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  1. Yes we are all DJ’s secretary here. As a secretary i should mention ... make sure your GUIDs are up to date in your profile. Gengis
  2. Your are nice with your 90 %. I say to the players the lag is always due to their ISP and i tell em to use winmrt to identify where the problem is. Gengis
  3. Windows home edition. Why pay for the pro edition that has features you will prolly never use. Gengis
  4. The PC i just bought uses an 8-series motherboard Then you can use as i did an i5 CPU. You really need windows 10 pro ? Gengis
  5. I agree with turtleman here. You dont need the optical drive and a family licence of windows would be prolly enough. Use the money you will save to buy a 1060 video card to replace the 1050 you choosed. Gengis
  6. The most important thing for your games is your video card. So if you can afford a 1060 go for it. An optical drive is still needed in 2018 ? Gengis
  7. Welcome back Catalepsy. As usual you can meet me on HC To be back as active post in Q&A/Reports/Issues so your forum group can be set to active and indeed make sure your GUIDs are up to date in your profile. It is nice to see you again. Gengis
  8. Welcome back mate.

    Dont forget to visit HC.



  9. I am on vacations from june 22 to july 8, 2018. So i will be present here a little less during that time. I already been away the last 3 days for a short trip.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RendeL


      Have fun!

    3. Hulk


      Enjoy and take lots of Picssssssssss!

    4. Vindstot


      Enjoy it! ^_^

  10. Additionnal comment : Now i shuffle only if absolutely required because the result is uncertain and the ppl just dont like it. So it is not that usefull to have it IMO. Gengis
  11. Make sure your GUIDs are updated in your profile. Once your forum group has been set to active then your level will be set ingame. Welcome back Gengis
  12. Welcome new Antichrist.
  13. Your forum group has to be changed too to trial member. Then you can be set. Welcome back Gengis
  14. Hi Seaside.



    1. Seaside


      HI GENGIS !!! :D

    2. daredevil
    3. Gengis


      How things are going for you ?

      I am still playing ET and i am an Hardcore addict.


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