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Interview with Funkbut




Round two. This time I'll cover one of the funky new leaders in the clan, father of two, active in both W:ET and COD4 where he regularly blows out enemies' heads. Once again there are a few questions from other clan members, Speedfact, Scream, Karine and Maximo Decimo (in gold as requested) this time.




Could you quickly introduce yourself?


I am the ripe old age of 41. I dwell in the state of NY where taxes rule the world. I have been married for almost 15 years and have 2 children both are boys. I enjoy gaming, cars and cold beer with my buddies. I work as a Deputy in the county jail.



Are you one of those old-school gamers who started gaming with an Atari 2600?


My history of gaming actually predate the atari 2600. My first console was Pong, circa 1978. From that day forward I pretty much have never stopped gaming. had a atari, odyssey, sega, sega 32 bit, sega saturn, nintendo 64 and playstation. The arcades was a whole other scene that was popular back in the 80's and a lot of quarters were dumped in there. I wish I had em back.


I switched to PC gaming exclusively in 1997/1998. I really enjoyed RTS game such as Command and Conquer, a great series. Then when Ghost Recon came out that was it. Jump to FPS games. We had a large group of guys from work that played nightly. usually 10-15 of us. It was great. Then GRAW came out and wow epic game and online play was awesome. That is where I was introduced to "clans" I never jined but I use to play with Germany Ghosts.



So how did you come from GRAW to COD4?


All the guys got to busy to play at night so GRAW was phased out. So i bounced from game to game. Playing all sorts of diff stuff.


Then my first born came and I actually stopped gaming for the first time for almost 3 years !!Then the new young generation of guys at work started talking about "modern warfare" and how good it was. So I did the old PC upgrade and bought cod4.



You joined =F|A= in May 2010 and became a leader just months after. How did you manage to do that?


I fell in love with the COD4 game and went on the hunt for decent servers. The server I learned to play on was .::GO::. SnD great guys and great players I believe the clan is done in COD4 but there are still some players I see on our servers. Then the popultion went down and back to the hunt and I ended up at FA servers. Wow I was impressed with the players skill level and members moderation of the server. I then signed up at the forums just over a year ago now. A few weeks after that I submitted a application. The admins were getiing less and less so I figured what the hell. Killergun set me to trial and away I went.


I always like to know more than the next person. So I would pick other members and leaders brains for info. I like to do things right. I try to be fair as possible.


The road to leader was a short one, lol. I really did not see it coming that fast but Dare had other plans.


My advice is simple. Just like in real world, know what you are suppose to do then apply it.



What are your tasks and duties as a leader?


I try to stay on top of applicants, trial status and make sure the servers are being run well. I try to make myself available even if not playing to help anyone they may need it. We have a good group of members so that makes my job easier.



Have you already peeked into our other games like W:ET and COD:BO or are you stuck to COD4?


I play COD4 85% of my free gaming time. Someone talked me into getting WET and man is that game hard to play. But I will keep practicing....I play Black Ops maybe once a week, a little Left for Dead 2, BFBC2 once a month. I play FIFA 11 and Homefront on Xbox along with all Lego series game with my son AKA: Lil' Funk. Who by the way now wants to play WET...??



Since you went up the ladder so fast, what's the key in becoming a member relatively quick?


Showing interest is number 1 for me. If you want to be a member you must be active. Checking the forums once every four months is not a active member. This is more than just signing on to server and playing, those are players. Understand the community of members and knowing what changes are going on is vital to running the servers. I look for applicants that are applying the rules and maintain activity at all levels. from creative input to spamming whatever it may be. I cannot begin to count the number of applicants and trials that I denied already just based on no activity.



Do you know any clan members and clan friends personally?


No I do not. Perhaps someday when I travel around I would like to stop and have cold beers with anyone I can.



A classic: What's your favorite movie/book/musician?


