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Interview with Novice

Interview #12 only two days after interview #11. This time about one of the upper-level guys again, our beloved Co-Leader Novice. Definitely one of the most exhausting interviews so far. Thanks to Parrot and Latino555 for their questions.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


Hello all, I'm a 31 year old currently living in Rhode Island USA. I have a wife and three beautiful children. I enjoy the typical things in life, spending time with family and friends, beach, and the outdoors. Currently I am working as a freelance web developer.


A freelance web developer? Could you tell us more about that?


I've been working as a web developer full time for the past 6 or 7 years now. Starting out as a freelance designer and developer with small projects, until I started working for one of the largest digital marketing companies in the US for a couple of years as a lead Web Developer. For the past year now, I been working back as freelance developer from home.


Would you be willing to give us some examples of your work or are they top secret?


I had a bad experience in the past sharing my freelance projects in public, where someone was harassing my clients because they were angry at me. So I don't disclose them.


Judging from that, you seem to be a pretty technically experienced person. Did you also work on some =F|A= projects or do you separate job and hobbies?


Yes, I consider myself very technical person, I live in the command line, currently own a few VPS servers that I host my freelance projects on. And as of lately been messing with my raspberry pi. The only thing I worked for in FA has been adding/modifying the sidebar vent widget that was there before, and submitting a few fixes for one of the themes. Daredevil has proposed a few projects, that might be int he works in the near future.


What OS are you using and did you build your computer yourself?


I am currently dual booting Windows 7, and Ubuntu. I have built my own computer since the first one I got years ago, all my servers run CentOS also.


Did you start your gaming career with that first computer?


No, I did not. I have never been much of a gamer, besides playing ET the last game I played was Goldeneye on Nintendo 64.


That means you neither play any of our other games, like Minecraft, CoD4 or TF2?


As soon as I can afford a video card, I will be venturing into our new games. I am currently using the onboard video card.


Now tell us, what made you actually play W:ET? I imagine it's quite different to Goldeneye on an N64.


I started noobing ET sometime around 2004 late 2005 I think. I was on the website http://download.com (cnet) looking for an fps game to play and discovered ET (never played RTCW). I installed the game and the first map I played was et_beach and was instantly hooked! Been playing since.


et_beach, almost a classic. Have you been in any other clans during those years?


Yes I’ve been a member of a couple of clans. My first being {(WSS)} which was some german neo nazi clan. I was allowed to join even though I was not german (I’m Spanish) I didn’t know any better just wanted to play, I did not share their beliefs, and I got banned for not donating shortly after. After that I joined =EWS= with some friends, I met on DRi* server, after it died I played clanless for several years until I found my next clan which was .bb. it was the first time I noticed a clan with good structure and good members some of who still are some of my closest gaming friends today. I’m sure you all recognize a few of these names: Blade, Maximo Decimo, Corey, Peter-, Milktea, Dixus to name a few..


What made you join that first clan?


I was playing for a while as a regular, and was offered an invitation. I had not really played on any other servers at all just that one for a few months, and was just excited to be in a clan.


And when did you leave .bb. to join us?


After .bb. was closed down most of my clan friends came and joined =F|A=, I knew about FA prior because Daredevil was friends with the founders. After a while of playing as a regular on and off, and getting to know about more about =F|A=. I decided to apply and to continue playing with my friends, this was in late 2009 early 2010 or so.


How long did it take you to become a Co-Leader of the clan?


I got accepted as trial in May of 2010 and became a co-leader on September 2011. I had previously been a Staff also.


Co-Leader in slightly more than a year? Was it because of your infamous charm?


Honestly I don’t know it has never been my intention to get promotions here in FA. I’ve only asked for bumped level once because I wanted to help out more than what my current admin levels allowed me to at the time. I’ve always played for fun period. Kept a cool head, applied common sense to my admin decisions, and been fair and honest with members and regulars of our community and tried to help where help was needed or asked.


Keeping a cool head, having common sense, trying to help and being fair and honest. Very specific. What are your typical tasks as a Co-Leader?


As a Co-Leader my tasks vary daily. One moment I’m browsing the forums helping users with any issues they have, reviewing demos, or helping other clan members dealing with troubled players via the forums, xfire, or just having a random chat. On the servers I’m generally playing, meeting new players and potential members, watching for cheaters and dealing with troubled players to keeping the game fun for all or helping other admins where needed.


Why do you only play on our silEnT servers? Do you like the ETPub experience, do you like the gameplay or is it simply because you like the names?


Etpub has my heart, its the server that matches more my gaming style relaxed and playing the game. and what I had become accustomed after .bb. I am not a fan of double jumps or adren. It’s where all my friends were playing at the time also after .bb.


Are you teaching your kids the venerable art of playing W:ET or are they more interested in modern games? Probably even preparing them to become your successors?


My two youngest kids currently play on our Minecraft server, and my oldest son has played a few times, but he is more into modern games and consoles.


What's your role in =F|A=? The problem solver? The encourager? The organizer? Or even Mr. Nobody?


I would have to say a a mixture of all the above. At times I am there to help make decisions about trouble players, enforcing our rules and dealing with troubled players. Other times I am talking to players about personal issues or clan issues and providing positive feedback and encouragement. On the server its more of an organizer role helping keep things running smoothly so everyone is having fun.


What parts do you like the most about the clan and what do you utterly hate?


I would not be here without the love that is the FA community, its members, regulars, and even the trolls too. I’ve met a lot of great individuals and have made some awesome new gaming friends. FA runs a tight ship, and I love every part of it. What I dislike the most is Peter- and mew asking for nudies 24/7 can we get a grasp on these two? :D


How do you picture the clan's future? Focussing on W:ET so we don't have to upgrade our computers or taking a step forward into the next generation of games?


I think FA has a very bright future ahead. We have a lot of great members, and leaders who care about the community as a whole and continuously strive to keep things going and expanding in a positive direction. ET is still a big part of FA although I see more and more people moving to other games. I think Et will still be around for a bit longer but it’s inevitable that we continue to move forward with new games. I myself included when I buy a video card soon hopefully.


Since you are a good friend of some of our older members, did they act as a mentor for you or did you learn everything related to the clan yourself?


Yes definitely, when I first joined FA there was so much to learn. Watching them and other admins handle situations on the server and receiving help from other admins was very helpful and encouraging. I was always afraid to do the wrong thing or to step in and handle a situation but over time learning about FA and reading our Wiki and Guidelines helped me learn more how to handle these issues and problems on the servers and forums. I'm still learning a lot right now.


Imagine you were in charge of the whole clan for a month. What would you change or would you leave everything as it is?


I'd freak the hell out first thats for sure. FA runs a tight ship and we are expanding a lot into other games. I would keep things running and moving as they are.


What are the dark and secret mistakes you made in the clan?


Hahaha there are a couple embarrassing moments and learning experiences. From accidentally banning the wrong slot number, to setting regular to admin members, and even removing my own admin level. And definitely my favorite has to be when I accidentally banned mew for sexual harassment playing around because I didn't think I could ban someone the same level as me, this was also my first ban on FA.


Your turn to share a funny or stupid joke. Preferably dirty.


How do you remember your wifes birthday? forget it once.


Rhode Island is near some of our members and regulars. Have you ever met one of them in person?


Unfortunately no, I haven't met any or our members. I've talked to a player who lives the next town over however a while back.


But you would take part in a possible future US meeting, wouldn't you?


Yeah, I would definitely go to a meetup if one was ever close by.


Tell us about your favorite music, movie, TV show and book.


I mostly listen to hip-hop, rap, and reggaeton. One of my favorites movies is memento, it has a crazy plot to it. For TV I'm currently catching up on Breaking Bad on Netflix and watching White Collar on television. I mostly read online articles now a days havent read a good book in a long time unfortunately.


What was your most embarrassing moment?


I had to think about this one it's been a while, but definitely the time I was woken up by neighbors that I barely knew after going out drinking the previous night cause I mistaken my own house and was sleeping in their hallway.


What about you in 10 years? Will you have a fourth child, will you be the president of the USA, will you be freaking rich or do you think nothing will change at all?


Three is enough thats for sure and 10 years is currently to far for me to know how things will be from now, I think things will be pretty much the same as right now. I am currently in the planning stages to possibly relocate and move with my wife and kids to Canada. I lived there before and always wanted to go back to live there at some point, if all goes well I would like to be there within the next year. My wifes family has a lot of land we could get for cheap and build a nice house out there. I dont think I will strike it rich (We will know on wednesday when I play my lottery number) if not I would love to establish an official web development company at some point also.


What would you do with the millions you could win in the lottery?


Just the typical. I would definitely clear my current debts, relocate as mentioned above and build a nice house for me and one for my parents, I would take a few months and travel the world, donate some to charity, and make sure my kids are set for life. Then I would build a huge battleroom for my gaming, and donate money to FA and charities. Also I always wanted to own a lion, so I would get me a damn lion just cause I can.


The name Novice doesn't sound too confident for a Co-Leader. Do you still see yourself as a novice or what's the story behind that name?


The name came after I took a long break for almost a year after .bb. and came back as a Novice player and was getting owned by everyone so I used it and it stuck after a while. Just like real names I don't think it defines a person they are defined by the action a person makes. I'd like to think the name is also synonymous with how I like to play which is that similar to a new player, just to have fun, goof around and just have a good time gaming.


You seem to be a fan of barbecues. What's your favorite food and drink?


I love spending time with my family and friends nothing better than some good ol' backyard BBQ and a couple of beers having a great time with those you care about we usually have several every summer. My favorite food are lobster and swordfish. I drink a lot of water most of the time, but my favorite drinks are pepsi, heinekens, and tequila.


If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, would it be that as well?


Yes seafood all day.


Any cool hobbies? Apart from going to the beach, obviously.


I have recently started doing a really neat hobby called Geo Caching. I heard about it in the past but never tried it. I been going out a couple of times a week to locate geo caches and have been quite surprised to explore new places in my area I never even knew existed.


Do you own a car or are you a passionate cyclist like Thistle?


No I do not own a bicycle. I owned two cars as of recent a 2000 Ford Taurus which I sold about 3 months back. Right now I am driving my wifes soccer mom van a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country.


I've read you were going to install your Raspberry Pi into your car, as some kind of inexpensive entertainment system. Any success with that?


I was hoping to be able to, but after messing around with it, I don't think it will be good or powerfull enough to do much function besides playing movies, it turned out to be a lot more slower than I anticipated, right now I am using is as a LAMP web server to mess around with when bored. I am going to use to learn to program in other languages as it was originally intended for when I have the time.


Are you going to stay in Rhode Island forever or do you have a different place in mind where you'd rather like to live?


I been in Rhode Island most of my life. I think its truly one of the best states to live in in the US. But I've always had a nick for travel and as I answered earlier I am hoping to relocate within the next year to Canada, if not I would like to possibly move to another state like Maine for a while to get away from the city life for a bit and explore different places.


