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  1. New forum looks good guys!

  2. Spitfire 944

    This was really cool! thanks
  3. anyone have a telescope?

    its a joke
  4. anyone have a telescope?

    I've always wanted a telescope but I haven't gotten one yet :-/ lame
  5. Router question

    If your ISP connection is slow, then a new router probably won't help. I disagree with updating your router every year. That sounds expensive. I've had the same router for 2 - 3 years and it is still more than fast enough.
  6. he mentioned 600 to 1000 (depending on what is included...)
  7. Another option might be to have someone in the Netherlands build it for you, if you don't want to build it. But on another note, tweakers also shows full desktop computers. You can filter water you're looking for. Maybe someone who knows more than I do can look through the filter options for the best quality/price ratio. It shows where the computer is available (e.g. Coolblue) and how the price has changed over time.
  8. BMW or Volvo ?

  9. BMW or Volvo ?

    I am biased towards Volvo. Looking at those two SUVs, I've always had the opinion that the BMW look fats, while the Volvo looks lean and mean.
  10. Which beer do you like/prefer :)

    westmalle dubbel or tripel
  11. How Much interest in a new server?

    Sounds like it could be fun, just not sure I have time to play Minecraft.
  12. I was banned on et

    Didn't you get the memo? You're kicked out of the clan!
  13. Motorcycle Swing | MotD 11.03.17

    thats in the netherlands!