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  1. Problem with fueldump map

    Yes, xFire may cause some trouble. Every 2nd-3rd time I start ET via xFire I don't have any sound at all and need to restart my PC. Guess you're - just as I am - better of with starting ET via shortcut.
  2. Bots "stealing" player weapons on NQ

    It wasn't really a complain but more a notice. Yet it's good to know that putting the bot spec will solve the issue.
  3. Gluecksbearchi just asked me on NQ1 why it's possible that Bots override player weapon selections. She was using the flamer for almost half of the map when a bot switched class and chose flamer himself, Glueck lost it therefor. Might this be a bug because a player wouldn't be able to select the flamer when it's already taken. And if this isn't a bug does this problem might come from the bot script or something else?
  4. et server suggestion Halloween

    A little halloween themed: /connect silent2.clan-fa.com:27960
  5. Well, Disney's already shown where this might lead to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps0ZV_Fut48
  6. That's gonna be a big mess when it comes to who's eligible to wear tags and who not. At least some of the visiting admins won't show levels, that's for sure.
  7. We're live? Damn, time to play some ET at night.
  8. If they'd only bought ILM, fine. If they'd bought ILM + Star Wars, fine. Lucas ruined the whole thing with his prequels and IMHO there's only 3 real Star Wars movies out there. But buying the rights for Indiana Jones? Hell no, that's the biggest BS ever. What's gonna happen there? Archeology School Musical with Disgusting Bieber as an even younger Indiana Jones? No, no, no. The deal's just plain wrong!
  9. Noquarter server

    In case you downloaded all the PK3's from our server and you till got that message you might try to run ET with administrator rights.
  10. Happy Birthday to Wayne Rooney and Ilkay Guendogan

    Yes, happy Birthday to Gündogan. Oh boy am I excited about the match tonight, hope this'll be one of the best games I'll ever see at the Westfalenstadion (Signal Iduna Park if you prefer the commercial name).
  11. What song are you listening to right now?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCL94-MsxYc I hope she'll come to Europe after her US tour
  12. Sebastian Fitzek anyone?

    Hey fellas, I just wanted to know if anybody of you folks have read - or currently is reading - books written by the german author Sebastian Fitzek. He's writing good thrillers which are very detailed - too much for some people - and intense until the last page. Frankly I don't have any idea if any of his books were already translated and published to english or any other language but if so, please let me know. I enjoyed every book so far and will get any new one he's gonna publish in the future.
  13. German food vs Chinese food

    Well, there's way more than the "stereotype german food" as each region got its own recipes. Yet I think you need to have authentic german food to know what all this is about. As - best example - the americans got their "Wiener Schnitzel" which is simply a hot dog and has nothing to do with a real Schnitzel. Anyway, I'll stay with german food because I can't stand chinese food. Most of those dishes are very incompatible with my stomach as it seems.
  14. qwerty / azerty

    Thanks for that hint, Joker. That explains why my keyboard went from qwertz (german) to qwerty some days ago while I was playing.