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  1. Hola, Mais on n'est pas des tabarnaque. See you on HC. Gengis
  2. Gengis

    freeze on nq1

    There are different versions of ET : 2.60 and 2.60b. Which one exactly are you using ? You should use the latest one. Gengis
  3. Gengis

    ET Legacy 2,77 Warning

    I done like @Siwex89. I told my antivirus to trust the file. That solved everything . Gengis
  4. Gengis

    ET Legacy 2,77 Warning

    I also use ETL 2.77.1 It works fine so i suggest to upgrade. Gengis
  5. Hi there, I remember i met you on HC and/or Silent1. Welcome with us. Gengis
  6. Gengis

    ET Legacy 2,77 Warning

    Yes for ETL 2.76 Wîll test it with ETL 2.77. Gengis
  7. Gengis

    ET Legacy 2,77 Warning

    @daredevil PC : Windows 8.1 and windows defender Windows sees ETL as a trojan. Normal for me. I just asked windows to consider the .exe installer is safe. I joined NQ1 , HC , B2 , Jay1 , Jay2 , Jay3 with ETL 2.77. All fine for those servers. I couldnt join silent1. The error message is : Game server uses unsupported protocol: 82, expected 84 (et) Gengis
  8. Gengis

    ET Legacy 2,77 Warning

    What server do you get an unpure client ? I may join it and see what happens to me with ETL 2.76. I never had to perform a /vid_restart on any FA server and i prolly joined all of them at least one time with ETL 2.76. /condump doesnt work ? Again it works fine for me so you could say some more about it ? Also, i should be able to install ETL 2.77 on a second computer. I'll try it on every FA server. I'll be able to speak about in a few days. Gengis
  9. Gengis

    ET Legacy 2,77 Warning

    I am surprised you have problems with ETL 2.76. I run it under W10 (and thus with windows defender). Never had any issue. I didnt upgrade to 2.77 yet. I will when someone will test it and concludes it work on any FA server. Gengis
  10. When i installed ET Legacy, i installed it vanilla and it worked fine. You dont need a CFG to begin with. You may install it later. I would follow @Snuffs99 advice (uninstall everyhing and delete all directories). Are you sure your video card is not the problem ? I would be surprised your PC could be the problem. Gengis
  11. Then the problem is not with ET. An ETkey cant cause such problems. Gengis
  12. Why dont you try ET Legacy ? When i bought my new PC, i had many problems like yours. So i deleted 2.60b for ever. ET Legacy works fine on new hardware. https://www.etlegacy.com Gengis
  13. Gamer Vikkstar quits Call of Duty: Warzone over cheating A popular Call of Duty player has quit its Warzone game over claims it is “saturated with hackers”. Vikkstar - who has more than seven million subscribers on YouTube - said the game was in “the worst state it has ever been”. Warzone was released last March and has been played by more than 50 million people worldwide. Activision, the publisher, previously said it has a zero tolerance for cheaters. UK-based Vikkstar - whose real name is Vikram Sin
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