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  1. =F|A=Acid-Paradox Super Panzer Montage

    Wow , really impressive Acid To hit someone with a panzerfaust from such a distance is not that easy
  2. A little suggestion

    I thought about it for a while and i think it would be a good idea to add such a pistol award for et like in cod4. The player has to achieve at least 30 kills with pistol/akimbo or other pistol weapons. Bots are allowed. =F|A= servers only and screenshots must be readable. What is your opinion about that?
  3. Elite Knifer Award

    Sry, kinda mixed it up lol. The first is from NQ1 and the second from NQ2
  4. Elite Knifer Award

    Server name: NQ1 Knife kills: 48
  5. Hello!

    Welcome, enjoy yor stay here
  6. Pic of the Day 17.12.13

    Cute, those EOD-bots
  7. Be shure that u update punkbuster

    I guess you were banned for another reason
  8. hi

    Welcome to the forum Smul ! Have fun and also don't forget to visit our =F|A= servers
  9. Pic of the Day 15.12.13

    3rd Pic: the new pyramid of needs by Maslow
  10. Request to join the F | A clan

    Welcome to the forum blind. Please post your app in the section mentioned above.
  11. Hello :)

    Hey, nice to see your intro here Welcome to the forum and see you on the battlefield
  12. ammo and medic 'whores' cause unbalanced teams

    I don't think that it would be a problem if one player just stands there and throws ammo or health packs. I mean yes, of course those kind of players do not contribute to the team but sometimes it's not worth it to pay attention to such minor things. I agree if more people do this it can be really annoing so a !warn and !put afterwards might be appropriate but not anything else. On the other hand you could scare newbies away and they might just leave the game.... you don't have to expect that players do something for the objective as it is just supposed to be fun for them.
  13. my Kamikaze

    Welcome to our forum kamikaze, have fun and also try out our =F|A= servers
  14. Vixen in the house!

    Nice to meet you, vixen have fun on our forum and servers
  15. Whats up all!

    Welcome, have a nice stay here