Would you rather prefer a city trip, an exhausting hiking trip or going to the beach?


Definitely an exhausting hiking trip, I have always been a fan of the outdoors, but I love the beach also it reminds me of Puerto Rico. I usually go out camping once or twice a year for up to 10-14 days at a time every summer.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


I would definitely go back in time where life began and see how life all began.


Would you like to come to Europe to visit fellow clan members? And who would you want to meet there the most?


I would love to visit Europe and meet some of our clan members. If I had to pick someone I would pick the all mysterious Kai for sure.


Taken you could swap roles, permissions and duties with a a =F|A= member for a month. Who would that member be?


I would swap out with Daredevil so he could go hang out at strips club, get drunk and have a nice Vacation.


Is he also your favorite =F|A= member and would he be the one you would pick to be stranded on an island with you?


Of course :P but I would also like to add Maximo I think out of all members me and him have played and talked together the most at this point and have become great gaming friends. And if I was stranded with no way back, I would only hope it would be with one of our lovely FA girls of course like Kai.


I remember you mentioning that you have a dog. Do you have any other pets?


No I don't currently own any other pets. My dog is a 5 year old female tea cup Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier). She is the smallest dog I have owned, always had Pitbulls most my life. Her name is Phatty.


What's your favorite color?




What is the biggest influence in your life?


My mother and father are the biggest influences in my life.


What kind of cellphone do you use?


I currently have the T-Mobile G2X, running Cyanogenmod.


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening?


My schedule is all over the place right now, but typically my morning starts somewhere around 7am, I check for any emails from my freelance clients and handle issues they have like websites updates, and sending email campaigns for them, checking and updating my servers to make sure all is well. And if I have a project on hand like right now I work on that for the better half of the afternoon. I try to keep all the isolated to less than 6hrs per day. I then head out to run errands, go for a jog or just to get out the house for a while and visit family or friends. In the evenings I am here on prowling the forums and gaming.


If you were the first person to make contact with an Alien life form, what would you say/do?


I read a guide a while back that says stay still, attempt to communicate and show basic geometry shapes, numbers and such, matter of fact here it is http://blastr.com/pi...Infographic.jpg so I would try that. If they are not trying to destroy me of course.


At what age do you expect to retire from work and what are you going to do then?


I would probably be working for as long as I could, but Ideally I would like to retire around 65 or so where I could still get around, travel the world spending a month or so in each country learning about other people and cultures.


If you could pick any celebrity for a husband or wife, who would it be?


I've always told my wife I would leave her for Angelina Jolie, loved her since The Movie hackers.


What's your life goal?


To leave this world better than I got it, enjoy life to the fullest, and help my children grow up become wonderful loving and caring people.


What about your dream job?


I would like to own a hosting company, or ISP


Which comic character would you like to be?


Batman of course.


What was your favorite subject in school?


Definitely history, I've always loved the adventures, explorations, and battles that lead to where we are now in time.


Have you ever forgotten your sports bag in the school bus?


Yep, on more than one occasion and various other places.


What's your favorite cuddly toy?


My wife.


What's one thing you'd like to do before dying?


I would like to travel out to space.


If your wife told you no more video games, which would you choose, her or the game?


I would pick her without a doubt.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be any different?


I don't think it would be a lot more different, I would of probably had a different past time or hobby just as equal. But I would not change it for another one, I have met some very great people online some which I would consider very good friends.


What was the best gift you ever received and what was the worst one? Neither love, nor socks count.


My children are my life and will always be the greatest gift I have ever received. The worse gift I ever received was my own belt back for xmas.


How many tattoos do you have?


I have two and plan on getting another one within the next month. I have a half sleeve tattoo with my daughters middle name about 3 months ago, and I got my sons middle name also.


If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?


I'd probably like to meet Barack Obama currently.


You wake up in jail. Who is with you?


All my friends I went out with that night.


Interview with Thistle

After a long absence I finally present the eleventh interview in this series. This time about Thistle aka Spaceballs, an ET member from Germany. Since he has a habit of writing very long blog posts, I thought he deserves a very long interview as well. Decide yourself if it's worth the long read.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


Hey, I am 27 years old and live in Wiesbaden, Germany. I like cycling, volleyball and badminton. And I enjoy eating. :)

I am studying English and French to become a teacher and most hopefully will finish by next summer. Unless =F|A= keeps me busy like this.


Have you already had some form of internship or teaching experience during the studies?


Yes, I was sent to France, Lyon, for a year to teach French students. It was quite an experience as the French school system is very different from the German one. Also, the way of teaching differs. Yet, it was very nice and I enjoyed it. I learnt a lot, made many friends and acquaintances.


So you taught native French speakers how to speak French?


No, that would have been awkward. I could never really teach them anything in French, I guess. I taught English and German at the time. Back in Germany I had several work experiences in high school, too. There I taught French and English.


Jokes apart, what's so different or special about the French school system compared to the German one?


In Germany we have a threefold system, which allows the parents to decide which school suits their children best. The school is divided into three levels and each school branch has a different qualification in the end. In France, however, until high school, there is just a single branch and all the students are together. It is called "collège unique" and school takes the whole day. In Germany, there is a similar development, but afternoon classes are not yet that common.


Are you going to teach German high school students after finishing your studies or something abroad?


I don't know yet. I always wanted to live somewhere else. I thought about living in England and teaching French. But in the end I will probably stay in Germany and simply teach here, since my family lives here and I don't want to be separated for too long.


Now why did you choose to become a teacher?


To be honest, I started studying languages out of a whim. I didn't know what else to do. With time I realized that being a teacher could be fun. I tried to teach in a primary school first, but that didn't suit me at all. So I tried high school and I enjoyed it.


I've heard you spend some of your time supervising children in summer camps. What's the matter about that and might that have been a factor as well?


No, the summer camp job came after the decision to become a teacher. It's a job I do, because I need money to support my studies. I enjoy summer camps, but I would not do it if I had enough money to get around at the end of the month.


Any other notable activities with children?


Before I started university I worked in a hospital for children with cancer. It was only a year and I did it because I did not want to do military service, but it sure was the hardest time in my life so far. I have seen too many children die and I still remember their names. It also was my first encounter with death...


The first one?


Yeah, to that point in time I didn't know anyone who died. Not even in family. It was the first time that someone I knew in person died.


Have you been a good student, teacher's favorite?


Not really. I always was average. Even in my studies I am just average. But that does not matter to me. Even if I am not the "best", as long as I get along with children and adolescents it is okay.


What was your favorite subject back in school? German, English or French?


Actually, it was P.E, still love it. I was above average in English and French, enjoyed both subjects, but they were not my favorite. And I was horrible in mathematics.


Do you speak any languages apart from German, English and French?




Have you ever been to England, the USA or France?


I have been to all three places. I first went to England when I was fifteen years old. I spent two weeks alone in London to explore the city and its people. During my studies I went to Exeter, in Devon, South England. There I spent several months in order to improve my language skills. France is a country I visit very often. I am in France 1-2 times a year. I have many friends in Lyon and some family as well, so I try to go there every now and then. I can't remember my time in the States. I was two years old and my parents took me along. So no chance. I have not been to the States since then.


Do you also have such a cute girl's name like some of our members?


My real name is Darius. It usually does not get mistaken for a girl's name. Just recently though my new nickname was mistaken for a girl's one. Is "Thistle" that girly?


Yes, very. Back to the gaming part. You've mentioned some quite old games in your most recent blog entry. What was your first console?


My first console was Nintendo's NES. A few years later I started playing on a N64. I still have that one connected to my TV to play Diddy Kong's Racing or Mario Kart. I never had any other consoles apart from these two.


What were your favorite games back then? Or was it only the two?


Mh,... I liked those two games a lot. And I was not so much into RPG games or shooters at the time. Yet, I played Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Those two games were revolutionary. I still have them and play them sometimes. I often listen to the soundtrack on youtube.


And what are they now? Besides W:ET of course.


You shall not love anyone besides W:ET. Joke. I play Guildwars and ET. I still have old games on my hard drive such as Keen Commander, Master of Orion and Doom, but I only play them occasionally. I would love to play Guildwars 2 and Skyrim, but I would need a new PC for that.


Do you play CoD4, Minecraft, BF3 or TF2 as well?


No, I have never played any of these games.


Your laptop is apparently too slow for CS:GO, Guildwars 2 and Skyrim. Are you more of a console gamer than PC gamer? No PC builder?


I definitely am a PC gamer. However, I would need money to build a new PC. When I saved up enough, I will order my new computer at an online store, which lets you choose all the components you want. I did that a few times already and it always worked out fine. Unfortunately, I only did it for friends who had money but no knowledge of putting together a computer. I never had the chance to put one together for myself.


How and when did you start playing W:ET?


Must have been around 2005. And I stopped in 2007, only to restart playing in 2011. I missed it so much. A friend told me about a freeware game which was supposed to be great fun. When I tried it, I sticked to it.


Have you been member of any clans before joining =F|A=?


Yes, I have. But it is a long time ago. My last clan was a Guildwars guild. I also was in an ET clan, but I forgot the name. It was no big clan. A community such as =F|A= is the first time for me. And I would not want to miss this experience.


Why did you join =F|A=?


When I started to play ET again in November, I stumbled upon the =F|A= servers. First, I did not intend to join any clan at all. I was not even sure, if I would continue playing the game. However, I liked the atmosphere on servers and the people. In December I registered on the forums, but was not very active. So I just played and sometimes even talked on servers. That way I got to know Pianist. We played often together from then on and in February he asked me, if I wanted to join =F|A=. I liked the idea of a clan and community that does not recruit because of skills but rather depending on social interaction and motivation to contribute something to the community.


Your favorite server appears to be Jay4. What's so special about that one?


I like the ping I have on that server. Apart from that I play there whenever Jay 1 is too full to play on. Jay 4 is just perfect, if I compare to other servers. Jay 2 is to hard with many raters on it. And I don't like fast shoot on Jay 3.


What are the parts you enjoy most about the clan and what do you dislike?


That's a difficult question and I cannot give a straight answer. The overall image is coherent. The system works. Perhaps I could say that I like most to play together with the friends I made in this clan. I enjoy spending time on the server with them and chat while playing. There is not really something I dislike.


What do you think about the clan's future? Are we always going to run ET servers? Should we rather expand to newer or at least more popular games?


Well, perhaps not ALL the ET servers will survive, but I hope that some will. And as far as I know we are already expanding. We just started a new server for CS:GO and I think I read somewhere in the forum that someone wanted to start a Guildwars 2 section. I don't know if it worked out, since I barely visit the RPG forums of =F|A=. I think it is good to expand in new games, but not too fast. One game at a time, if there are members interested in it. We always need capable admins to supervise the new game section.


How did you learn the principles of administrating the servers? Purely by reading the guides in our Wiki or did someone mentor you?


