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  1. Throwback Thursday, Some of my favorites throughout the years:
  2. Hey buddy. Good to see you on here. If I could interest you in applying as a member, I would be happy to refer you.
  3. I'm at Fidelity. Currently just investing/trading in my ROTH IRA . It's nice having my 401K, IRA, and main credit card (2% flat cash back) in one place. I am interested in a lower fee platform for some short term trades.
  4. Hadnt seen that GZA remake. Nice edit. Sadly this never came out.
  5. Old clan mate made a quality frag video. Worth sharing. Greatest of all time? I submit these two to the mix
  6. Noice! Should be a good upgrade from whatever you had
  7. TulsaGeoff

    Asus RT-AC66U - Router Review

    I had one of these for a year or two. It was extremely good and had rediculously good range. I replaced it with the au-86 and currently have this as an ai-mesh receiver node in the bedroom. It’s works wonderfully especially considering the router wasn’t designed with ai mesh in mind.
  8. I liked it. Ran great for me. Recently I have been practicing on battlefield one and will be getting this game opening day .
  9. Cool, I always seem to play some hit me up @ tulsageoff on steam for some group play. Mostly play solo due to not having a group.
  10. Wish I got into Aura Cannabis back in August when I last looked at it. I hold stuff for a bit and am always interested on this topic.
  11. It was really fun. Was the first time I've ever 1v1'ed in a competition so thanks for that opportunity. Thank you to all the admins especially Mufasa and emal for running this fun and successful event and congrats to the winners.
  12. 11But does it come with AOL or compuserve or do I need to download Netscape Navigator?
  13. Hmmmm. I also saw a similar topic @ it was lag caused by desktop wallpaper slideshow - every time it transitioned it caused my mouse movement to lag in game. Other than constrained PC resources, like memory or CPU utilization, its hard to say. Other options would be to try with a wired mouse to see if its the device and reinstalling windows for a fresh install which I have historically done every year or so. Glad to help.

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