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  1. Butters came back alive from fishing...

    Those aren't lake bass... What the heck are those Looks like some awesome fishing.
  2. What in the tarnation?

    He mad! Hey old timer and welcome back.
  3. TulsaGeoff

  4. ET Server Suggestion Boots

    Dare's uber AI algorithm read your sarcastic remark at emasculating Starvi and blocked it in 0.1ms.
  5. PC\Setup

    Sweet setup!
  6. GPU Issues

    Agree. I would strongly advise a 144mhz gaming screen when you can upgrade 27" was the largest that I could find when I was in the market. The faster refresh rate and reduced input lag will be a significant improvement. I wouldn't worry about G-SYNC or Free Sync. I have it disabled on my monitor as it does cause additional input lag.
  7. Please see my skill and say what you think

    Haha touche. I didn't even know there was another tracking site! Skill = Rank on the trackers, everyone knows this. Just kidding play the god damn maps people
  8. Please see my skill and say what you think

    Hey I'm on the first page of player lists on Splatterladder or is it only xp? https://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=ranking
  9. What is your dream car?

    There's one of these in the parking garage at work. I'm wondering who uses this as their commuter to work and parks in normal non-assigned parking where they can get a door ding. Edit: Took a picture for you. These things are apparently beasts. I've sadly never been in one.
  10. Happy birthday to comatose aka l3fty!

    Happy bday buddy!
  11. Opera's Crypto-Jacking test site

    Test passed with normal Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit) and uBlock Origin plugin. I highly recommend uBlock Origin regardless of your browser. Also running Comodo Firewall 10.
  12. Something's Not Right

    Crosshair size is all personal. When I'm playing a lot and playing well, I can get by with a smaller crosshair. Currently I'm playing a couple different games and I'm resorting to larger sizes. Close range maps like Delivery I'll make it larger than say MLB Temple or Baserace. I use a size toggle like this to cycle through by pressing = . I recommend using something like this and change the sizes for your needs. Large size is easier to adjust and see while small is more accurate. set size1 "set cg_crosshairsize 38; echo ^7Crosshair @ 38; set size vstr size2" set size2 "set cg_crosshairsize 40; echo ^7Crosshair @ 40; set size vstr size3" set size3 "set cg_crosshairsize 43; echo ^7Crosshair @ 43; set size vstr size34" set size34 "set cg_crosshairsize 45; echo ^7Crosshair @ 45; set size vstr size4" set size4 "set cg_crosshairsize 35; echo ^7Crosshair @ 35; set size vstr size5" set size5 "set cg_crosshairsize 32; echo ^7crosshair @ 32; set size vstr size1 set size vstr size1 bind = vstr size
  13. GPU Issues

    You're welcome dude. Glad you finally found that video card and have it setup nicely. I wouldn't worry about burning up the card in any way as long as you don't significantly increase the voltage through a bios modification as Xernicus elaborated on. The first thing that typically goes are the fans on the cooler which you can always replace. I would still play with the overclocks on the CPU and GPU. That german Maximus X Hero tutorial is good on yourtube.
  14. This is all true. The best way to become a millionaire is save a huge part of your earnings for 30 years. Automatically investing into low fee S&P 500 funds works for many people. You have to remember that trading these things will put you up against some of the wealthiest and smarts people on earth so you or I would likely get crushed. Betting on it is okay but I wouldn’t recommend more than a couple percent of what you have invested in cryptos. Some people are much more bullish than this but absolutely do not use money that you cannot afford to lose like if you bought stuff on credit. I’ll be the first one to congratulate you on becoming a millionaire and you will probably cry when you have to pay taxes on all of it. An old Admin Dr Death used to do a little day trading. I’m not sure how it turned out for him.