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  1. Was able to recover my account on my new phone
  2. We'll see on Tuesday. I'll keep you guys updated
  3. maybe..unless I need to restart
  4. That would be awesome, I am looking into learning more so anything you can explain would be awesome
  5. Yesterday my phone's screen broke. Ordered a new phone, won't have it till Tuesday. Until then I won't be able to play Clash. However the problem I still have is that I am not sure if I'll be able to transfer my account, will have to look it up on google and try on Tuesday.
  6. I looked into RH, but as far as I can see its only available in the USA. Will have to see if there is something similar here in NL.
  7. Interesting, I'll look into them. Still new to investing so at the moment I am keeping it simple and continuing to research. Do you use robinhood because the transaction costs are low? Do you trade weekly or longer timelines?
  8. Thanks for the help, I'll start looking into those and reading about them. You say "etc etc" but is there a list of indicators?
  9. At least if he falls its in water...
  10. At the moment I've only ever bought index funds or ETFs and plan to hold them for the long term. I would like to use a small percentage of my portfolio to buy individual stocks and maybe trade more short term. What I don't understand when it comes to trade is what indicators there are and how to use them to identify which stocks to buy. Anyone have a short explanation of and how to use indicators?
  11. Backtest portfolio: https://www.portfoliovisualizer.com/backtest-portfolio Only works for USA, haven't found a good European one.
  12. Started, my plan is long term index or ETF investments. So not short term trading. Right now I am on Degiro (low cost broker in the Netherlands) with VUSA, which is a vanguard S&P500 ETF.
  13. Just in case anyone was wondering:

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