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NEW PC Build


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From my Girlfriend for Christmas:


CM Storm Sniper




Asus M5A97




AMD FX 3.3g 6-core




And what I bought to round out the package:


Corsair Vengeance 16gb RAM




RaidMax 730w PSU




Seagate Barracuda 1TB




Windows 7




I just ordered the last 4 items this morning. I have a 1GB video card that I'm getting from my brother that I'll use until I upgrade that in the future.


I should be able to start the build this weekend. :)

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From my Girlfriend for Christmas:




I just ordered the last 4 items this morning. I have a 1MB video card that I'm getting from my brother that I'll use until I upgrade that in the future.



you need not 1MB for Pacman :)


nice PC :P

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Nice Anti :D


You guys are so damn lucky having newegg. You get stuff so cheap! 16GB of Corsair RAM for ~$80?! That's like £50!!! You'd easily pay that for like 4GB here -.-


I bought 16gig Gskill jigsawX (1600mhz) for like 60euro XD (atm the prices are a bit higher: 84euro)



on topic:


yeey amd rig, always been fan of AMD: best bang for the buck (although I'm considering to switch to Intel in my next upgrade, because of the slight fail of the '8-core fx models' )


I'm using the phenom X6 1100T (clocked at 4.5ghz), but I used the same fx processor in a rig I build for a friend of me.


Are you going to overclock it? if you do, can you post your result, then I can compare it with the overclock results of the cpu of friend which I probably overclock.



hehe the storm sniper, pretty nice case I'm using the acrylic side panel of it on my haf922 (was to lazy to make my own acrylic sidepanel, probably will do that one day)

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Take pictures of the boxes and during stages of the build! The thread needs it! Congrats on your new gear.


Look for a videocard with a lifetime warranty. I've dealt with EVGA and they were great. I had a 285GTX that slowely started crashing more and more after a year. Then at one point it would not run at its stock speeds. I sent it back in and since they had none in stock they gave me a 295GTX dual GPU card. Well that card lasted about a year and they bumped me up to a fairly current 480GTX which is pretty much as powerful as my 570GTX. I was able to sell it on eBay for $280. Point is... Cards will break, better have some insurance :) BTW I ran mine overclocked, overvolted, and running Folding at Home 24/7 lol...

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I've been using AMD exclusively for almost 15 years now. My first AMD was a 500mHz CPU lol.


I have no current plans to overclock anything. 3.3ghz x6 really doesn't need to be overclocked. 16GB RAM is more than enough. I see no reason to overclock that either.


I'm waiting to see what 1GB video card my brother gives me, I MIGHT purchase another of the same card (if still available) to run dual 1GB video cards, if the card supports it, of course.. But again, no overclocking of my GPU will be done.


It's cool to get more speed out of something, but overclocking means more heat. More heat = shorter lifespan. I have $400 invested in the parts I bought alone, plus what my girlfriend bought me, and this PC is well over $700. I'd like to keep this PC for as long as possible :)


I'll TRY to take some pictures... but taking pictures gets in my way :( It's one smooth build from start to finish, when I stop to take pictures it takes forever lol.


If I remember, I'll take pictures of all boxes, And the finished product. And I'll try to snap a few during the build as well :)

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Tell your Brother to get you an AMD Card cause your Mobo only supports CFX, and not SLI ( NVIDIA)


Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, my Mobo supported PCI-e 3.0 ( though it wont be fully taken advantage of for awhile), Quad CFX (crossFireX), and Quad SLI :DDDDD


Ill PROBABLY overclock my i5 2500k but i dunno.


Also - Newegg isnt the cheapest either :) Microcenter beats Newegg at some things, like the i5 2500k. Its consistently like $40 less

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