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  1. Have you played with overclocking yet? I chose to place my radiator at the top in my case on a pretty hefty voltage going to the cpu. It hasnt been a problem two year later and there's no more speed to be gained. It could probably drop a couple of degrees but all in all, its not a factor.
  2. Seeing some older metal. Some Pantera bangers
  3. Looks sick man! Congrats! The sleeved white cables are beautiful and make that build. Nice work!
  4. Been playing some Classic WoW since last summer after not playing it for 10 years on US Server Pagle. My contribution to this thread
  5. This video is sick. For some reason I was thinking it was the radical video, specifically the Braun fraggage was what I was trying to recall. Been 10 years since Ive seen this. Well, I'll post rad's frags since it hasnt been posted. Thanks!
  6. Welcome and thank you for your community service. It can't be easy to be in the profession right now. Not worth discussing because this is a gaming forum but wanted to say thanks!
  7. I have this one saved on a storage drive that I downloaded from their forums lol. I enjoy watching the u5 beast (not even starting roster). I remember showing a friend and he was absolutely convinced he was using an aimbot on venice. Was my first introduction to ETpro and got my butt kicked at first, but was a nice challenge and change of pace. This must have been the first time I went positive as I saved it
  8. Very nice man!! Looks great and it’s a beast
  9. Hey question about using a post processing software and eligibily in ET. Is it allowed? I currently use it with any game that allows it to tweak my settings and make games substantially better looking to my personal preferences. Fake HDR, increase sharpness and tweak contrast. Not sure if it requires legacy but thought I'd ask prior to getting potentially flagged. This video shows the effect on textures: I currently run max settings in my config and NVidea settings and its still kinda fuzzy. Also, if anyone sees anything in here that could be
  10. Nice, congratulations! Decent amount of time here
  11. Ikia desk? Same thing circa 2004 in college with house mate's desk
  12. Thats a sweet ride. What is the model/stats? I see a full body kit of sorts. Found more pics of it here... http://fostla.de/Auto/116/
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