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  1. hooker I see you stalking my page

    1. Wizbang


      Nothing to see here...

    2. speedfact


      uuuhhhmmmmmmm lol youre the new joe

    3. Wizbang


      Ain't got the time

  2. I was playing some Advanced Warfare last night then went to bed. It was about 2 am I sat up straight in bed realizing that the Gorge map was a remake of Pipeline. I then worked out the similarities all in my head. Then I reminisced on the many battles in the tunnels. I lost my COD4 cd and key in the move last year so I can't even jump on for some fun. Just know that I'm thinking of you guys every now and then. Wiz
  3. Colors were given...I'm not sure about the size. I'd like to be able to use it for multiple things like pamphlets and even a t-shirt. Hope that helps.
  4. I am looking to make a logo. I have a drawing but need it digital. The lettering is a live wire with electricity coming off of the i and the end of the e. The wire is black, electricity is yellow and background is purple but not solid. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks! Wiz
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate it! Lol you must be one cause no one else knows what that means!!! (I took my birthday money dawn tawn to pants n'at.)
  6. Hey Thunder I lost all of my info because my phone had to have a reset and I didn't back up with google+ so you can get rid of my account. I am currently building up a new account...just need to get my clan castle built. Wiz
  7. BTW CoD guys are known for hijacking threads...
  8. I had the one from shrek in mind
  9. Lol....that'll do Thunder, that'll do.
  10. Can't I bypass all of this nonsense...now i need 600 trophies to join...
  11. I'm in this too..Wizbang is my name, sure you could have guessed that. My clan castle isn't built yet though...only getting $25000 currently.

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