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  1. Happy Birthday -Teabag-!

  2. Happy Birthday DJACrazyMAN!

  3. Happy Birthday -Teabag-!

  4. I used the logitech g5 for a while and it was probably the best mouse ive ever tried,wanted to try the new logitech G9
  5. Ps3 for me,simply because of the Bluray Drive,and also the mediaserver function is amazing
  6. -Teabag-


    What a game,the detailed graphics and gameplay are brilliant,one downside is that on the Ps3 the game kinda plays laggy in bits,which can be really annoying 9/10
  7. -Teabag-

    Best Movie 2011

    The way back was a great movie also
  8. -Teabag-

    Best Movie 2011

    I'll agree with DJ pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was good Nice selection tho
  9. Great series since lost(if you ever watched it,i couldnt watch it all,as richard branson didnt agree terms with sky for there service to run on virginmedia haha The walking dead FTW!!!
  10. -Teabag-

    Best Movie 2011

    What was the best movie made in 2011 ?
  11. -Teabag-


    Welcome to the forums Chris
  12. A good internet connection! lol GoogleChrome
  13. Don't spam, is better if you post something interesting! And your apply will be take seriously.


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