The basis should be the admin guide. Everyone should take to heart what is written there. After that I always ask more experienced members when I have questions. That happened quite often in the beginning. I am doing good now, I hope.


What do you think was the reason for your promotions? Hard work, coincidence, luck or a good tongue?


I always tried to contribute the best I could for the clan so far. So I was promoted to full member and am thankful for that. I will continue to help on servers, and be active on forums.


If you were in charge of =F|A= for one month, what would you change, what would you improve, who would you kick out?


If I were in charge and paid the server costs, I would probably start praying to God for the donation bar to be completed before the end of the year. I would not kick anyone. People who do not fit into =F|A= usually don't need to get kicked. They often realize it themselves and leave.


Do you consider yourself the ideal member?


No, surely not. I am bad at spotting cheaters, rather poor at recruiting. Yet, I try to do it and learn.


Have you already made some more or less severe mistakes in your clan life?


Mh, I once thought that the tracker was private and posted some confidential information. That was... stupid.


What's your role in the clan? Thistle sounds rather prickly. Are you goosing people to do their best?


I am just a normal member and do nothing special. I also don't tell people what to do. I just do what I think appropriate according to the situation.


Share a funny, weird or suggestive joke.


"Very dark the side is." - "Oh Yoda, shut up and eat your toast."


We have a good amount of German members. Have you ever met any of them in person?


Not yet. Only know some of them through xfire.


Would you participate in the meeting some of our members are trying to organize in Germany this time?


That depends on how my schedule is around November. I cannot say yet, if I will participate or not. Ghostwind proposed to meet in Mainz, which is near where I live. I might just go, if I have time.


What's your favorite movie, TV-show and book?


My favorite books/films are Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I am eagerly awaiting the film The Hobbit. I love Six Feet Under.


What kind of music do you enjoy? Retro game soundtracks?


I listen to house music, electro house, and sometimes classical music.


Tell us about your most embarrassing moment.


In middle school I liked a girl and told her. The next morning I saw her kissing some other boy in school. That was embarrassing. Everyone knew I liked her. I felt dumb.


You told us the story behind the name "Thistle" in one of your blog posts. What's the story behind your original name, "Spaceballs"?


That name came to my mind when I watched the film "Spaceballs". A parody of Star Wars, which I like very much. I simply decided to take on that name.


What would you do with 100 million dollars?


That is beyond my imaginative capability.


What about one million then?


Oh yea, pay the debts I accumulated during the studies, give a little to my parents, keep the rest for me to save up for bad times.


Where do you plan to be in 10 years? Teaching German in France while leading =F|A= in your spare time?


Haha, if =F|A= still exists, and I hope it does, I want to be part of it. Of course I hope to be a teacher by then, have a family and children, probably in Germany.


Tell us more about your sport hobbies, cycling, volleyball and badminton. Are you a competitive sportsman?


No, I am not. I do these sports in my freetime with friends. I do cycling the most. Volleyball and badminton are sports I do occasionally in summer.


And the eating part? What's your favorite meal and drink? Weißwurst and Weizenbier?


Mh, I like schnitzel most. I barely drink any alcohol since it's not too good when doing sports.


If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?




What did you cook while answering these questions?




Do you own a car or do you prefer to go by bicycle?


I have a car, which I need for my work as I often have to change locations.


What kind of?


It is a grey Peugeot 206. I named him Gandalf.


How cute. Who are your favorite clan members and why are they?


I like all the =F|A= members I have to deal with. I was really sad though, when Pianist took his leave some time ago. And really happy when he came back.


Would you pick him to be stranded on an island with you?


No. I would pick my girlfriend in order to satisfy my natural desire to reproduce my genes.


You wouldn't want to have a baby with Pianist?


I am afraid, no. Sorry Pianist.


Imagine you could swap roles, permissions and duties with a =F|A= member for one month. Who would it be?


I don't have someone specific in mind, but I would switch with someone who has the same level as me. Otherwise I would be afraid not to meet the expectations, if I just swap with someone who has more responsibilities than I do.


What's your favorite color?


Dark Blue.


Do you have any pets?


Yes, I have a lovely overweight cat named Max.


If you were the first person to make contact with an Alien life form, what would you say/do?


I would turn around and run away.


What kind of cellphone do you have?


I use an HTC smartphone (HD2).


If you could pick any celebrity for a wife or husband, who would it be?


Zooey Deschanel!


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening?


I get up at 7 a.m. and after breakfast, checking emails and forums, I continue writing my dissertation. And I play ET somewhere in the recreation time. When I go cycling, it is usually in the evening. Bedtime is whenever I am too tired to watch TV.


At what age do you expect to retire from work and what are you going to do as an old and grumpy German?


Mh, with the current demographic development in Germany and Europe, I will not be able to retire before 75, I guess. Who else will pay my pension?

I am going to sit in my wheelchair in some retirement home and scowl at the personnel.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


I honestly don't know.


Which comic character would you like to be?


Mickey Mouse. He gets sexy Minnie.


Are you happy with your life so far?


Yes, I am. Money was always a big issue, but I doing fine and never had to suffer. I am happy the way my life is now.


What's your life goal? Teaching children?


Not the teaching itself, but giving the children the possibility to choose for themselves what they want to do. My job simply is to make sure they have what it takes to make that decision. My personal life goal would be to see my own children live happily before I pass away.


Or rather before you move into the retirement home. What's your biggest dream?


Not to move into a retirement home. I hope that I will be independent until the end.


Who is your hero, who or what inspires you and why?


I don't have someone like that in my personal environment. Sometimes I am inspired by politicians who dare to stand up against their own faction, because they do not simply say "yes", but rather use their own brains to think.


What is one thing you could not live without?




What is the biggest influence in your life?


My girlfriend is. She educated me. Or at least, she tries.


What's your favorite cuddly toy?


My little elephant.


Do you like to travel? Where have you been so far?


I love to travel and have been pretty much everywhere in Western Europe. I travel light, with backpack, and sleep in youth hostels.


Would you rather prefer a city trip or going to the beach?


I like both. If I go to the beach, it becomes boring after one week. But a city can offer much more for a longer period of time.


What is one thing you'd like to do before dying?


I would like to do some mountain climbing. Not without security though, because it might actually end up being the last thing I do before dying.


Have you ever forgotten your sports bag in the school bus?


Yes. Who hasn't....


How does it feel being in a social gaming community? Does it change your prospects in traveling around the world after knowing some of the people in other countries?


Perhaps, who knows if I will travel out of Europe in the future. However, if I do and travel to some country where I know somebody from the community, meeting would not be so bad. It is an opportunity!


If your girlfriend told you no more video games, which would you choose, her or the game?


Her. No buts and ifs.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be any different?


Yes, for sure. I spent a lot of my youth playing internet games. I could have learned an instrument perhaps. When thinking back, I would have liked to play the piano.


It's never too late. Anyhow, if they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you?


George Clooney would do fine I guess. My life story is about how I met my girlfriend because we exchanged our luggage by mistake. She opens it and finds my Nespresso.


That means your life is a Nespresso advertisement?


Mh, something along the way. Yes.


What was the best gift you ever received and what was the worst one?


Cliché: The best gift I received was my mother's love. The worst was a pair of socks. :D


Would you like to come to the US to visit fellow clan members? And who would you want to meet there the most?


Yes, I would like to visit the States. But not just for meeting members, but to see the country itself and travel through the states.


What are you most afraid of?


Losing my family.


What is your dream job?


I don't really have one in mind.


Would you eat a live tropical fish?


No, I like sushi, but I would not eat it, if it was still alive. I would knock it dead and eat it then.


If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?


I would kindly ask you to help me out, Krauersaut. And just hope you don't refuse.


Number 10 of the interview series. Co-Leader Pepperonipizza tells us about him, his life, his thoughts and his future. Quite an interesting one, absolutely worth the (long) read. Thanks to GI-JOE, Krayzie and Corey for their superb questions.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


My name is Joachim. I'm from Belgium and currently studying in Leuven. I am a last year Master's student studying computing science. I like playing W:ET and Dota2. I like traveling with my girlfriend.


Computer science? Would you mind explaining what that is, for the non-experts among us?


Computer science is, well, the science behind computers. We study computers, how they work and how we can use them. It's very abstract and we don't really have a lot of practical knowhow of setting up servers or managing databases. We study mechanics that are behind these systems. What are computers capable of? How can we improve their techniques? How can we make them learn?


And what are computer science students going to do job-wise?


In the business world, people with this kind of education usually end up in the IT consultation business. They visit a firm look at their (computer) system and try to improve it and/or construct computer systems that the costumer (the firm) wants.


I'm not going in the business world though, I am starting my Phd. coming september.


That means you are going to stay in the university?


Yes. A Phd. student is a student as well as a faculty member. Aside from researching in my research group I will be an assistant for one or more courses. This means I will be responsible for exercise sessions for students.


Do you already have plans for the time after you finished your Phd?


That will depend on how well the Phd went. If they are very happy with me they might keep me around. That is called a post-doc. After post-doc it's a route to being a professor. It's all a bit abstract and hazy, but that's the academic career ladder.

If it turns out I won't be able to continue researching I want to start teaching at colleges. In Belgium, you need a Phd degree for that.

(A college is different than a university here, college is higher education that is practical-oriented, university is academic stuff)


So you're going to be a teacher basically.


Yes :) I like teaching and helping people understand things.


Did you like your teachers?


Some of my teachers I liked, others not. I guess it's no different than anyone else. It's not because I was very fond of my teachers that I started liking teaching. It's rather a result of some fellow students (or people at home) not understanding something and me helping them with it.


Your favorite subjects in school?


Math. And to a lesser extent physics.


No languages? Do you speak any apart from Dutch and English?


I also speak French. Belgium is bilingual and every adult has studied French for at least a few years at school.


I do not like studying languages because when you study languages you study something that is man-made. The reason why something is what it is in linguistics is usually historical and based on something trivial.


Studying sciences is studying something that man had no hand in. You're discovering laws that were there long before man was. Understanding these things is a lot more interesting I find.


How did you learn English then?


I learned English on the internet long before we started the subject at school. I used to have one English friend from a website-based MMORPG that was into studying English and I definitely picked up something from him along the way.


Did you start your gaming life with that MMORPG?


Not really. My gaming life started with Age of Empires. I had it on disk from a friend from school. I didn't understand anything but I still found it fun to play (remember the wololololo monks). After that we got a playstation and a few games for that.


What are your favorite genres apart from Real-time strategy?


My favorite games are team-based games. I like team-bases FPS games (like W:ET and TF2). My other side is addicted to Dota2 which is genre that is not very known: it is a Action real-time strategy game (or also called a MOBA game).


Does that mean you got your first computer before you got your first console?


Yeah we had a computer before we got a console. It wasn't very fancy but AoE 1 was manageable.


Do you currently have a powerful computer?


