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Interview: LeftWingVixen




Thank you Vixy for taking the time to answer these questions! My goal for this interview is to have members and non members get to know her because she is not only an awesome FA member who's been around for some time now, but also a spectacular human. To kick off my hopefully series of interviews... based in Portland, OR, USA... Presenting: https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/13388-leftwingvixen/


1. What do you like to do in your spare time besides gaming?

* I like to read crime-related novels and watch Crime Drama movies, I'm heavily influenced by 1970 culture and love the thrill of chasing criminal psychology on a medical level. I also like to sketch using graphite or use some of my oil paints, I also write journal entries that I hope to collaborate and publish one day!


2. What are you most proud of?

* My ability for my heart to keep beating, it has gone through hardships but has overall became resilient over time. As long as I'm not six feet underground, I'm grateful and proud of everything and everyone that has made my life what it is.


3. What are your lifelong dreams?

* [rubs paws together] OKAY. Currently, I graduate Mortuary School next Summer, in which I will have an Associates of Mortuary Science. From then on, I’d like to continue working for my funeral home as I chase a Bachelors and/or Masters in Pathology [the study of disease]. I’d like to research into eventually becoming a Medical Examiner [physician], however my Plan B if I can’t get to Medical School would be to go into Death Scene Investigation or Forensics. I also hope to own a dog and a Cadillac Hearse one day. All the while becoming more proficient in my pole-dancing skills, I enjoy entering in competitions and hope to actually WIN one one day and become a centerfold for a local, Portland trade magazine -- just for my own ego, if anything.


4. What do you hope to achieve everyday?

* To learn something new everyday, whether from life or school, and become one step closer to my goal(s) stated above.


5. What’s your greatest fear?

* To die not on my own terms, suddenly/abruptly. I have many things to experience and people to love!


6. What’s your favorite album or song?

* One of my favorite albums is AM by Arctic Monkeys, 2016-ish.  I get to see them in October! I also enjoy the album How to Become A Human Being by Glass Animals. I have too many individual songs I adore -- I dance to damn near them all.


7. Early bird or night owl?

* Night owl, definitely. I have diagnosed insomnia, so I like using the night time to limit my distractions I have during the day to focus on my art.


8. What's the last book you read?

* Coroner At Large by Thomas Noguchi. The second book of his Coroner series, Thomas Noguchi is a Japanese-American physician who was the Chief Medical Examiner in Los Angeles from 1967 - 1982, making him responsible for taking care of high-profile autopsies such as Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Kennedy, and Sharon Tate. I like to learn to what he has to say, in hopes of adopting some of his tips to when I eventually get into the field too.


9. What's the best movie you've seen? Series?

* The Usual Suspects [1995], surprise surprise, a crime drama. I don’t believe ‘series’ can be quality when there’s multiple additions. It’s cute when some people name themselves Keiser Soze on the server, based from the movie. I also enjoy Seven [1995] and American Beauty [1999]; basically anything with Kevin Spacey makes me want to lick the screen. Other favorite flicks are Lucky Number Slevin [2006] and  Harold and Maude [1971].


10. What’s your favorite dessert?



11. If you were an animal, which one would you want to be and why?

* I feel if people don’t know my answer to this, they don’t know me very well at all. [Fox.]


12. If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be?

* To be able to telepathically lift objects. It would be a lifesaver when lifting the deceased in the prep room to clean under them as well as casually floating objects my way that I’m too lazy to reach for, like the television remote.


13. Have you ever been in love?

* “I still love everyone I’ve loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them.” -- Uma Thurman 


14. Have you traveled? If so, where’s your favorite destination?

* Yes! I’ve been to America [since I live here], Canada, Ireland, Scotland, France, England x2, and The Netherlands. Strangely I haven’t gotten a chance to go to Mexico. One of my favorite destinations would be Amsterdam, everyone seemed like they were on vacation and I loved smoking a joint publicly in a bar whilst working on my Mortuary Law homework, half a world away.


15. What made you join FA?

* The community! I fell in love with the unified sense of pride that the members of F|A exuded, and I felt I would have been a good addition to heighten morale on the server and become a dependable admin.


16. What is your most memorable moment in FA?

* Tipsy !disoriented me and told me he wouldn’t fix it unless I got at least two kills with the panzer. The first respawn I did, I got a double kill. HA!


17. What server is the most fun?

* Jay1 all the way.  Where the jokes are made up and the frags don’t matter.


18. Have you met other players from America?

* Yes! I have met and hung out with EvilButters [and met his very nice family], had dinner with Sleepy in Salem, OR about 4 years ago, had dinner with Leon_S_Kennedy in Los Angeles last year, and Humpty lives near me so we’ve hung out and went to the movies and he supported me from my show. TheAbbot and Elk live near my hometown in Southern California yet I haven’t gotten to meet them yet. I’m probably missing a few, but I always enjoy meeting fellow players.


19. Any strange stories since your joining in December 2013?

* If there wasn’t any strange stories I would lose interest fast, but none I can actively recall.


20. What piece of advice could you give to noob members?

* Rome wasn’t built in a day, be patient and use good communication skills when addressing a potential problem or suggestion.


21. Any role models in the clan or people you look up to?

* I’ve always looked up to RedBaird for his Service in the country and the experiences he’s faced. I also love RedAngel, Audrey, Neuro, Hecken, Phobia, DD, and AcidParadox. All of these members have made me feel welcome and included, while I enjoy all of their company. Oh and I GUESS Tipsy. 




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Oh, kick off the interview! Thank you for picking up on my request, much appreciated! 


Interview reading was fun :) 


@LeftWingVixen - One more for ya - What's your favorite food? 


PS I miss AcidParadox!  Haven't seen him lately.

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31 minutes ago, daredevil said:

Oh, kick off the interview! Thank you for picking up on my request, much appreciated! 


Interview reading was fun :) 


@LeftWingVixen - One more for ya - What's your favorite food? 


Taco Tuesdays, Pizza Fridays, and sushi! Moreover eel.
Used to be a vegetarian for 9 years and I'm glad I'm not anymore!

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I'll Interview myself..


















OH, OK...











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It was nice to read this interview ^_^ And hope to see more interviews :) If you want, you can also find me with your questions @Neuro


(Jay1 all the way.  Where the jokes are made up) and the frags don’t matter

I also say that, but only because Im noob there :P (maybe its different reason for you :))



And whats with the lamp? o0 They give light at nights for sure... what else?

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This is a great idea. I really like that you weren't afraid to go beyond small talk. Fears, big dreams. That's what I want to read. Yum. This quote of Uma is really spot on. For every person you have ever loved, you reserve a little chunk of your heart.


Always thought it was a pity I didn't get to know Vix because of the different servers. Now we all get the chance to get a glimpse :)

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