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  1. It worked for me, unless he fixed it.Glocks and AR15s are great As to those saying most police have AR15s...No. Ive yet to see a cop in anywhere carrying an AR15 in his cruiser. I know some do carry it, but not most or all.
  2. Happy Birthday General!

  3. Well certain pigs/hogs need to be hunted in areas because they're unruly and dangerous, and destroying property.
  4. If you come up with excess meat, look to donation programs like Hunters for the Hungry or something.
  5. Surge protectors should not be relied on to completely protect a PC as a sudden loss of power can be as damaging to components as a Spike in voltage
  6. I would love to be in Kansas City for the Google fiber: )
  7. This, or just do a new windows install when you change the components. Or if youve got the cash, upgrade the system cause the OP is running some old hardware. PSU is not likely. It wouldn't be turning on if the PSU went bad, or doing other flaky things. Also, if it happened to short the GPU power connector, it would have like totally blown the connector, or failed the POST test/ burnt into the GPU. Situations like these are unfortunate and why I recommend getting a UPS (Uninterruptable power supply). UPS' will save your machine, as they are like giant batteries in a sense, that, when power goes out, you will have X amount of time that the PC is still running to shut it down without it crashing. Good UPS' like the one I have, has software you can download that can shut the PC and related accessories off automaticallywhen the battery in the UPS has a certain amount of battery left.
  8. I doubt Any of that really happened. The response, that is. Why would they respond to this waste of time, joke petition, and not the older and bigger supported Texas secede petition?
  9. No, sit in spawn. Best strategy. That way, I go in and knife/silent kill/mega killstreak you guys.
  10. Oh trust me I am pretty sure the must-upgrade disease has me until everything is upgraded to a reasonable point.
  11. Well I got a number of parts Christmas 2011..bought a few parts over the summer myself...got the rest this Christmas. When I got my 670 the 660ti wasnt out and the 670 somewhat beat the 7950. Unfortunately that's not true anymore. Also, Sandy bridge does not really oc that much better. Ivy bridge easily reaches 4.5ghz on almost every chip. Ivy 4.5ghz =/= Sandy 4.8ghz. Also Ivy was barely not out and getting misreported bad reviews when I got my 2500k. Faster ram will help my 3dmark11 score by a bit. My highest is like 9400 or something. Also, my gpu is overclocked to 1215mhz core, 3251?mhz memory. Also when the 660ti released, it sounded pretty weak and some reviews still say such. 670 just sounds better to me anyway about mechanic keyboards I know little. I don't mind the questions.
  12. Hey guys I figured i'd share pictures and specifications of my desktop. Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3 CPU: I5 2500K (Overclocked as low as 4GHz to as high as 4.9GHz, depends on what I want to do.) CPU Cooler: Corsair H80i (Really nice ) RAM: 16GB G Skill 1333mhz ddr3 GPU: ASUS DC2 670 TOP HDD win8 install: Seagate 7200RPM 1TB hdd SSD win7: Crucial 256GB M4 PSU: Corsair AX750 (Modular - Great to work with) Case: NZXT Switch 810 (Again, great, highly reccomended). Monitor: 27" 1080P viewsonic 1ms response. Currently using two, but will return one to another PC If i get a 1440p monitor Headphones: Sennheiser HD280 Pros Mouse: Razer deathadder Keyboard: Not worth mentioning..Some Dell. Would like to get a mechanical KB. Next items to upgrade through the future: 1440p monitor Faster RAM maybe? Mech keyboard 2nd 670 if I get a 1440p monitor Sound card. Pics: A look of how it is outside, running Inside the Beast
  13. Man I wish I was a few years older to have experienced everything you have.
  14. Bah, sometimes I really hate Commiefornia, the party state....

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