bad. Stable FPS > highest FPS, though people might have different meaning for stable. I don´t think its a good idea to change setting for games in general under AMD settings, unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing. I´ve always left it "Use application settings". Some interesting reading in here: It sure as hell isn´t that GPU can´t handle the FPS, it´s more stuck in CPU and "other settings". My GPU is utilized in 1% with ET and I can run BFV in medium-high at stable 90 FPS.
  14. Started with brutal action, as expected. Good way to let some steam off. It balances well on building up some sympathy but not going too cheesy, imho. The main point of the season is?
  15. Yeah I remember the lazer guns in EAO, was fun to mess around.

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