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    Politics, foxes, tattoos, Volkswagens, skulls/bones, the spooky/supernatural, pole-dancing, and discussing anything that doesn't bore my brains out.

    An ex-dancer, pole-artist by hobby, and an overall college student studying and working with Mortuary Science. C'est la vie.

    Forever reading.
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  1. Practicing a new act of mine - axe throwing. 
    Going to the range to practice doing so in my dancer heels.
    Can't wait for the showwwww.

    1. RedBaird


      O M G !  Have always been such a North Western Girl?


      If you get good at that then you can head for the hills and live off the land with your axe & pole!  Oh, wait...just what kind of "axe" did you mean?  I am now picturing you throwing dangerous electric guitars with deadly precision..at what, I am not sure yet.  :hmm

    2. RedBaird


      I had to check why this spell-checker underlined our "axe" and found that:


      Axe has been the more common spelling for several centuries in British and American English, but in America ax has gained in popularity in recent times.


      I cannot believe that Vix is as "old-fashioned" as I am!  



      Use of ax:

      Ax without e are the spellings used in American English. Axe also appears in AmericanEnglish, but the newer spelling, ax, has gained ground over the last half century and is now more common.

      All this has pole-axed me!  :o I am so axious now!

    3. Cit0


      This is just badass right here.  All you need now is to light em on fire to 🔥 :)

  2. Axis blew up the Rocket so hard it crashed the server -- well done, that's a new one.

    1. RedBaird


      At end of MLB_Daybreak?  we got it restarted some 2 hours later.

    2. Vindstot


      Someone gave them modern explosives instead of their WWII technology :P

    3. Neuro


      UGHHHHHHHH. It's happened before. Some people joined Jay 2 to play.

  3. I'm still around!

    1. RedBaird


      Saw you on Jay#1...Sunday it was, I think.  :?


    2. CheepHeep


      yay! If you remove the 'a' it gives your status a completely different meaning. 

    3. RedBaird


      ... just as if you sub an a for some e's in Cheep's namd...


      Right, CheapHeap?

  4. For those who went back to work past Labor Day weekend, the week is already half over! Positive vibes!

    1. RedBaird


      Yes, Tuesday was Monday in the USA!  


      BTW, Vix showed up on Jay #1, like the good old days.  :D


      She is busy, busy, bizzy these days!

  5. One of the best parts of traveling is coming home -- to a clean house!

    1. RedBaird


      /vsay lmao = Nobody was there to dirty it up!


      AND the "Wise Traveller" cleaned up before leaving!


      BTW, in Colorado, do they prounounce the state as "coloradoh" or "coloradah"?  I saw a politician on the news last night using the "dah" word! :o

    2. Sonofdoc


      Cleanup and play some ET, you’ll feel better :PP

  6. Why did no one tell me Colorado was this pretty.

    1. Cit0


      i have been there my self a couple times.  It is truly awesome!

    2. Helsen


      I did tell ya :)


  7. " A bad defense doesn't mean they cheated. " - @n3g4n, 2018
  8. Amount: 20$ Transaction ID : 3A1465218X310730Y I'm in a good mood and wanted to share.
  9. 18k profile views!
    Buncha voyeurs. ;)

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. RedBaird


      Sorry, Vix.  We don't seem to have a feature like on the Old Forums, where we could see who was online at the bottom of the Main forums page.  There were features to allow us to check on where each google / yahoo / baidu / msn / yandex  web-crawlers/scan-bots/spiders were looking at.  We could see a list of all connections that were on with the name of google, etc.  I found dozens from each of those, each instance with different IPs and reading different topics/profiles/galleries...  They didn't show up in our " last 5 visitors" listing, for obvious reasons.


      I should put something Unique1w7t3x5a0bv3 into this message so that I can search for it later and see if they 'peak' into our status updates, too...which are open to the public.

      [ ADDED:  "UniqueNomencalture" for a less unique term...?  the original term is not found yet, some 4 hours later, so hmmm 🤥 :getting emotis from different chat-apps confused now: ]



      Sorry for making you react_sad.png Vix,[fixed that one after I fixed the two in later post :) ] but I had to tell the truth "as I see it".  I have no way to measure how accurate it is in your case, that is, I can't find out how many warm-blooded hoomans actually visited your profile!  :( 


    3. LeftWingVixen


      Hehe, no worries Red - I appreciate you!


    4. RedBaird


      Well, well,  Googling "Unique1w7t3x5a0bv3" and "UniqueNomencalture" gets no results today, sooo maybe the google-bots, at least, do not scan our Status Updates (???)  Notice that I spelled "nomenclature" wrong, which would make that search term even more unique! :D 


      I was wondering how to add more than one 'reaction' to your message above, when I thought of this : react_thanks.png   reaction_love.png  , which is a Fail, because I could not find a way in the Editor to reduce their size to 'reaction-image' sizes.  :(  AH, HA, SUCCESS!  I DID "find the way"!  :D





  10. Taco Tuesdays, Pizza Fridays, and sushi! Moreover eel. Used to be a vegetarian for 9 years and I'm glad I'm not anymore!
  11. I had so much fun! Thank you for the shout-out, honeybun.
  12. Why wait for Wednesday to be Hump Day when that can be everyday!
    Work those abs! 1, 2, 3, go!

    1. CheepHeep


      Wanna practice? 

    2. LeftWingVixen


      Yeah! I'll hold the timer and blow the whistle and you can go to town on your anime body pillow.

  13. Keep your words short and sweet, in case you have to eat them.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Hulk


      Took me a min to get this u meant character the hulk not me personally.😂

    3. Cit0


      Yes real Hulk speak good talk ya

    4. Cit0


      @LeftWingVixen*looks at gut* "we go this"



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