My current setup is two years old. Cost me about €700 at the time (a keyboard and screen included). It's definitely on the powerful end (still to this time) but it's no powerhouse. I can run most games at maximum graphical settings.


My CPU is rather regular, a dualcore Pentium and my GPU is a ATI Radeon HD 4870.


Do you play CoD4, Minecraft, BF3 or TF2 as well?


Of those games I only play TF2.


Do you only play free games or is that a coincidence?


Hehe. I also play some other paid games. I enjoy the Assassin's Creed series. I was also into Starcraft (and its MOBA custom map) until I got Dota2. Coming summer I plan to get into Witcher.


So when did you dive into the fabulous world of ET and TF2?


I got into W:ET by a pure coincidence. My neighbor on my first dorm in Leuven played it. He wasn't really into it but he enjoyed hopping onto it for relaxation.

I played it on his computer for a bit and I was immediately hooked. This was the first 'online' game that I had ever played. I immediately installed it on my crappy laptop (or as I call it: craptop) and lagged around in the ET universe.

I used to play on Evil Smurf's servers before coming to =F|A=. Played there with 200+ ping , 20fps and a crappy mouse and laptop keyboard. I'll never forget that.


I got into TF2 after I got my current desktop setup. It's not as serious as W:ET for me but it's 'quick fun'. Playing a round or two as medic healing heavies and helping them pwn the other team is fun!


When and how did you join us?


I started playing on the NoQuarter server and I really liked it. After a while someone asked me to join. I think it was .D... (or detoren). Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.


People seemed to like me enough and I got accepted as a trial pretty fast.


And you became Co-Leader pretty fast, didn't you?


I consider myself a fast learner. I am also community-oriented. I learned so much during my stay in =F|A= I hardly know where to begin. But becoming Co-Leader was not only about learning admin commands and protocols. For me, it was about learning to take a step back and look at the big picture.


You also managed to make 970 posts in slightly more than two years. What a spammy person! Is the forum an important part of the clan for you?


I'm not as forum active as some other forum 'spammy persons'. Certainly not last year with my thesis and whatnot.

But I do find the forum very important for the clan. It's the central mechanism that brings us all together, every member of the clan. It's a place with a very broad use: it can hold clan-wide discussions on rules or a topic that considers one single server.


Elaborate on the "taking a step back and looking at the big picture" metaphor. How do you mean that?


I will be brutally honest. Many of the topics that talk about promotions also say that "you should play for fun and not for levels".

Well, when I joined this clan, I was definitely having fun, but my personality was very focus on the rules. I wanted to be mister perfect and jump to any situation that needed handling. I didn't question my actions, I was merely following the rules. I'm not saying what I did was bad, but I didn't see what was really important: having a good time on the server. I played on the server neurotically looking for a rule to apply and feeling happy when I could do so. I wanted to see my level rise. I was in it for the levels. At first.


So you were an uber-admin, looking for every chance to use your commands?




Then I learned one of the most valuable lessons in the world. I learned that it's not about the rules but about what they stand for. They stand for a fun gaming environment. I learned that rules don't always need to be applied and that sometimes it's better to just talk or joke about things.


I like to consider that as the moment that people truly started appreciating me and the things I did. Enough people noticed so that I got promoted to co-leader.


Summarizing it, trials and members should loosely follow the rules and put fun in front of them in order to get promoted?


Trials need to follow the rules. If you're trial you're still learning the ins and outs of the clan and its stances. Trials should follow rules best they can and in the meanwhile learn the procedures.

Once you're a member you can start reasoning more about what would be best in a situation. Communication is also the key here. Try to sync up with the fellow admins that help you on the server. But in the end the founders make all the decisions.


Jumping straight into the next question, what would you change if you were in charge of =F|A= for a month?


I don't think I would be able to improve things much. I imagine that running =F|A= is a fulltime job. There is great communication from the founders. This is not a given since most of the time they are very busy. I think the only thing that I would work on is a fixed schedule for map changes on servers. The procedure could benefit from a bit of stability I think.


What do you like most about NQ1? The mod? The settings? The players?


Some settings appeal to me. I like the fact that picking up an SMG will give you all of its ammo and not just the bullets currently in the clip. The double jump is different from Jay and I like the NQ double jump better. It allows you to double-jump even thought you are falling. This makes descending mountains with a single, well-timed double jump right before you splatter to the ground possible.

But what I definitely like most about the server are the people. There are really some players with a great sense of humor, laughing it up and being very relaxed.


Have you ever made any severe mistakes when it comes to the clan?


We all make mistakes. Back when I was in uber-admining I was very stubborn and always thought I knew it best. There were times when I didn't respect fellow members enough. I guess those are my worst mistakes.


How do you see the ideal member?


For me, the ideal member needs to only have two very important qualities

  1. Listen and learn from both members, (co-)leaders, founders AND regulars
  2. Be patient and communicate well

How do you imagine the future of the clan with all its games, servers and members?


That's very hard to imagine. At first the clan will definitely keep growing. But I imagine that we definitely have a limit. This limit will probably be reached when dare's duracell battery runs out because he'll be working 24/7 on all the servers.


And what's going to happen then?


Worst case scenario is that the clan will fall apart. But I don't think any of the founders will ever let that happen.

What will probably happen is that the community becomes too big for everyone to know everyone. What this will mean for the clan I do not know (especially at midnight after a very long day :> )


Probably separation into smaller groups?


I imagine something like that happening, yes.


Let us know about how you imagine your role in the clan.


Well, before I went semi-inactive this year, I think that my role, when fully active, can be described as follows:

A person that you can always come to with your problems and questions. Someone who can teach new players/trials the ropes. Someone who brings the people on the server together with witty talk and funny jokes.


And after you became active again?


I will definitely try to be that person again. But it's hard because I missed a lot of stuff and the growing of a lot of new members. Personal communication and creating bonds is pretty essential to what I want to do.


Share a funny joke.


Question: Who prevents a gorilla in a pink tutu from attending a ballet class?

Answer: The people responsible for that decisions.


Got one which is actually funny as well?


It's not really funny I know but when I talk about funny jokes it's rather practical humor about things that happen in-game.


I have another one that is a bit longer:


2 men are stranded on an island. They encounter natives. Unfortunately they are cannibals! They are a bit humane however and the chief tells our 2 survivors this:


"White man can earn freedom. White man have to complete two tasks. First task is: find 10 of the same fruit and bring it to us"


So the two go foraging. After some time the first person returns with 10 blueberries. Then the chief says the following.


"White man did well on first task. Now second task. Task is: put all 10 of fruit in your ass, but you must keep a straight face."


A bit abashed the first person starts at the necessary task. He's doing great with all berries until he's holding the tenth ready for "insertion". Unfortunately, the man starts laughing hysterically. The chief is puzzled.


"Why white man laugh? We have to eat you now"


The white man responds


"I couldn't help it! I saw the other guy return with 10 coconuts!"


Have you met any members in real life? Like Moron4 or any other Belgians?


Nope, I haven't met anyone in real life.


Are you going to take part in the meeting in Belgium in a few days?


I'm afraid I won't be able to. I will be in England then! Roaming the country side with my gf's family visiting those cute little villages you usually see in British detective series.


Your favorite TV shows are the ones with cute little British detectives?


I really enjoy a good detective series. One that isn't cheaply written. If you want a nice example, you should see the modern Sherlock Holmes series, they're really great!

Another TV show I like are Game of Thrones. Also I'm currently watching The Wire. I heard that it was well worth the watch.


It is, but Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty ugly, isn't he? How about movies?


Ugly? How can you say no to those cheekbones?


There are a lot of great movies. You can watch nearly any Disney movie and it's awesome. I also really like Osmosis Jones.

You may now comment that all those movies are animated.


Oh and for TV shows I forgot to mention How I Met Your Mother. That's a great series!


Your favorite music genre and bands?


I enjoy almost all types of music. As long as it's pleasing to the ear.


My favorite bands include Muse, Coldplay and Daftpunk. If you want to listen to a great electronic album, listen to Daftpunk's soundtrack of the movie 'Tron: Legacy'.


Do you like reading?


Yes I really like reading! I read all the current Game Of Thrones books. I also like reading detectives, Agatha Christie is a great writer. One of my first big books was The Lord of the Rings. And let me tell you: that is not the kind of book you want to start reading if you're not really an advanced reader!


You seem to be a huge detective fan.


I like solving puzzles and understanding things.


What was your most embarrassing moment?


Crying in front of a table of 8+ people over something that happened at school earlier.


What happened?


Something very silly. I saw my best friend walk around with other people. I was very young and very silly.


Anything else, more logical?


I really liked this one girl. I chatter to her after school for quite some time, always trying to make her laugh. We really seemed to get along well.

After some time the classroom gets reorganized. In the new seating arrangements, I'm sitting next to her. Needless to say I'm in pure bliss.

Next day the teacher tells the class the seating arrangements have to be redone because a parent complained that the current arrangements were made based on our grades. The teacher tells us that we can switch individually if both people agree. The first one to ask for a change is my girl neighbor. She asked me if I minded. I said "No" and felt gutted.


Why did you choose the name Pepperonipizza?


Lego Island! Pepper is the main character and he works in a pizza restaurant!


Also I should mention I'm a quite terrible at picking names. My other name that I use in Starcraft 2 is Stechm (you can laugh now).


Why Stechm?


It's phonetically equivalent with "Stack'em" if you speak like a drunk russian. And I like the odds stacked against me. So it was kind of a "come at me bro" name.


Do you often speak like a drunk russian?


I don't but I sometimes use crappy english variants and their phonetics to justify very bad name picks.


Who doesn't. Well anyhow, what car do you drive?


I don't own a car but my dad sometimes borrows me his Peugot Partner.


Would you buy a car if you had 100 million dollars?




What else would you do with it?


With 100 million dollars? Set up a scholarship in my name or a gaming charity. Invest wisely in longterm reliable technologies. Secure enough for a nice wedding and a nice house and a nice bunch of savings for the future kids.


A scholarship? For the fame, your ego or to help?


The help. It extends my joy of helping people understand things.


Would you stay in Belgium or move to a different country?


I think family is pretty important. If that wasn't a restriction, I think that we would settle in Amsterdam. It's a great city with great people.


And with certain coffee shops.


I'm afraid I'm a bit too straight to be making that suggestion successfully to.


Where do you plan to be in 10 years? Hopefully not a retired teacher speaking like a drunk russian?


I wish. Speaking like a real drunk russian takes at least 20 years of living in the gutter with a hangover!

But seriously in 10 years I hope to start as a professor teaching a course. I also hope to be settled in a nice home with two kids and my better half.


Why exactly two kids?


Talked about it with my better half. Currently the plan is two kids.


What are your hobbies when you're not looking at males with appealing cheekbones or helping people?


Gaming W:ET or Dota2 I'm afraid I'm a rather dull person considering my hobbies.


Who are your favorite members?


