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  1. And of course on my lady's morning show they did this today...
  2. Hey buddy. Welcome here. I see that your avatar is still the same :) Was it that on xfire? :D
  3. I use Dawn soap and a sponge. Then I turn the oven on and put it in the oven (serious ) on the lowest setting I think its like 185 for 5-10 minutes or until dry. Mine is the QcK Heavy and its thick cloth. The edges arent prone to rolling up on this like a thin cloth pad. If its hard plastic just use Dawn and towel dry.
  4. This movie is f***ed. I had no idea what I was getting into with this one watching with the lady before bed. It's not your every day vanilla horror movie. We turned it off after about midway. Will have to finish another time. Previously Necromentia was at the top of my list for most graphic/disturbing.
  5. Yes you are correct. I did some more digging and that motherboard does not allow for AHCI. It's not even hackable. https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-Asus-P5KPL-SE-AHCI-Mod There's people that are apparently hacking the P5K and P5KPL-AM to enable AHCI with custom bioses but its not an option for the P5KPL-SE. Sorry I didn't see this sooner.
  6. It'd be cool to have a gun on silent like the k43 without the rnades for all classes that actually hipfired accurately as something to fart around with that was either semi or low rate of fire with higher damage. Something in between k43 and smg damage. m1 carbine??
  7. Hey buddy and welcome back! Beautiful story about your grandchildren coming at what has to be the hardest time in your life. Thanks for sharing and if you ever have any PC questions feel free to reach out. Life is too short to have PC issues getting in the way of life.
  8. The jump from a DOS loader to Win 95 was even better. Rover was no 1 bae. That image and the custom rooms you could make with shortcut items was a good little time waster for a little nerd, but utterly useless. I was in 4th grade. Compuserve and AOL followed and shortly after I saw my first Pam Anderson boobs
  9. Ohhhhh well shit. My Logitech software was out of date. The genuises behind this software insured that my firmware on the mouse and keyboard were up to date but apparently doesn't check the software version (At least mine didn't). Thanks Dare! This is where its located of course its not obvious and has a tiny arrow and not available in the settings or config screen...
  10. TulsaGeoff


    Hey dudeski, I know that black and white(or grey) name
  11. Exactly this. Here's what I would do. 1) Download Windows install disc and use a thumb drive to save on. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 FYI this will delete any existing data on the thumbdrive 2) Confirm the firmware is up to date and update if needed (Update firmware on SSD and motherboard bios) 3) Confirm using a SATA 3 cable. If all of the sata ports are sata3 the cables supplied with the mobo should all be sata3. Use of SATA 2 cable will result in 3GB/s. 4) Pull the other harddrive and plug the ssd into sata 1 5) Confirmed AHCI mode was enabled before you install windows. Reboot with install media (CD or thumbdrive) To find AHCI Follow steps similar to 1 through 5 and save https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19127-01/ultra27.ws/820-6773/giakd/index.html 6) Install Windows with AHCI enabled. 7) Now reconnect HDD drive and move your documents and whatever over from your hard drive. Then reformat that drive. Now you have a fresh HDD storage drive. If it doesnt work you then I would return or RMA the drive. Apparently some one else had an issue and it was their Kingston drive. Look at the answers. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2978543/ssd-running-sata-speeds.html If it still doesn't work and you are okay with it, its still an SSD and SIGNIFICANTLY better than your old HDD

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