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  1. Hello hermanito!!! south american massive here!!!! we are strong
  2. Welcome american soldier!
  3. Omg, who can do it? https://fb.watch/4OCt8_vHOq/
  4. Guys, thanks so much for your atention! thanks
  5. Hello dears, i think in buy a new desktop to my son and i always used intel, but i hear some guys about new Ryzen 5 3600; someone knows? is really good? The configuration suggested by the seller is: Mother gigabyte b450m AM4 micro ATX Video GTX 1050 ti 4gb AMD Ryzen 5 3400g (3600) Ram dd4 3000hz 8gb SSD kingston 240gb 500mb/s thanks for help
  6. Wow, californian pizza ... Kiwi is good too
  7. The bots is good to practise headshots lol i cant do it with Vidmo, Bunny, Cake and other good guys
  8. Welcome Floris.... i have some pieces of wood from Romania... the maple that i use to make violin!
  9. Dare, just a question, maybe this same bug is the blame for i losted my xp and lvl in jay 1(recruitmente)?
  10. Daddy

    ET Jay #1 Jay1 Venice piano

    The piano was not good tune!
  11. Hello dear friends, im here again with ET crashed. So, i guess that the some people watched my last post here in the forum and accomplay the troubles that happened in my machine. So, I play ET since 2002 more or less and since there, I have just 2 machines with the ET installed, one of eache is this that i use now, the other was trashed. So, here on FA family, i am since january of 2017 and in like too much, have good guys, family spirity, friends etc, im very happy. Ok, for these days ago, my machine turn be crazy, i lost my xp and level, etkeys duplicated, guids duplicated, etc... a great confusin. The Cocanation did  a conection by teamview to see my machine and try to help me, but unfortunabily, he cannot. Ok, i tryed to move the ET folder from 😄 to 😧 and in the firsts days its works, good, But today, the machine has stoped again. In the crazy moment, i resolved unistall all folders and files and archives etc...and i did a new donwload of ET by FA link, and install in 😄 again. I told to the Eazy about the problens and i will do all things to solv this problem, Im very amateur about configs, softwares and hardwares, i just know to play (lol) but i want say to all guys, my many many thanks for the all support that i have received. Recentily i talked very fast with RedBaird about my xp losted, and he told me maybe if i found a picture (ss) to prove my xp, maybe him can give to me again,(the SS is in topic in ET not Work) but if it not possible, not problem, just now, i wana say im not hacker, im not cheater and all trouble that happened i have not blame, realy i dont not know what happened, and i hope that never more happe with me... thanks for your attention

  12. Daddy

    ET not work

    I missed it ... long time to gain, and too fast to loose ... i miss you my xp!
  13. Daddy

    ET not work

    Hello friends, thanks so much for helps me.... @Coc4nation thank you mate for take a looking on my desktop ... so the situation is: we dont know what happened, and i will startin from zero again, not problem, it will be fun... we see in the game!!!
  14. Daddy

    ET not work

    Thanks boys! and sorry, i dont know the rules about guide and etkeys ... i need learning!
  15. Daddy

    ET not work

    Hey guys, i discovered more one problem. Here in my profile, my GUIDE is xxxxxxxx; its ok, i have took it when i entered at the forum, until here, all ok. Yesterday i discovered that have 2 etkey in ETMAIN file. One of they the last number is 854 and other is 808; Today i took the game from C:\ and moved to D:\ after it, i unistall the game. After some minutes, I did new download from Forum 2_60b custon, and install in D:\ and the new game, and he has recovered the old two etkeys; etkey and etkey.backup (same numbers 854 and 808 last numbers of the serial) but the confuse is only started, th
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