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  1. Happy Birthday Kourosh!

  2. Italy you might lost but we are still proud of you. You proved all those people wrong who downgraded you at beginning of tournament by making through the final. Italy is simply the best ! Im sick and tire of Spain!
  3. As i said before Euro 2012, Italy is the champion! Germans you are no match for us. Spain you are next. ITALIAAAAA

    1. Spitfire


      Spain will beat the pasta out of you! :P

    2. Kladkakan


      I dunno man... Italy is really strong this year. Italy might be champion

  4. Germany You're Next! Azzuri <3

    1. Moron4


      nah germany will win that one.

    2. Raziel


      indeed lol just enjoy the last 90 minutes of the Euro Italia

    3. Moron4


      Germany - spain for final.

  5. Italy you made it!!! The cup is waiting for you! FORZA ITALIA

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  7. Agree Rapid shooting is one of the main factors that drive a server to prosperity and fame. People who are in jay3 are rarely play in jay 2 or jay1 because of slow and blunt shooting which is quite annoying to kill a someone! But some people still prefer slow shooting.
  8. Italy you still can make it! Italy will crush Ireland! FORZA ITALIA!

  9. Italia 2-1 Croatia

  10. BYE BYE HOLLAND :D sooner or later we goodbye to Germany too! ITALIAAAAAA

    1. Warning.


      agreed we dont play very well this year but its not over *yet*

    2. Spitfire


      Don't fly so high,it hurts more when you fall :P

    3. ajnl


      There is a very small chane that we could still make it thru. Very very small

  11. Tonight we going to say "Goodbye" To Holland! your journey in Euro 2012 cut short :)!

  12. Germany 2-1 NNo Hack Names Allowed.erlands Bye Bye Holland!

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