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  1. Yesterday
  2. ...and 11 days to kick some a.... on jay2 Good PC
  3. Kooki

    Joke of the day

    I sexually identify as a brick, cuz I'm always hard and only been laid once. .
  4. Mad Doc

    3 word story

    a beautiful princess
  5. i usually have this on softly in the background. good background music and i like it
  6. so mine looks like shameless self promotion but Publix as a company helped me out when i was in a bind. so i worked for a local grocery store for 4 years named " Ingles ", well i get transferred to a new store. thinking i will get a promotion. well the store manager at the new store didn't like me one bit even though the rest of the store did. Almost like he was forced to take me in, Well i heard publix bought out the property across from us and started building there. When the Hiring fair came around i applied to see what i could be offered. They offered me $14 an hour, (An increase from ingles at 10.50) and part time leading into full time. (which i am now enjoying.) after thinking it through, after putting up with the Store managers bullshit for a year and not having any hope of transfering out or being promoted, Fighting with him over FMLA, (My mother is disabled) being stripped of being able to control my orders and do things other than just cleaning, stocking, and essentially being this mans b*tch for a year and a half, (I was a " Daytime stocker" so i had to do everything.) i decided to take the position. instead of a "What can i do to make you stay?" or "Why do you want to go?" after putting in a 2 weeks i get fired instantly on the spot and kicked out of the store. on top of being banned. but im doing way better off because publix is a MUCH better company to work for. AND, well. Its catchy and rolls off the tongue. xD Welcome to Publix, Were Fragging on W:ET is definitely a pleasure.
  7. Cool! I guess I can speak Portuguese. Looks a lot like English, to me, though
  8. 1. Domenic Toretto 2. Bryan O'Conner
  9. Welcome to the forum Maxin
  10. When I had to play via a core2 duo laptop from 2006(?), I had to set the graphics to low-res. I still got 'lag' when there were a lot of players in view in open areas. I would 'run through the tunnels' on Hydro-Dam and avoid the top of the dam. Google-Porguguese : Google Português: Quando eu tive que jogar através de um laptop coreo duo de 2006 (?), Eu tive que configurar os gráficos para baixa resolução. Eu ainda tenho 'lag' quando havia muitos jogadores à vista em áreas abertas. Eu iria 'correr pelos túneis' na Hydro-Dam e evitar o topo da represa.
  11. That's good to hear, I've gone ahead with this, now have to wait up to 10 days for it to be put together and delivered.
  12. Haha that was my thinking too, i built mine for my birthday at the end of January and love it mate (nice to see the bios date as 2019 rather than 2012 like my older mobo) so you will no doubt love yours, bit envious of the 2080 mind as i could only afford the 2070... but can certainly play anything i throw at it on ultra settings etc etc.
  13. I'm hoping not to get another pc for a least 5yrs,so hopefully this holds up, well it better for the price.
  14. Nice, pretty much what i have although i'd rec using either the 250 or 500GB Samsung 970 evo for your OS install (might as well use that M.2 slot)...nothing really touches it speeds wise and mine runs very well.
  15. Vanaraud


    Cool. Had a cheapo chinese electrical airsoft for a while together with brother. But then got a nightjob and haven´t had a chance to go for games since then... Our gun started to crack, cheapo aluminium I guess + the weather in EST: reaching -15C or below(for Fahrentheit countries, it´s cold as frozen hell:P) It´s almost as good as ET;)
  16. Some1 have to QVL the memory, maybe aim for 2666Mhz+ RAM, Hynx should have some well priced, well clocking sticks out by now. Too lazy to check for part nr atm...Maybe: https://www.amazon.com/HyperX-Predator-3333MHz-Desktop-HX433C16PB3/dp/B07GNFKKHP?th=1 from here https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450-A-PRO#support-mem-14 oh and add SSD, XPG 8200 should be good perf\buck.
  17. Evangelion is very memorable. Also FMP and FMA, have to add Lelouche also. Atm watching One Punch Man.
  18. For me ,"Attack of titans" ,"evangelion"and "Blood ".
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