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  2. Yes, Recruiters+ are not supposed to set your server levels or change your group from Inactive Member until you post there. When your ET Member group is restored, then 17s+ can set your levels on the servers.
  3. Today
  4. We'll accept one late application to get an even 20! Sign up quick!
  5. I'm rooting for Brasil
  6. We'll accept one late application to get an even 20! Sign up quick!
  7. I was there yesterday and today. Still no one on.
  8. RIP xxxtentacion :((

    1. RedBaird


      OIC : "Rapper XXXTentacion shot dead in Florida, police say"

  9. Cquattro


    the second is impressive
  10. Tunisia - Inghilterra 1-2 Ferjani 35 '(P) Harry Kane 11' - 90 '+ 1' conclusa
  11. Yesterday
  12. 19.June Colombia -:- Japan Poland -:- Senegal Russia -:- Egypt
  13. @lehmwell technically I didn't know about it, so in any case that's not copied And besides there can only be one phoenix
  14. England won with hurricane goals
  15. Soory guys. i respect ur team but this cupa is just sleep cupa. i just watch portugal vs spain other match all not good play now
  16. ETPRO 3vs3 Competition Entry Fee. Here is how you can get your GUID.



    15.00 USD

  17. hello & Welcome to our forums!
  18. Belgium, the hype team. Never won nothing, better ranked that Portugal
  19. Minecraft member ...lol
  20. Thanks @Patrick ! The sad thing is that I see many names that we don't see much of anymore , but that is Real Life for ya. ADDED: I can't say "Ahoy, Pinoy!" anymore.
  21. lehm

    found old ss from 2012

    How does it feel to be a copycat
  22. There was another phoenix here before me, sounds interesting o.0
  23. photoshop! im not there in red
  24. RedBaird, Ang3l and Pinoy looks funy
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