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Traditional food from your country


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Something very traditional in germany and especially in the Ruhrgebiet - western germany - is this:


In the Ruhrgebiet that's called "Currywurst Pommes Schranke" translated curry sausage with chips and turnpike.

The sausage - BBQed - will be served with a sauce made of tomatoes, spices and curry above it. The "turnpipe" is ketchup and mayonnaise.


Still it's not known where this fabulous dish was invented but the Ruhrgebiet and Berlin both claim to have done so.

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woow my country has alot of traditional food. Each city has own its foods base on their culture , custom and climate.

i name only two of them but if you want to know more about Iranian cuisine and foods just PM me on my profile.Traditional Foods of Iran:

Ghorme Sabzi ( Herb Stew with Rice):



Zereshk Polo ( Rice with Barberries with chicken leg):


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Probably the most popular traditional food in Austria is the Wienerschnitzel:



One of my favorite Austrian food is "Kaspressknödel", typical for Western Austria:



And for the guys and girls with a sweet tooth, there is Kaiserschmarrn:



There are probably some meals that count as traditional food here, but those are my favorite typical Austrian food.

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