Hard to say, certainly now that I've been semi-inactive for some time. I could name all of the good folks of NQ here, each of them have their own special qualities and personality traits.

If I had to name a name, I'd name Raziel. Razbro has been a great friend ever since I joined =F|A=. We grew side by side in this clan and it was great to have the opportunity to have him help me grow.


Who would you pick to be stranded on an island with you? Him as well?


Yes! All hail the razbro!


Imagine you could swap roles, permissions and duties with a =F|A= member for one month. Who would it be?


Tough question. I think I'd pick chuckun. He's never on NQ and if we swapped he'd be forced to actually play on NQ! I would also benefit from the hands-on experience I get from trying to perform the same computer-wizardry he does.


What's your favorite food and drink? Belgian cuisine and beer?


I'm what you could call a "food-slut". I like almost any type of food. Usually the more greasy a food is the more I like it. But my appetite ranges from chinese (om nom nom babi-pangang!) to real Belgian fries to (German?) kebab.


If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be/why?


Bread with different things to put on it. You don't grow tired of that. Anything else you really grow tired of after eating it a lot.


Choose one thing to put on it.


In that case I'd take Toasted bread with the option to add butter to it with ham and/or cheese.


What's your favorite color? and why is it?


Bright, lightgreen. You know, the color a new branch on a plant has before it is fully matured. I like how it represents growth and nurturing.


Do you have any pets? Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goats?


Not at my apartment. My mom has a lazy, fat cat. At my dad's there's no animals. My older brother breeds reptiles for a hobby (although he has quite a lot and is very good at it).

Also I'm allergic to almost every pet imaginable except for horses and dogs. But I've never had either of those as a pet.


What is the pet you want most?


During growing up I have had several cats. But I think that if we ever had a dog I'd totally be a dog person.

But my favorite pet would have to be a goat!

Just kidding, I'd really like to learn how to work with dogs.


If you were the first person to make contact with an Alien life form, what would you say/do?


Establish communication protocols. If they understood english, the first thing I would say is "Please have patience with our species, we have a lot of developing to do".


If you could pick any celebrity for a wife, who would it be?


I'm really not up to date with celebrity talk. My favorite celebrity is my better half.


If you could spend one day with a celebrity who would it be and what would you do?


If he/she could be deceased, I would pick Nikolas Tesla.


What would you do with him?


Talk and listen. His vision on things like electricity and electric power are unmatched to this day.


If you had to move to a state or country apart from the USA, where would you move and why? Still the Netherlands?


With no family restrictions, yes. In the current situation, I'd just stay in Belgium and look for a nice village that's not too far away from either of my parents or the parents of my better half.


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening? You seem to be a night person.


Get up at 10-11am. Eat and relax until noon-1pm. Work until 5-6pm and then make dinner. After dinner work if it's needed otherwise game it up until my better half is done studying around 9pm. Spend quality time until she goes to bed at 11pm. After that I game until I fall asleep which is usually 2-3am.


What phone do you have?


An old Nokia 3120.


At what age do you expect to retire from work and what are you going to do as a drunk retired russian teacher?


Well, drink and talk crappy english of course! Preferable along with my buddies in =F|A=.


I have no idea when to expect to retire. I will probably be past 65 before I can retire fully. But if I have enough money and I am no longer liking working I will certainly try to retire earlier.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


I would visit Benjamin Franklin when he's setting the convention for charges in physics. He defined them wrong. For reference: http://xkcd.com/567/


Are you afraid of spiders or snakes?


Spiders very much so, snakes less.


Who or what inspires you and why?


My father is a big inspiration to me. The way he is always calm and understanding will always stick with me.


Are you happy with your life so far?


I have no reason to be unhappy. I am blessed with an amazing girlfriend and the ability to do what I love.


What's your biggest dream?


I'm not much of a dreamer but I think that one of my biggest dreams would be to make a fundamental breakthrough in my research field.


What's your research field?


I will be working on a system that uses Logic to represent and solve problems. It is entirely different from the current mainstream where programs are written with regular code. Logic is more complex and has a lot of hurdles but also has some distinct advantages.


What's your life goal?


Be as awesome to my kids as my dad was to me.


If ET and Dota2 died today, what would you do with your free time?


Heh. I guess I'd find a new game to play with awesome people!


If your girlfriend told you no more video games, which would you choose, her or the game?


My gf wouldn't ask it without a very good reason. She knows what they mean to me. If she would ask I would listen given that there is a very good reason.


Now which would you choose? Her or the game?


Some things last longer, I'd choose my girlfriend.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


Very different. Gaming and especially social gaming has taught me very much. I would not be the same person without those lessons.


How does it feel being in a social gaming community? Does it change your prospects in traveling around the world after knowing some of the people in other countries?


It's great seeing different perspectives from different countries in our clan. I'm a bit of a shy person so I'm not quite ready to go visit people in real life yet.


If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you? A russian actor?


Benedict Cumberbatch of course! DEM CHEEKBONES. And I guess it would be movie about a kid learning how the world works.


What was the best gift you ever received?


Tough one. Most of my most prized material possessions I purchased myself. It might be a lame answer but the best gift I have received is the support of my parents in everything that I do.


What was the worst one?


When my mom remarried, the mother of her new husband gave me a coloring/drawing book for christmas. It was awfully nice of her and she was a very kind woman, just not the sort of woman that I was used to. What makes it the worst gift is that my mom asked me if I liked it and I said "no" in front of both of them. It was true but I still regret it to this day.


Would you like to come to the US to visit fellow clan members? And who would you want to meet there the most?


I don't know a lot of USA-based clan members. Of most of the non-NQ people I don't know which country I they are from. So I can't think of a name.


What is one thing you could not live without?


My girlfriend.


What scares you, other than spiders and snakes?


Losing the people most precious to me.


Here is the ninth interview, perhaps not as long as yesterday's, but still quite a good read. This one features our member docwarren, an interesting and more profound person than one would imagine when he is on a killing spree on our servers. Thanks to Krayzie and GI-JOE for their questions this time. Still no adjective I can think of.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


My real name is Brook. Yes I'm a guy. Ever hear the Johnny Cash song " A boy Named Sue"? I am 41 with a wife & 9 year old twins. I live in Dallas, Texas, but am originally from farm country in Ohio.


You've been helping your parents farming as a kid?


My parents weren't farmers, but their parents were. I worked farms as a kid to make money though.


What kind of? Goat-sitting?


They don't respond to you as good as sheep. :)


Seriously though, I worked mostly cattle farms & general farming.... bailing hay & harvesting crops.


Did you visit a university?


Visited several for parties. Went to college right out of high school. Partied too much and ended up with a 0.92 GPA. So flunked out. Went back 8 years later when I was more mature and graduated with a Nursing Degree.


What's your current job?


Vascular Access Nurse. I start IV's & central lines on kids. (I work in a pediatric hospital)


And what did you do before that?


I was a pediatric Flight Nurse for 11 years. Airplanes & helicopters.


I guess you're not airsick then?


No, but I do have a slight fear of heights.


Yet you used to fly? How does that work? Never looked out of the window?


I focused on the job at hand. If you are busy worrying about a patient, you don't have time to worry about anything else....... exception would be when you are crashing.


So when did you discover video games? Certainly not during your farm time.


Well...... we were pretty poor growing up. Some of my friends had Tandy 1000's & Commodore's and got to play some games when I went to their houses. FPS games I started with Wolf 3D & Doom. When I found ET was a free game, I tried it out and loved it. This was a few months after it's release.


Where did you play ET during that time?


LOL.... at work mostly for ET. We had alot of downtime. I surfed alot of servers. BnB, AE, and something with "Airborne" in it. I found Nuremberg Clan servers pretty early on and camped there long enough that they eventually asked me to join them.


Nuremberg was your only clan before =F|A=?


{NB} was my only clan before joining here. {NB} was getting inactive servers. I happened across F|A server one day and found JoeDirt. He was a long time regular on {NB} servers years ago. He told me this was a clan he formed and soon found a few old {NB} members here too. Along with some old regulars. I stuck on F|A servers because I loved the rotations & servers settings.


Talking about rotations and server settings, what's your favorite ET server and why is it?


Jay 1 & Jay2 are my favorites. Mostly because of the ping I have on those two. I have been venturing to 3 & 4 as well as the Silent servers a bit here recently, but I always prefer Jay 1 or 2. I used to like NQ, but the mod doesn't suit my style of playing.


Oh yeah..... I like the players on Jay 1 & 2 best.


And do you currently play any other games? One often spots you on CoD4 lately.


I got COD4 when it 1st came out. Sucked really bad at it. Went back to ET. This past December, someone here talked me into giving it another try and am loving it. Favorite haunts are Recruiting & Beginners. Once again..... I have the best ping on those 2 and we have gotten alot of good recruits out of those 2 servers.


Never tried Minecraft or TF2?


No. Never tried them. To be honest, my schedule gets pretty full playing COD during the day and ET at night. Gotta make time for the wife and kids in there somewhere. Because if MaMa ain't happy.... ain't nobody happy.


Your time in the clan seems to be pretty successful so far, as a level 17 member.


So far..... with a few rough patches. Made a few mistakes here & there, but tried to learn from them. The co/leaders/founders have graciously trusted me with this level. I try not to fail them or our visitors. I am not here for level, though. It's about having fun and to do that, the servers have to be maintained.


What kind of mistakes?


Mistakes I have made........ I have ticked off a few here & there. Mostly unintentionally. Going between COD & ET, the commands are different and have made a few mistakes with lengths of bans.


I guess that means you liked your time in the clan so far?


It took me a long time to drop the {NB} tags. Probably because I am a very loyal person. 2009-2011 while {NB} was inactive, I still wore the tags. I am proud to be able to wear the F|A tags. This is such a great community of gamers and imho, the most respected clan in ET & COD. And it's not just about gaming. There is support for any issue. Gaming, computer tech as well as personal help. That is a real family feeling here.


Are you satisfied with your member title or do you seek the leader title?


Well.... as I said. I'm not here for level. Any level you have has been granted based on performance. Just like any structured group, there is always a small (or big) desire to move up in the rank & file. So yes..... moving up to Co or Leader is an aspiration. But, level is something that is earned. If the higher ups feel I have earned it, it will happen. If your ONLY goal here is higher level, I think you are here for the wrong reasons. Man.... that was one question I was dreading. It's hard to answer in a way that conveys your meaning accurately. Push it too much and you sound over ambitious. Go too lightly and you sound like a brown noser when you are just trying to remain humble...... which is how I truly am.


Do you think ET is going to die soon? How do you imagine =F|A='s future?


I think ET will run on until the server providers decide to stop supporting it. PB dropping ET was a HUGE blow to the ET world. But I don't think it is death knoll. There are still a lot of people playing ET. If we provide the clean servers..... they will come.


As for the future of F|A...... expanding out into multi-gaming has pretty much ensured it's survival for many years to come.


