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  1. So just for shits and giggles I went on to install it today, see if it worked. And it did. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. But if I had pop ups blocked wouldn't that have prevented the run window from opening?
  3. Good Day! So I've had a frustrating few hours trying to figure out why my Java will not install. I was trying to play FTB Minecraft and it would not work because I had an outdated Java. So went to Control Panel -> Uninstall a Program -> uninstall Java Version 7. Next I went to Google Chrome, my default browser, and to Java to dl the Version 8. Well apparently Google Chrome does not support Java Version 7 or 8, but I clicked the dl option. It came up with the run program, but after clicking run an install window never came up. I checked installed programs and it wasn't there. So after several times and checking applications (to see if it was running in the background) I looked for solutions. When you pull up the Task Manager and see all processes it shows two SE Java Binary files running with 0 cpu usage. When you delete them, a window opens that states the program wasn't installed correctly and would you like to "reinstall correctly" or it was installed "correctly". I've tried clicking "reinstall correctly" and it just repeats the same process above. So because Chrome does not support Java, I decided to try Firefox. Same sh**, different program. So I tried the dreaded IE, and still no luck. Run window opens, no install and in processes shows the binary running. I've checked this link for solutions to no avail. The MSI program they suggest states that there were no fixes to be found. I don't understand why I cannot get Java to install. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  4. Thanks guys for the help. Funny thing is I am using a Haynes manual. I looked online and watched many YouTube videos about the replacement. All in all I traded in the truck and bought a new care. It wasn't worth my time or money, and frankly the amount of money and repairs that I have put on the vehicle in the past year already surpassed the Kelly Blue Book value of the car. But I really appreciate the comments and posts.
  5. So recently my truck decided it would be best to grace the land of this planet Earth with antifreeze. And wouldn't you know, it couldn't be a simple leak but instead the water pump has gone out. In my truck (and I'm making this sound simpler than it really is), the water pump is run by the timing belt. So I would need to take off the timing belt to replace the water pump and thermostat. Since there is a lot of labor involved and Murphy's law, I was going to replace the timing belt as well with the hydraulic tensioner. These all come in a kit, naturally, which is roughly $500. My question is: As a noob to car repairs (meaning I normally don't do anything extensive) would it be wise to replace the timing belt myself? The worry is lining up the two cam shafts and crakshaft with the belt. If I do mess this up, I was told the care wouldnt start. Does that mean start until the belt is realigned correctly or never start ever again? I ask this because the labor it going to cost just as much as the parts and money is super tight. TIA
  6. So I had a name, then stopped playing. Still prefer DOTA 2. However I have reinstalled and always looking to play when peeps are on. Mediumnachos, NA
  7. I think a scrim is fine, but from what I understand there was so much issue with it in the past. It would most likely need to be moderated. As well, what type of scrim were you looking for? Limited perks, something promodish? On another note, the promod server was up for a bit so I think due to the activity that sees (almost non existent) we could use that server for a scrim.
  8. Metro 2033: Redux I think. But normally play team games so its been awhile. But then again the topic stated last game you enjoyed and that would be DOTA 2.
  9. You can actually assign this to yourself by right clicking on your name and selecting it. I can't remember the exact selection you choose however. I didn't have a staff+ member set it for me, but did it myself.
  10. Midnight

    Rocket league

    I've had rocket league for a while now and really enjoy the game. Like Soul said it is a lot of fun with a small group of people and sometimes we get just enough to not have to matchmak or use bots which makes it really fun. I like that they are always looking for ways to improve the game or introduce new maps, cars, designs etc. For example the winter mode with the hockey and ice was pretty fun. And if you get extremely bored playing it there are a ton of options (moon ball, low gravity etc.) to spice it up. Like most games there are a bunch of challenges that can be done and its not as easy as you may think. I'm not a fan of games where driving is involved, but this is one that I got into. And I think it is because the speed and the car are not the majority focus of the game. It's like soccer and so therefore the primary focus is the scoring. However you have to work as a team and assist each other.
  11. Yay! I cannot wait to kill you in game! Snipe wars OP!
  12. I'm fine with a whatsapp group. Least that way we can go back in the text and see messages. CoC only holds up to 100 and its lost after.
  13. Can we go for most DE looted. That's a big plus. Now that I have the DE drill, its so slow so this would be a big accomplishment seeing as many people protect the DE more then their own offspring.
  14. Moving into a new place on September 1st. Hello single life and unlimited gaming.

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