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  1. Happy birthday Gubbi

    I barely find the time to get on xfire anymore and I would be lying if I said that I will try to find more time in the future.. I have another trip coming up on Thursday until the end of the Month. Maybe June will be a better month. Gracias amigo! I hope everything is going well... I am always hiding in the background watching if you are doing a good job
  2. Happy birthday Gubbi

    Thank you all for your wishes. It's great to see this clan is still up and running as good as ever!
  3. Favourite lcs team?

    My favorite team is Fnatic. In NA I support TSM.
  4. I have been gone for almost a year and you are still not in this clan. WTF!
  5. League of Legends

    Yeah, I know what you mean, I have a low level account on NA, and it's really laggy for me too at times, especially last hitting and team fights can be a pain. Suri is playing from US on EUW with us regularly, so maybe you get used to it after some time.. I don't mind playing with lower levels if you decide to level a new account. Leveling up a new account is a hell of a job though.. Maybe we get more people from NA that can play together and start a group after some time. If you have friends playing with you on NA, ask them to join forums here too.
  6. Summoner Name

    In order to find each other in game, I suggest we list our name and on what server we play: Name: Gubbilicious Server: EUW
  7. League of Legends

    No we have this RPG forum for years already and it's not really used a lot. League of legends is a game that fits into that kind of games so we could share info's and stuff there and maybe people that play these kind of games will start to use that forum regularly. Still use this forum for everything else as you are used to. In case we start an FA team, we can also set up a FA-related LoL subsection in private sections but general discussions and information should be posted there.
  8. League of Legends

    I am how many people we have here that play League of Legends. We have a couple of members playing on EUW server quite regularly and it would be fun if more people join in. If we get a few people together we could start playing 5v5s and maybe start a FA ranked group for season 5. Most of us are gold or high silver division but everyone is welcome, also beginners can add me and we can play a few games together. I am hardly playing on NA anymore, but maybe there are also enough people on NA to start a FA group. If you already have a group of people that you play with, feel free to bring them here and also try to get them to use our TS server. We have 2 channels for LoL so far, if more channels are required, we can set up more in the future. Also, let's try to be active on our other forum, dedicated for games like these: http://rpggaming.net/forums/ Add me on EUW if you want to play together, my name is Gubbilicious It would be cool to have a FA team trying to climb the ladder together for next season.
  9. FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil... Whats ur team???????

    I showed him how to do that.
  10. FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil... Whats ur team???????

    Personal highlight of the world cup so far:
  11. Mac OS X: CoD4 Demo Management

    You have to compress the file to a zip and then you upload the file on the forum. Only the original demo file is considered as valid proof.
  12. I don't have Mavericks so I don't know if it changed but this could help: http://fearless-assassins.com/tutorials/article/255-mac-os-x-cod4-demo-management/
  13. Happy birthday to the man, DX!

    Happy birthday. Too bad you didn't sing happy birthday for me, I would have totally returned the pleasure...
  14. Happy birthday, sir.
  15. The English language.

    This is a grammatically correct sentence: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.