Isn't it quite exhausting for the members and difficult to keep more than 10 servers without a cheat detection engine like PunkBuster?


If we have the members and those members are dedicated to helping keep the servers clean, I think the job can be done pretty successfully. When PB dropped ET, I found myself in spec more than playing. I have since seen how our newer members have stepped up to police the servers and have gotten to play more knowing that they are on top of things if I don't spot the problems. COD...... wow..... PB down on Recruiting & Beginners has been exhausting as well. But as with ET, we have gotten in some newer members that have stepped up to help handle the cheaters. And that has helped tremendously.


So you would like to have the newer members police the servers and the older members play?


No.... of course not. Just saying that it takes teamwork and the newer members have made it alot easier than just 1 or 2 admins on a server keeping an eye out. It should be watched equally by all members. Hope that came out right.


You are probably the right person to ask about it with level 17. What's the key to promotions?


We have a thread for that in our private section. I would say, however....... just do your best to use your level to help keep the servers clean & fair, help others in various ways. Posting helpful things instead of spam goes a long way. Basically..... do what is right for the clan.


Well then how would you describe the ideal member?


Ideal member is someone who is proud to wear the tags of this community and does everything they can to maintain this clan and maybe even improve it a little. Can we make some clones of YoYo?


How would you describe your role in the clan? Do you have one or do you help out wherever you are needed?


I'm not that great of a player. I get some kills and have fun doing it. ET & COD are stress relief for me. Some know that if they call me on x-fire to come help populate a server, that I usually go to lend a hand getting it going. Even if my ping is so high I can't see someone running around me in circles.


No role?


Multi role...... I'm the player, the enforcer, the joker, the voice of reason, the good guy, the prick, the friend, the enemy. But...... NEVER the troll. :)


Did anything change since you joined the clan in May 2011?


I have learned sooooooo much about admin tools and have gotten 100 times better at knowing the difference between a cheat and "just a good player". Several higher admins helped me with all of those and now I find myself doing the same with the newer members. But.... I listen as well, because I will be the first to admit I don't know it all.


What's the most important thing of the clan for you?


There is not just one thing that is "most important". Every part of this clan has to work to keep us going. Members, website developers, etc. All make this F|Amily possible.


Have you ever met any member, clan friend or server regular in real life?




What would you change if you were in charge of =F|A= for a month?


Map rotations on all servers change once a week. I would chain DD to his chair and start IV Redbull to make sure he stays on top of it.


Your most embarrassing moment?


In game......... A few times I have banned cheaters on ET for 6 minutes instead of 365 days. Twice the players came back after the 6 minutes and I got the right length of ban the 2nd time. IRL....... most embarrassed when I pulled on a pregnant lady's pony tail as a joke and it was a wig I ripped off her head.


Where do you plan to be in 10 years? Flying again? A third child, a bigger house, a faster car, a goat maybe?


Done flying. Had a vasectomy, so my wife would have to really explain the 3rd kid, bigger house & faster car (1969 Chevelle or Camaro). No goat..... unless it was a 1969 GTO. I still see myself playing computer games (if they still exist in 10 years). Hopefully in the same job because I love poking kids with needles. Hopefully still with this great clan and it's great members.


What would you do with 100 million dollars?


That much money...... I would keep about 40 million to live comfortably on. The rest would go to family members and to the hospitals I have worked at to improve care in some way.


What the heck would you do with 40 million?!


live VERY comfortably




Houses in several countries, boats, hookers, cars, kid's college funds...... did I say hookers out loud?


Who is or was Doc Warren?


Last name is Warren. Doc is a family nickname that has been handed down for generations. Started in early 1800's with Dr. Harrison Warren. Any child with the name Harrison is given the nickname Doc. My middle name is Harrison. However, being a nurse, I don't use it as it can get confusing in the hospital. I started using docwarren as a tribute to my uncle Daniel Harrison Warren. He was a WWII soldier. Won several citations and 2 battlefield promotions around his actions on D-Day. Since ET was WWII based, I decided to use it as a tribute to him.


What are your hobbies? I heard you enjoy Nascar?


Playing guitar. I play alot of poker.... was even part of a reality TV show that has never aired based on poker. NASCAR and me go back to the 1970's. I love old cars. I am an assistant coach for my son's little league baseball team. I collect NASCAR diecast cars. Can watching porn be considered a hobby?


Do you play in a band?


I did in high school. I jam with some friends every once in a while, but it's mostly just goofing around.


Already won a lot with poker?


Play alot of free league poker. Cash games...... usually end up breaking even over the course of the year.


What kind of porn?


lol.... not going there


How many diecast cars have you collected so far?


42. Some are pretty rare. Have 1 that is 1 of 500 produced. At one time, it was selling for over $3,000.


Who is your favorite Nascar driver?


Right now I root for a few drivers. Harvick, Burton, Martin, in cup...... Austin Dillon in NW. I was a Dale Sr. fan since 1980 until he died. I haven't found that ONE driver to back since he died.


Have you ever been to Disneyland?


Going there next month.


What kind of music do you enjoy?


Everything from Beatles to FFDP...... except rap. Before 1990 is ok..... after that.....no.


What are your favorite movies or TV shows?


Favorite movie is Patton. Favorite TV show is Top Gear.


What's your favorite book?


Favorite book is "Don't Stand Too Close To A Naked Man"


Who are your favorite clan members and why are they?


Too many to list. Not going to play favorites.


Imagine you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member. Who would it be?






The laughs. Plus there's a chance he might be gay.


Imagine you could swap roles, permissions and duties with a =F|A= member for one month. Who would it be?


YoYo. So I could !pants him ..... along with a few other fun commands to torture him with.


What's your favorite food and drink?


Food is Sirloin steak cooked medium. Drink is sweet tea. Alcohol drink is 90 proof Vodka & Fresca (soda)


What's your favorite color and why is it?


Red...... don't know why though.


Do you own a gun?


Yes....... you have been warned.


What gun?


9mm pistol, 12ga shotgun. Getting an AR15 in the next year.


If you were the first person to make contact with an Alien life form, what would you say/do?


Shoot them. Have you seen what these things do to people in the movies?


What was your favorite subject in school?


Chemistry. I built a solar powered still. Was my science project for 3 years. Made our own hooch right there in school.


Do you have any pets?


No. Wife allergic to pet hair.


You seem to be a car fan. What kind of car do you currently drive?


Chevy Cruz.


If you could pick any celebrity for a wife, who would it be? (Porn stars don't count.)


Cindy Crawford...... it has always been her.


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening?


3 days a week.... sleep all day/work all night. Other days divide between COD/Kids/Poker/ET..... with sex slipped in there from time to time.


With your wife or your hand?


does it matter?


If you had to move to a state or country apart from the USA, where would you move and why?


UK countryside. I have never been there but it looks beautiful.


At what age do you expect to retire from work and what are you going to do as an ... even older man?


Hopefully at about 60-62. Enjoy life.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


My early childhood and warn myself about all the bad stuff coming my way.


Are you happy with your life?


Is anyone? I am OK with where I am at. I would like to have the means to make it better.


What's your biggest dream?


Hitting lotto for at least 20 million.


What's your life goal?


Life goal is to be able to live long enough to see & have fun with my grandchildren.


Who or what inspires you and why?


My brother who has had a rough life and keeps plugging away without complaint.


How does it feel being in a social gaming community? Does it change your prospects in traveling around the world after knowing some of the people in other countries?


Of course. Any interaction with another person changes your perspective on that culture/country.


If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you? Cindy Crawford?


It would be about struggling to get out of poverty. Emilio Estevez would play me.


If you had to marry one clan member, who would it be?


Ohhhhhh the choices......... next question


What was the best gift you ever received?


A bicycle at 5 years old...... first taste of freedom


And the worst one?


A brick disguised as a duck doorstop.


Would you like to come to Europe to visit fellow clan members? And who would you want to meet there the most?


Yes...... Think it would be fun to meet any members. you of course.


What is one thing you could not live without?


My wife & kids.


If ET and CoD4 died today, what would you do with your free time?


Go work out at the gym. I need it.


If your wife told you no more video games, which would you choose, her or the game?


Her..... but she works so I would play anyhow.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


Of course. The exposure to different races/cultures has an impact.


What is your dream job?


Dream job. Manage my own spy store.


Would you ever have a boa constrictor?


Boa .... no.... hate snakes.


What scares you?


Scared of losing those close to me.


Would you eat a live tropical fish?


Tropical fish live..... yuck


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


5 pounds


And interview number 8. This is by far the longest one about the likable person with the beard we all love - Corey. Thanks to Krayzie, Wizbang, GI-JOE, Raziel, mew, Moron4 and Alexandra for their questions. I can't think of an appropriate adjective this time.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


My name is Corey. I am 22 years old and live in Alabama. I attend a small university and hope to have my bachelors degree in computer information systems by next spring. I love watching movies, hanging out with friends, and playing video games.


Just a Bachelor? Why not go for an MSc like the famous Gubbi?


Well I like to take things one step at a time... Getting a bachelors degree which usually takes 4 years is going to take me 5 years lol. After i receive the bachelors I will have to decide what I want to do. If I find a good employer sometimes they will pay for me to go get my masters which would be very nice... cause school is expensive. I started out going for a Biology degree because I like animals and traveling so I thought it would have been a neat career choice. I later decided to go for something that may become a little more popular and easier to get a job with so switched to a computer degree. I hope it all works out in the end though!


So what are your future career choices now? An IT biologist?


lol would be neat, but honestly I have no idea what I will do for a career. A lot of the courses I am taking deal with programming in C++, but I do not see myself programming for a company.


You more see yourself as the guy managing the programmers?


I wouldn't say that necessarily. I think I would enjoy that more so than sitting writing a program all day. It's tedious work that can get very boring so I would rather be over the guys programming than actually doing it myself.


When did you start gaming?


I have been a gamer since I was a little kid. My dad used to own a video rental store where he also rented out video games. So we would always have the new systems like nintendo, super nintendo, N64, playstation etc. It was neat because I could walk into the store and pick out any game I wanted to play and bring it back when I was done. I grew up a console kid and really never got into computer gaming until highschool.


Who introduced you to the fabulous world of ET?


Forsaken introduced me to ET in our sophomore year of highschool about 2006 I believe when we were in an algebra class together. To this point I had not played many computer games at all so this was a whole new world to me. He had to give me his old 6200 gfx card so I could play the game at about 30 fps. Since then I have used over 1600 hours of my life playing it haha


How did you discover =F|A='s servers?


I followed Forsaken to a server called .bb. (bloodbucket) in 2008 and ended up joining them. At the time I believe Daredevil was helping them with server settings and so forth so I saw .bb. had a close relationship with him and I think daredevil was with =F|A= at the time. I had registered with the F|A community in 2009 after .bb. was starting to fall. I tried to keep it alive for a few months, but could get no financial support or enough active players to keep it going. Needless to say after .bb. died in probably mid 2009 a lot of their members migrated over to F|A. I decided to take a break from clans for awhile, but noticed how boring it can be if you do not have a community and friends around you and joined F|A on January 25th 2010!


