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  1. Podcast mic arriving today... now the trick will be actually finding time to podcast

  2. new forums looking awesome

    1. Boduko


      i dont know about that


  3. this and higher pixel densities
  4. a small note is that a higher resolution/better quality monitor will also help with this sort of thing naturally
  5. (idk if this is gonna be too big)
  6. this happens regularly. happens especially when windows decides to uninstall things like graphics card drivers.
  7. I looked around and found trhat the knife.weap file and the .cfg file within the models folder is your best bet, but I don't know exactly what the files mean in there and I don't have a local server to test it out on at the moment.
  8. yeah, I took a look at the ifixit page before I bought it, I'm not sure I'll ever really need it but i think I could pull it off if i needed to. ill probably go hunting for the performance base before replacing the ssd.
  9. I just bought a refurbished Surface Book since my Dell XPS 13 died on me the other day. It will mostly be used for work and possibly art. Specs are: Core i5/8GB RAM/128GB Storage (SSD) I believe if I take the screen off, I can upgrade the SSD to a larger size, but for now the 128GB should be okay. In terms of features, I really like the extended battery life with the base and the possibility to add a dGPU with a second base. I like the pen and tablet capability especially for drawing, and "tent mode" which is essentially tablet mode but with the keyboard attached (extra battery life). Attached are some photos I took, one comparing to my 2012 MacBook Pro for size. (The surface book is much lighter)
  10. I keep my configs uploaded to a cloud service
  11. Haven't had a ton of time on my hands to look for it. I'll see what I can do ASAP, but I'm not sure how soon that will be.
  12. knives are supposed to be useless unless your gibbing or backstabbing. knives now are "fun server-esque" and have no place on a hardcore server.
  13. it takes 3 stabs to kill someone with a knife. that coupled with the absolutely impossible to evade range of the knife is ridiculous, especially on a server thats supposed to be hardcore. this isnt a question of rambo medics or class imbalances because if it was, covies also have 50% damage reduction and reduced explosive damage. true rambo medics are few and far between and theres not a ton of players that can successfully run and hide and heal without being killed. the general consensus of the people that play on the servers here say that they want the damage and possibly the range reduced. I don't see why it's a problem to do that. knives do more damage than smgs. theres no question there. if a disguised covie runs up to you and you dont get a good 4 headshots in on them and they have their knife out, 9 times out of 10 theyre going to kill you because of damage reduction and knife range/damage.
  14. So knife damage is something like g_knifeDmg or g_dmgKnife or something similar. Knife range can be configured via .weap files iirc, but I am almost positive that knife range isnt that far in an out of the box silent server, and furthermore I'm sure something could be done through lua or something else that can fix the knife range issue.
  15. http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/topic/3118-what-is-kr-and-prw/ here is a link to the silent mod forum and a topic about kr.

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