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  1. Happy Birthday FiveMagic!

  2. Gameplay & the interface is much better, was also suprised at how well it runs.
  3. Happy Birthday FiveMagic!

  4. FiveMagic

    Final Fantasy

    FF4, 7 & X were my faves. Also loved Crisis Core:FF7 on the Psp, not the best gameplay but it had a great story and graphics.
  5. FiveMagic

    The Walking Dead

    Need to find someones place to go watch it
  6. FiveMagic

    Getting Back Into Guitar

    Practising scales with a metronome is a good way of learning your way around the guitar. Power chords are pretty much in all Rock/Metal/Punk songs.
  7. FiveMagic

    Borderlands 2

    Been thinking about it, just not sure if my Computer will handle it though.
  8. FiveMagic

    Can someone refer a good gaming LAPTOP?

    Whats your price range? Edit: lol, ninja'd
  9. FiveMagic

    Michael Clarke Duncan dead

    Really enjoyed him, sad to hear.
  10. FiveMagic

    ps 3 psvita

    They look pretty nice, although the price of the system + memory is kinda high. If they offer better deals in the future i might pick one up.
  11. FiveMagic

    Topic for guitarists

    Ibanez Rga42fm Ibanez Art 100 70's Raven Acoustic guitar Want a Usa Jackson King V or a Esp ltd ec-1000 in vintage black.
  12. FiveMagic


    Few of my favs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb-gI_pFog0
  13. FiveMagic

    pegasus ? ET member

    That rule has been removed.