And it took almost two years for the higher-ups to notice your management qualities and promote you to Staff?


Well I am not perfect lol. I was promoted fairly quickly to a high level (right before the staff level) and maintained that the entire time. I was content with where I was in the clan and did not do any extra effort to stand out. I was not always around and active so I am sure that was taken into account as well when promotions were handed out.


Not always around and active? Like the months you spent on World of Tanks instead of ET or CoD4?


hahahaha well World of Tanks was released during the summer of 2011 and I have spent time off and on playing it. I recently got into playing again around December 2011 and yes.. since then I have been very inactive. I was looking for something new and I found competitive clan play in World of Tanks. I would have loved to start a clan for =F|A= in tanks, but there was not enough interest and since our members live in countries all over the world people would have to create an account on a certain server. instead of the one closest to them.


Do you only play WoT (and ET) or CoD4 as well?


Currently I do only play cod4, et and WoT. I do have tf2, and counter strike but I never got into playing them. I have minecraft as well but have never played with our great F|A members! I usually host a small server for forsaken a few other friends and i to play on. It usually last a few weeks and we get bored. The only other game I play is MW3 and thats on the xbox only.


What are your favorite CoD4 and ET servers and why are they?


I usually go towards the Abnerdogs hardcore server in cod4. Usually pretty populated and thats where most of my friends play. As for ET I try to stick to the silent mod server and Hardcore server. They are small and everytime I go on the jaymod servers with 50 people I feel like killing myself.


So the ideal server should be small and populated with hardcore settings?


yeah that sounds about right. I do get frustrated at cod4 sometimes because I die so quickly though :(


You're probably not the right person to ask about the key to promotions, but what are they according to you?


keys to promotion =

  • follow rules
  • be helpful
  • stay active
  • post useful information
  • be nice and respect everyone
  • use commands properly
  • and recruit good players!

How do you imagine the clan's future?


I believe we still have a lot of life left. Looks like we will be the last ET servers to go and I dont anticipate ET totally dying anytime soon. We are quite successful in cod4 as well. As hard as it looks like it has been I would like to try get an active server in a modern game. I see where we tried with BF3 but I dont believe that went very well. Also we need more support from our members money wise. I dont know how we keep everything going! Not everyone can donate due to financial reasons ( I am guilty) which is understandable. I would just like to thank everyone who does donate :)


I've heard some people call you the funny guy with the weird beard. Is that how you see your role in the clan?


LOL omg... I do not have a beard! i have many pics on the forums and none of them have me with a beard. I do like being funny though. Nothing is better than making people laugh. My role in the clan is to inform people about technology and make everyone feel at home.


Did you enjoy your two and a half years in the clan so far?


Yes I have enjoyed my time in the clan and I hope I can enjoy it for many years to come. I have to watch out for people like Moron4... they corrupt clans.


How would you describe the ideal member?

  • single good loking female
  • around the age of 20
  • likes to play video games
  • blonde hair
  • about 5 foot 7

lololol muhahaha


or did u want serious answer :(




lol awww. I think the ideal member would be someone that is nice and has a sense of humor, but knows how to get down to business when its necessary. They have to be intelligent too! A person that can find things out on their own and doesn't have to be told everything.


Who did you think of here? Certainly not yourself.


i made someone up lol. well the first two attributes were of myself :D


take that back i thought of me!


Are there any tasks apart from posting tech news and playing WoT a staff member has?


haha I make sure people don't spam. I usually find people who posts multiple applications and merge them together! I also try to help with the Contact Us section when I can.


What would be the most important part of =F|A= for you?


The most important part is meeting new people from around the world. It is interesting to see how different cultures go about their daily lives.


Please tell me you've met any of our members in real life and not just on TeamSpeak, Ventrilo or dreamt about them.


I have not. I see the big meetup a lot of our euro members are trying to arrange it looks like a lot of fun. I expect a lot of pics. So atm I currently just dream about them.


I know a lot of us pray to god that such a thing never happens, but taken the fictive situation that you were in charge of =F|A= for a month, what would you change?


I really don't think I would change anything. Everything is running so smoothly I would not want to mess anything up. I did pick up a cool little thing from my World of Tanks clan. They host poker events and give away prizes. So I would try to set up some monthly competition in any game and try to give away VIP packages or something of that sort.


What was your most embarrassing moment?


I don't know if I have a most embarrassing. I am pretty shy in person so it doesn't take much to embarrass me. I have fallen a few times in public. gotten called upon during a live show or something.


Where does a great character like you plan to be in 10 years? Apart from being an IT manager, having three dogs, a goat, a wife, kids and a big house?


All of the above sound great lol.


What would you do with 100 million dollars? Spend everything on hookers and barbers?


hmmm I would make sure F|A would be set on money for a long time so we can continue to grow. Buy a house probably on the ocean and in the mountains. I would try to buy part of a professional sports team. Buy everyone in F|A plane tickets to spend a few days in Disneyland! wooooo


Which team?


Lebron James is my favorite athlete so I would try to buy part of the Miami Heat while he is there now and try to keep him there.


You recently visited Disneyland. A childhood dream?


It should be every kids dream to come to a place like this! It is amazing! There are actually 2 parks. Disney World (located in Orlando, FL) and Disneyland ( Anaheim, CA) I have actually visited Disney world in Orlando twice. I didn't think I would ever come to Disneyland but I am glad I did. It is neat to say you have been to both parks.


Why does our member mew call you Corrence?


Mew believes that Corey is short for Corrence. Why would anyone think that haha


Any hobbies apart from biology, computers, movies, friends and games?


I do enjoy shooting guns and fishing with my grandad. We try to go out a few times a month to go fishing on the Tennessee River or go to a shooting range to shoot a lot of guns. If it werent so expensive and I was so broke I would like to collect guns.


What kind of guns?


He has a lot of different pistols and rifles that we shoot. Like a russian sks. I own a glock 22 (40 cal) that I enjoy. I really want to try to do some skeet shooting though with a shotgun. It looks like a lot of fun.


Had a happy childhood? When did your beautiful beard start growing?


My childhood was great. Growing up in a household with a single mother was different but I have nothing to complain about and loved every minute of it. my beard started when i was.... 15


Corey's favorite movie or TV shows?


I do not have a favorite movie because I like a lot of them. some people would say any movie I watch is good. I do enjoy like forrest gump, shawshank redemption, iron man movies.


TV shows include: pawn stars, walking dead, top shot and family guy


What about music?


anything but country music. I do live in the south, but i absolutely hate country. I enjoy hip hop, rock, classic rock, dubstep, techno, pop


Favorite book? In case you enjoy reading.


I do not read anything I don't have to. I only read books for school. The only book I remember reading by myself is that zombie survival guide book and I havent finished it yet lol.


Imagine you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member. Who would it be?


I would take mew because he lives in australia. I hope he has practiced his surviving skills in the outback because I am going to rely on him to make a home and a raft to escape.


Imagine you could swap roles, permissions and duties with a =F|A= member for one month. Who would it be?


I would swap with Krauersaut. He gets to interview people so I think I could handle that. I would then interview him to see what hes really like.


Who are your favorite clan members?


Having favorites doesn't seem to be very fair. I would say members I am closest with would probably include blade, mew, and Krauersaut. Those are who I usually talk to on xfire. I do enjoy messing around in the shoutbox with joske,alex, and marar though. they are always fun.


What's your favorite color and why?


blue because it is the color of the sky and the ocean. Both nice and calm


What's your favorite food and drink?


I love chicken its the best. and sunkist used to be my favorite drink, but I try to drink a lot of water now to be a little bit healthy lol


Isn't Sunkist every little kid's favorite drink?


kids shouldnt be drinking orange soda


If you were the first person to make contact with an Alien life form, what would you say/do?


If I came into contact with an alien life form I would try to be friends with it and show it I cause no harm. Cause if they blow up earth I'd want to live.


Do you have any pets? I remember a dog.


Yes I have a chocolate lab named Hershey and I feed the wild squirrels outside.


What kind of car do you drive? Apart from the obvious Porsche for sunny weekends.


I drive a 4 door kia spectre like a bossssss


What was your favorite subject in school?




If you could pick any celebrity for a wife, who would it be?


Thats a tough one but imma go with jessica biel.


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening?


it varies from day to day but usually wake up, go to a class or 2, come home play tanks, go to a friends house, come home do hw or watch a movie, sleep


insert showers and eating


At what age do you expect to retire from work and what are you going to do then?


60 and i hope i can relax around the house and play video games at 60 and possibly go fishing.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


I would go back to the ancient egyptians and see how they built the pyramids. See if aliens helped hahaha


What's your biggest dream?


To be happy with my life.


Are you happy with your life?


So far yes.


If you had to move to a state or country apart from the USA, where would you move and why?


I've never been to hawaii, but it sounds like an awesome relaxing place to live.


Who or what inspires you and why?


My mom she works really hard to support us.


Why is your name on steam snoozer214?


snoozer214 is my email which i created back in middle school when hamtaro the hamster show came on so it kinda stuck and i still use the same email address today.


How does it feel being in a social gaming community? Does it change your prospects in traveling around the world after knowing some of the people in other countries?


It is an awesome feeling being a apart of something so large. It does not change my prospective on traveling, but I was kinda surprised so many people know english so well being from non english countries.


Do you like Arnold Schwarzenegger?


I like his movies. That's all I can really say about him.


If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you? Schwarzenegger with a beard?


my life would make a pretty boring movie lol. can harry potter play me?


If you had to marry one clan member, who would it be?


Alex? lol


What was the worst gift you ever received?


Silly String


And what was the best one?


Best christmas present was probably my gun i received last christmas.


Who got you a gun for christmas?




Would you like to come to Europe to visit fellow clan members? And who would you want to meet there the most?


I would like to come to europe. I have never been out of the country before. Meeting you would probably be the best! or creepiest...


Where did the panda thing come from? You wore a panda hat in one of the vacation photos.


Yes there was a shop right outside the giant panda viewing area. They had a lot of gifts relating to pandas so i picked it off the stand grabbed a quick pic and put it back.


What is one thing you could not live without?




If ET and CoD4 died today, what would you do with your free time?


Play more world of tanks or go get a real life.


If your significant other told you no more video games, which would you choose, her or the game?


I guess if this significant other was "the one" i would probably choose them.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


For sure... im not even sure what i would have done with those thousands of minutes i have spent gaming.


What's your life goal?


To be successful.


With what?


Be successful with a family and job.


