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  1. BaRbWiRe*

    Nobody f*** with Yisus

  2. Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be...

    1. snowflake


      Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

    2. BaRbWiRe*
  3. BaRbWiRe*

    Packed from Belgium

    cool brother, enjoy it and no need to send money back or send more candies don't worry the most important is to trade things from our own country Haha Redbaird, nice one
  4. BaRbWiRe*

    et server suggestion 2 tanks

    hi, With who did u speak about it Audrey? I think not me and LuckY with Rantala neither it seems ... So i will suggest to remove Railgun and baserace too... Would be nice to have some feedback from members about those maps to be "maybe" removed Railgun, Laggy map... And Baserace, many people don't like it neither... But it is ok ... the majority will decide anyway so...
  5. Sadness is part of our heart when it touches friends :/

    1. von Rantala

      von Rantala

      I wish you a lot strengths my sister!

  6. Unjustice will always be... :/

  7. The 3 loves of my life <3 Miguel, Chloé and Emilie
  8. BaRbWiRe*

    1st monthly Teamspeak Karaoke Night

    Oh shit, i was to a karaoke party yesterday night for my birthday loooool , next time i ask LuCkY to make a video and i post it on the forum lol
  9. BaRbWiRe*

    Happy Bday BarB :-)

    The 3 loves of my life made my day so complete to show me one more time that they love me and care for me !!! I am the happiest mum and wife in the world All my presents here from them (a new coffee machine, a music cd from a great french singer i love for years, 3 frames for the house, flowers, strawberries pie) and a lot of kisses. I cried a lot but of happiness for sure coz it is so amaizing to be loved that way just being with the ones i love <3 Thanks to you all too for the great wishes for my birthday
  10. BaRbWiRe*

    Happy Bday BarB :-)

    Thank you I will don't worry
  11. BaRbWiRe*

    Happy birthday Reality !

    That's why he doesn't have the cake to eat Happy birthday mate , i hope u enjoyed your day
  12. Bye bye all :) have fun

    1. MaKy


      Where you going?

    2. BaRbWiRe*


      To the moon :D


  13. BaRbWiRe*

    Happy birthday Shew :)

    Happy birthday mate Enjoy your day!
  14. Hahaha i like it and find many same ways in some adults