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  1. i dont remember if put my car here, so, if not, here goin.... vw jetta tsi 2.0 turbo 2016.... i like .. .nice car, fast, economic, confortably....
  2. Hello Belgan!!!! welcome!!! bringed chocolate??? hahahah
  3. Congratz brother!!! :)

    1. EyeofHorus


      Thank you very much brother :)


  4. Nice... i will to Romash Harvard Universtiy Campus hahhaahha.... Big hug Romash,
  5. Welcome son, receive the Daddys bless!!!
  6. Wow, welcome brother!....daddy loves eat mushroom in dinner hahahaha see you on jay1!!!!
  7. Well, hello dear friends, hey Xernicus, so, i am 45 old, i started smoker whem i was 11 years with my grandmother....my last cigarrete was 20 years ago.. marllboro .... i was smoker 2 box for day, and now, what i can tell you, dont fall in tentation... be strong, resist, the life will be better for you... today i can feel the smell of my meats, my bacon, my parfum, i can feel the flowrs etc.... before, nothing. So, stay strong, dont give down....i hope you can win this challenge .... i belive you..... good luck, a big hug by daddy...
  8. Daddy is love


  9. Hey lazzy, nice and beautful place, looks like the beachs here, Recife Ceara, Brazil......
  10. hey dear, sometimes the sky ask for us something too early.... but all have a time in the earth, remember the good times ago with him ....
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