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  1. sup bud? Alive and doing well? 

    1. Neuro


      I really hope this doesn't turn down an awkward and dark path.

    2. daredevil


      With NoGood everything is rocking :) As long as he is alive and kicking. 

  2. Come back fool !

  3. Better question. Who doesn't like it?
  4. This is true. They have to work harder because there are fewer people to do the work. A small business that say pays workers $8/hr and suddenly is forced to pay employee's nearly double ($15/hr) is not also doubling their revenue. I also live in California and have seen the price of goods go up almost directly connected to the wage increase. We also have one of the highest minimum wages in the country (behind D.C, Washington state and Oregon).
  5. Dennis Wolfberg, Mitch Hedburg, Robin WIlliams (Yeah..his standup routine) and Carrot Top
  6. Here's a recommended list of IPA's in case your looking for some other brands. The Alchemist: Heady Topper (east coast only) Russian River: Pliny the Elder (Double IPA, or DIPA as it's sometimes referred too) Russian River: Pliny the Younger (triple IPA, or TIPA, must visit Russian River brewing to get though. I dont' think they sell it in bottles) Laugunitas: Hop Stoopid (Another DIPA) Kern River Brewing: Citra IPA (Double IPA, really great) Firestone Walker Brewing: Easy Jack (Great session IPA with a low ABV you can tip back) Ballast Point Brewing: Sculpin IPA Founders Brewing: Centennial IPA Ninkaski Brewing: Tricerahops (better from a tap, but good all around) Those are a few that I've tried. I'm not a dedicated fan of IPA's but I've had quite a few. These were my favorites. Going to look around for that Alaskan Brewing. I've seen them around but I've got so many other beers in the fridge it's hard to buy something else until I make room.
  7. It's in Bakersfield, the armpit of California. I'm surprised mom wasn't packing some heat. That dog needs to be put down.
  8. The one with the alcohol in it. I have a beer list so long, it's not even worth typing.
  9. Just a heads up Van. Aside from some of the problems you can find from a WC system that Tulsa pointed out. If you are running any type of water cooled system, make sure you've set nominal thermal limits (the limit in which the computer shuts down to protect itself from getting too hot) in the BIOS and w/e monitoring software you use. One of the drawbacks that most people don't think about when using water cooling is that if the pump dies, so does your cooling. If a fan dies on an air cooling system you do have some cooling ability just from the fins since they are in direct contact and you have air being pushed through your system by other fans. In a WC system, without the pump to take the warm water through the fins, you have nearly zero cooling going on. That said I've been running a H-100 for few years on a 3930K i7 and have been pretty impressed, especially during the summer months in California where it can get brutally hot. Then again I have a 212+ on a Q9770 Core2Quad that runs another comp in the house and it holds the temps down as well.
  10. Neither does NoGood on this issue.
  11. NoGooD


    OP buys first round
  12. NoGooD

    My Machine

    A. Pirate is correct. It's quad core with 8 threads. Otherwise I'd be PMing you to figure out where the heck ya got that thing because I want one. Still, that's a damn good rig. I have to ask though. What in the heck are you storing with 10TB? That's massive. For example on my PC it's 6 cores with 12 threads.
  13. This is mainly towards the Americans watching the Olympic coverage through NBC. Is anyone else grossed out by Bob Costas eye? Seriously, they need to take that guy off the air and powerwash his eye with an anti-viral.

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