I prefer metal but listen to a lot of diff music. Currently reliving my youth listening to old school Armord Saint, Accept, Maiden and Loudness. Waiting patiently for the summer tours to be announced so I can pick a couple shows to go to.


Movies.... Goonies...... Never Say Die. I enjoy all types of films but mostly Horror. Yes I watch Scooby Doo ever since I was little.. Rooby Dooby Doo.


Books.... Not much time to read these days but whenI did it was mostly classic literature. Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. HP lovecrafts works are good as well. Robin Hood, treasure Isle, Bram Stoker, Marry Shelley, Ellery Queen.....etc



Do you like pie?


I like pie too. Dutch Apple. http://www.preparedpantry.com/dutchapplepie.aspx. Crumbly top. Like apple crisp almost.



What kind of car have you got?


I have a lot of cars. I currently have 4: 2010 Toyota Venza, 2010 Toyota Corolla, 2008 Chevy Colorado, 1969 AMC Big Bad javelin my babay.



The AMC for you, the chevy for your wife and the two toyota for the boys?


Venza for wifey all others MINE !! MINE MINE



Have you got any pets?


I have two dogs. Both pitbulls. Both geneticly (SP) deaf. Both rescues. Guardians of my home and family. I miss my kitties....RIP



What its your favorite game console??


Two part answer. For its time period the sega saturn was insane, loved it. present day I say xbox360 great games nice design. Only wish it could be seen on a PC network for easy game backup.



What happened that you actually took part in this interview?


Kai payed me....lol



What's your favorite food & drink?


I am a protein hound so i have to say steak and cheesburgers and whole milk coffee and beer.



If you would be in charge of =F|A= for a month, what would you change? Servers, forum, rules?


Forum roster...drives me insane. I think they are working on something now.



What color are your socks?


Socks....dont laugh...black for work thats the rules...winter time gray with my Red Wing boots...thats right Red Wings best ever. with my skechers black or white no seeums depending on what I am wearing and which shoes....lol



You've got 2 dogs, why pitbulls?


Pit Bulls....love them till my death....I guess because they are misunderstood only because of the torment brought to them by man kind. Makes me very sad that a dog that was a household pet in the 1920's and 30's is now a feared killer. I love my dogs and they would give up their lives to protect ours what more could you ask for from any species. Or friend. They are hugabull, kissabull and adoptabull go get one !!



What's your favorite TV show?


Vampire Diaries and True Blood and Modern Family

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XD lol you actually asked him the sock question lol i was kiddin! (but cool cool....black socks woulda never thought....)

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Vampire Diaries!!!! I knew u liked that one :)


2 pitbulls! Common man give me one LOL I think Thunder got 2 also :)

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I really like Command and Conquer Red Alert 2, actually i have this game in my house and job pc :D

Nice interview. I would like to be your teacher in ET if you like.


Special thanks to Krau because he put name in golden :P

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Nice to hear from you Funkbut =D...I need the recipes for dutch apple pie...Im gonna google it...sounds good :P

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Good read. Always interesting to get a little background/info about the members. BTW, if you're ever in Wisconsin I'd gladly knock back a few cold ones with ya!

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Good interview :)


My first cod 4 server was .:GO:. Snd as well, and you like Metal & Cnc! Jeez if i'm ever in NY i'm going to have to hunt you down...(pred moment)

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Agreed good stuff! I'm always amazed at the wide variety of characters/personalities/backgrounds that find their way to FPS games. :geek:

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"thats right Red Wings best ever."


I knew you were great man, but this takes it to a whole new level!


God bless you! And Red Wings too :D

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Dude if you ever come up to the Netherlands, I will gladly have a beer or 10 with u! :-P



Same goes for Finland too.. Though I highly doubt, you would ever come here :D

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This interview is great. I remember coming into the clan right behind you and its like growing up with an older brother. I am very happy for your success. Thanks for gettin me to apply! ....and definately a couple beers (or coffee in the AM)

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