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  1. This seems unlikely, because scientists would use viruses they know to be deadly, not the existing viruses in bats; while the rna string resembles most that in bats - not that of SARS or MERS. Source sciencedaily Edit - after sourcechecking a bit more I found this has been published in Nature, which means it's been peer reviewed https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0820-9 Which reminds me how interesting molecular biology is PS - I think about all people as well - and hope for the best possible outcome... This darned virus certainly took us by surprise...
  2. Just wanted to let you know I think of you. Protect the elderly and vulnerable and combat loneliness with technology, we are good at that last one. This crisis will undoubtedly, like every crisis, show the best and the worst in people.
  3. Too bad I couldn't join. Had to help a friend move Hope you guys had fun
  4. Platonic

    ET /Scores

    To others who got tired of this topic endlessly going in circles like @Kai, you can do like me. Unfollow the topic and dance in the rain with some flowers in your hair.
  5. Platonic

    ET /Scores

    In a family soccer game you don't let dad and adult son play against mentally disabled son and 6 year old daughter for half an hour. You even it up so everyone can have some fun. Yay, I can make weird comparisons too
  6. If I were a monkey, I would smoke a cigarette to your health.

    1. L3ftY.


      haha well I quit not long ago, but that doesn't stop me from celebrating :) ... most surprised imo. danke plato

    2. CheepHeep


      Congratulations ma man ;)

  7. Congratulations mate!

    1. United Blood

      United Blood

      Thanks Plato, very surprised but happy :)

  8. My sympathies for having Naref for a brother, or as a dichotomous personality. Might wanna tell him: being nice to people will get you far. And give him a hug.
  9. Building Ikea closets without a powered screwdriver... Awtchie my hands :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Platonic


      Should have done that as well... Closets are finished and my right hand has a large blister 😛

    3. Vindstot


      My PE teacher in high school always said we should climb the ropes so our hands are strong enough to strangle a person. But I guess for this reason its also good 🤔

    4. Platonic


      Yep, we office boys have gone soft :D

  10. Maybe you find some help here: The easy fix suggested by DF: And a possible still quite easy but a bit harder fix: If not this, you will need to edit your cvars, so you will need to post your etconfig here and adjust suggested fixes. Asking help possible.
  11. Please refer to this topic for all further help:
  12. Just putting this topic here as well, there's no use merging since this is also an introduction. Baguette can you give us some more info? The exact error message you get, where did you download ET, what's in your autoexec.cfg (located Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory - ETMain)?
  13. If I made a wild gamble,.. I would say the server was full, you got redirected to another server and your ui_autodirect was set to 0. Type /ui_autoredirect 1 in your console, see if it works. Either way server will probably not be full now so you may be able to join. If it's not this, wait for more savvy geeks out here
  14. Wait until I get a violin in my hands!

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