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  1. Your GUIDs are up to date in your profile ? ( make sure it is). I am easy find on HC to set level on any FA server. Regards Gengis
  2. Backing up is the basic in the use of PCs so everybody has to do that to avoid the losing important data. Gengis
  3. Gengis

    Hello there :)

    WOW He is still alive. Take care. Gengis
  4. I didnt meet ingame since months. BTW Welcome in FA forums. Gengis
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fearless.Assassin/ Gengis
  6. Hi, It is nice to meet you here after i played with you many times on HC in the last few weeks. Welcome Gengis
  7. Try /connect jay1.clan-fa.com in your console. Gengis
  8. Holà Goring, You made it here after you made it on HC. Welcome in our forums. Gengis
  9. Give a care. It is important. I wish you the best. Gengis
  10. HI Koby It is nice to meet you here after i met you on HC. Welcome aboard. Gengis
  11. What you mean with shitty. It depends want to do. I am playing ET with a 7 year old laptop. And it works quite fine for what i have to do. I do not plan to change beforer many months. Gengis
  12. I already met him on HC. I was happy of that. Welcome back. Gengis
  13. Hes still alive. Nice Gengis

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