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  1. Spent 5 minutes staring at the screen, thinking of a whitty come back post.... Sorry guys, I've got nothing :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MaKy


      Yeah but when are we gonna get to frag you?

    3. WeetBix KiD

      WeetBix KiD

      That all depends on when my partner purchases a power pack for our spare PC MaKy.

    4. AnG3L


      Welcome back :)

  2. Spent the night in my brothers "haunted" house... Apparently you can be a skeptic and still scare yourself.

    1. SiD


      “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

      ― H.P. Lovecraft

    2. WeetBix KiD

      WeetBix KiD

      +1 SiD

      I didn't even want to stick my foot out of the blanket lol

  3. I have a brand spanking new laptop. Now I can plat ET properly... None of this 2008 laggy, no memory, dont move the power cord or laptop will turn off crap

    1. MaKy


      the b*** is back...........


  4. That looks awsome! There is an FA member whos wife made a mario one.
  5. GG socceroos. well played. pat yourselves on the back.

  6. I knit. Havent made anything for a long time, but my 6 year old wants to put me to the test because he wants a creeper blanket lol
  7. Australia vs Netherlands tonight.... Not liking our chances..

  8. Happy birthday! Mine is today too so that means we are internet twins!!

  9. A bear there was, a bear! a bear! All black and brown and covered with hair..

  10. MaKy used up all our data downloading porn. Now I can't play ET......

  11. watching eurovision....... waiting for the Aussie

  12. From what I gather its a group of non-religious people wanting to remove the cross for its religious undertones
  13. Its always fun having to look through the torrents to find the movie Hook... So many dirty perves...

  14. Books are brilliant. Have read them 4 times so far. There are always things you miss reading them the first 3 times Watched ep 1 of season for and loved it, cant wait to watch the story unfold

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