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  1. Millitarized, because of the Kashmir disputed territory?
  2. Does it snow in that part of the mountains?
  3. Worst Movies

    Probably Troll II https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyophYBP_w4 dat fly on forehead...
  4. Rail ex-FAG member

    Was originally meant to be "f*** Around Gang" since most of us were tired of how seriously Jay (leader of Hess clan) was about winning matches and how he would rage on his own clan members on teamspeak
  5. Pffft...you mean like the person I'm posting after right now?
  6. I'm baaack :) !!!

    get out
  7. Do you want to pay ten dollars for a Big Mac? California increased minimum wage in July by a dollar. Subsequently, a lot of goods and services went up by a dollar, effectively cancelling out "progress".
  8. Police shooting of Kaijieme Powell

    Everyone in this video sounds like morons
  9. summer is upon us..

    What a lady killer!
  10. Describe your last Fart using a movie title

  11. Memes you have created on your own....lets GOOOO!!!!

    Tristan had this old ass amusement park (with all of it's rickety f***in rides) pretty much to himself.
  12. Star Wars Episode VII Cast Revealed

    I'm more dreading the fact that princess leia is going to be fat now....there's no way Carrie Fisher can get her figure back for this role. Andy Serkis is probably going to be playing some CGI character like he did in LOTR and King Kong...