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  1. I can't join other server F A

    Try /connect jay1.clan-fa.com in your console. Gengis
  2. Papa Goring reporting for duty!

    Holà Goring, You made it here after you made it on HC. Welcome in our forums. Gengis
  3. How i play et now

    Give a care. It is important. I wish you the best. Gengis
  4. Hi from Koby

    HI Koby It is nice to meet you here after i met you on HC. Welcome aboard. Gengis
  5. What computer do you have?

    What you mean with shitty. It depends want to do. I am playing ET with a 7 year old laptop. And it works quite fine for what i have to do. I do not plan to change beforer many months. Gengis
  6. Group Reinstate Zelly Returns

    I already met him on HC. I was happy of that. Welcome back. Gengis
  7. What in the tarnation?

    Hes still alive. Nice Gengis
  8. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    Lovely Gengis
  9. Gengis

  10. Big sorry for inactivity

    It is nice to see you are OK. Welcome back and have fun playing ET. Gengis
  11. Rough times in real world

    Good luck. Very treatable so everything should be fine. Gengis
  12. Donation - Different payments

    So Canada execluded too ..... Gengis
  13. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    Then why is it played so much if so many hate it ? The main problem with Italy is that it is allies sided ... too much IMO. That could explain why some hate it. So what about, for example, remove the extended time the allies get when to stole the gold bars ? Gengis
  14. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    Hi, I hear a lot about Italy. Some are good....some are bad. But it is played everyday on HC. So i must agree with DD here. There are many other maps rarely played that can be removed before Italy is taken out. Gengis
  15. Big Day for Audie !

    WOW Retire now my friend. Gengis