The 7th interview will be about our Co-Leader Stabak. Like Thundercvnt, he is a man of little words, which doesn't make him uninteresting though, quite the contrary. Read it to find out more about his views on life, the universe and everything. Thanks to Alexandra, Maximo Decimo and darkfag77 for some interesting questions. I am slowly running out of questions for my interview partners. If you have any suggestions or a specific person you'd like to see interviewed, feel free to contact me.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


my name is christoph, with my young age of 32 years some people told me already that i am a old fart. i have a wife, 2 kids (girl and a boy), a chocolate brown labrador with a age of 10 years and a fat cat. I live outside the urban in a little village with less than 700 ppl in hessen / Germany.


Any other pets, apart from the kids, the labrador and the fat cat?


... i don´t count my children to my pets, and no there are no other pets


What games do you play?


i play Enemy territory most of time, sometimes you will also find my in COD4, and from time to time you will see me in Brink


How did your gaming life start? C64?


yes with C64, there was some good games on it. like who dares wins, Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, Turrican only to mention a few


And when did you start playing ET and CoD4?


i started to play ET a short time ( 2004 i guess ) after it was released , but i played only few month. I stopped to play because i lose the interest for playing fps games at this time. I decided to play again fps games @ work with some work colleagues. we set up a private network and started to play medal of honor in our "free time". some weeks later i suggest them to play ET. and from this time i was back in ET


How did you discover our servers?


i did play on some servers, before i joined F|A - Jay 2 my first time. I decided to play there, because it was one of some servers with more than 4 ppl on it (i.e. it was european night time). i did play more as 1 year as regular before i found jay3 and started to play there as a regular player.


So when did you decide to join the clan?


There was some guys with F|A tags C@nos, Avrae, Sextoy. i did not often talk to them.

at one day a guy with name F|A Daredevil was coming to the server, i never saw him before. we did talk together and he was asking if i am interested to join F|A. spontaneously (after a few seconds) I said yes.

He told me, to make a Forum account, submit my guid, make a introduce yourself topic and post your apply. so i was going to Forum and did all the stuff he wanted.


What did it take you to become a Co-Leader?


i was Co-leader from start up, i had to do nothing.

seriously what i did ? i guess same as every other co-leader too.

Be helpful on Server, report/ban cheaters, handle troublemakers, provide the best you can do, to get the server enjoyable for players. get new clan members, be active on Forum, help other players with problem solutions, submit Files for Dl area.


What does one need to do to get promoted in little time?


i guess for this question you can take the previous answer too.


What are the attributes of the ideal member?


the ideal member? be active 24/7 on servers / Forum, spend 100 $ each month, know all things. and can handle everything.... for me as ideal ppl who want to apply /Trial / Member you should have at least 3 attributes of the answer to the above question regarding the co leadership


How would you describe your role in the clan?


co-chief cook and bottle washer :P


What are the tasks and duties as a Co-Leader who is active in ET and CoD4?


reading the Forum more as once day (if it is possible) to handle things and stay up to date, take care about members and Servers, talk to players / Members on xfire, handle problems/lvl´s on Server, suggest Promotions / Demotions. get new members.


Did anything change since you joined the clan?


some people left, some ppl joined us, we have nearly doubled our ET servers, we have got a new COD server, did expand in TF2 / BF3 / COD MW3. so yes, there are much changes.


What's your favorite server or what would your favorite server look like (game, settings, ...)?


hmm thats a hard question.

I love jay3 and i know many ppl there. lately i was much on jay 4, and atm i try to make Silent#2 more popular. If you ask me what is atm my favorite Server about the Gameplay i would say its Silent#2, about the Serversettings jay 4, and about the players jay3.


so if you ask me what my favorite server is look like, i must say give me a European silentserver with the players from jay3 and the settings from jay4 ...


omg that would be a wired mess


Have you met any members in real life so far?




What's the most important part of the clan for you?


i cant say there is any part which is most important, all parts are important.

without members we will die, without servers we cant play so we have no needing to be a gaming clan, without Forum we cant talk so will mess up everything ...... imo there is no "much important part" of F|A all things together are important.


How do you imagine the clan's future?


so or so the day will come, ET will die. So we loose a big pillar of our gaming network. I hope we will find a new good game we can support. some ppl say its TF2, maybe it is, maybe not who knows. I had big hope in Brink, but you all know what happened, its almost death.


So lets look forward i guess we will grow and will also support some new games in Future.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


sure, i never would sit in front of my computer and answer questions like this to such a wonderful person :P


If you were in charge of the clan for a month, what would you change?


i guess nothing, maybe i would create a new rule, which allows our Founders to play on our Servers from time to time :P


What was your most embarrassing moment?


i really had never any embarrassing moment in my life, or? of course, i had, it was on a trip, and i had to sleep in a Hotel at a lonely lake is was very romantic region and the maid opened the wrong .... oh thats another story


What would you do with 1 million dollars?


i would give 75.000 to my parents, 50.000 to my brother, 100.000 to each child, 75.000 for new car and motorcycle, 499.990 to my bank account, 100.000 for donating, and 10 for my wifes bank account :P


Where do you plan to be in 10 years? Old, retired, sunbathing and milking goats all day long?


sunbathing and milking goats all day long is cool, but i hope i will stay where i am. i love my life as it is


Imagine you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member. Who would it be?


omfg, I would actually take you


Imagine you could swap roles, permissions and duties with a =F|A= member for one month. Who would it be?


any trial member or new Member, you have asked me before what did change since you joined F|A. I guess one of the best ways to see and register changes is to look from bottom to top. So i would like to be an trial Member or new member for one Month to see the whole clan from his eyes. maybe there are some changes i dont have registered.


How did you grow up?


i grow up in a small village with less than 700 people. i did some work in agriculture and a butchery (my neighbor was butcher), had friends was going to school, played soccer and basketball. after school most of my friends was leaving our village and settled out to the bigger city´s. I also left for some years to make my education. after this i decided to come back to my home village.


Education? Did you go to a university?




What's your job?


i am working in Law enforcement to be exact, i am working in a criminal investigation unit of the german Federal police


What's a Stabak?


and now the first embarrassing moment in my life has come


as teen i was looking the TV Series "Kampfstern Galactica" better known as "Battlestar Galactica" there was a very cool Viper Pilot called "Lieutenant Starbuck". no english lessons in school, a cool star-pilot from a TV series and a young fan boy who use this name for games on his C64 so what was coming out? "Stabak"


Who are your favorite clan members?


i dont have a favorite clan member. I enjoy it to talk with some people on xfire. But i have not a Favorite


What are your hobbies apart from playing ET and CoD4?


Fishing, jogging/running, and smoking. and of course my Family


What kind of music do you listen to?


Heavy Metal


What are your favorite movies or TV shows?


Lord of the Rings i love it (even more the books), From Dusk Till Dawn, Oceans 11/12/13


What's your favorite color and why is it?


black and red but i dunno why.


What's your favorite food and drink?


cheese and fresh Bread, water and beer


What kind of car do you drive?


Audi 80, construction year 1993 with 400000 kilometers. i just use it to drive to work


What was your favorite subject in school?


I always liked history


If you could pick any celebrity for a wife, who would it be?


Salma Hayek


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening?


its based on work, but a normal day is: stand up, bathroom, coffee, drive to work, work, drive home, family


At what age do you expect to retire from work and what are you going to do as an old man?


i hope i can retire with 62-63. Than I want to sit on an old garden bench, keep my wife in the arm and take care of my grandchildren


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


once see a authentic dinosaur rawr


What's your biggest dream?


dreams are for dreamers, I live in the here and now


If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?


i really guess austria, because it's almost like Germany. with exception of the ("Arnold Schwarzenegger") dialect


Who or what inspires you and why?


my kids because they are fantastic


What was the worst gift you ever received?


panties, it was a gift from my grandma she is old, so also is her taste for clothing


What's your life goal?


get a age from 90 years without having to be bedridden


Only a day after the fifth interview, you will be able to learn a bit about your favorite Co-Leader Gubbi, a kind of intelligent, pleasant and sweet-tempered person. Thanks to CSL, stabak, GI-JOE, Joker and Alexandra for their valuable questions this time.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


My name is Stefan, I just turned 24 last month and I am from Austria. I just finished my Master of Science studies in Microelectronics and I will start with my PhD in September. In my spare time I really enjoy watching all kind of sports, but football is my favorite. I spend a lot of time on ET servers and since a few months now I also offer myself as easy target on our CoD servers.


An easy target?


I would say so. I am not the very gifted with skills but I never really cared because for me other aspects are way more important in online games. On ET I was always the one trying to get the objective done, which was not that easy on a full jaymod server.


Do you play any other games, apart from ET and CoD4?


Not at the moment. I am still trying to motivate myself to get into Minecraft, but it is mostly a matter of time that I postponed my projects there over and over again. I used to play some games on my PS2 and I played the MMORPG Everquest for a couple of years before I sold my account.


Are there any interesting Minecraft projects from you we should check out?


No, unfortunately there isn't. I planned to build a big football stadium because, after all, football is one of my main hobbies. But I was interrupted by some busy times in RL and therefore the project is far from being finished. As soon as I have more time, I will continue with that project and I will post some pictures when I am done with my stadium.


When did you start playing video games?


I have an elder brother and when he started to play video games, I was interested in playing myself of course. So I started to play on his gameboy when I was quite young already. The first games I played on a computer were Age of Empires and Command & Conquer. It took a while until I started to play any games online because we didn't have a reliable internet connection for a long time.


No reliable internet connection? Very rare for such a highly developed country like Austria. How come?


I knew that was coming. I grew up in a rather small village in the mountains and there was no cable that reached to our house. So we didn't have a reliable internet connection and no cable TV at our house when I was a kid.


And when did you start playing ET and discovered our servers?


I actually started to play ET about 5 years ago but then stopped after only a few months. The main reason for that was my girlfriend. I then started again to play about two years ago and this may sound sappy, but when I looked through the server master list I felt that FA servers were the right one. I then connected to jay3 and kept playing there until today.


Why and how did you join our clan in May 2011?


I already had more than 100k XP on our server but I never thought of joining a clan before when Stabak asked me on jay3 if I would be interested in joining the clan. I remember that after he started to talk with me, I got more interested in the clan and so I applied.


You became Co-Leader within less than a year. How did you manage to do that?


This is a question I asked myself more than once. I think I am generally a helpful person and all I wanted to achieve was to keep the server fair and fun as much as possible. I believe I must have done something right to earn the trust I got from you, the founders and the other leaders.


That means the key to promotions is being helpful and keeping the server fair and fun? Is there anything else one needs to do to gain trust?


I guess the best way to get someones trust is to talk with him and show him what kind of person you are. One important factor is also to show respect to everybody and to act as a role model for newer members and trials.


Now how would you describe the ideal member?


The ideal member puts the interest of the clan in front of his own interests and has a good portion of common sense to handle the server. He should look out for cheaters and at the same time always keep an eye open for new members. He should not lose control at any time and always show maturity and good behavior to represent the clan in a perfect way.


You are known to spend a countless amount of hours on one of our CoD servers. Isn't that boring?


It depends really. Some days are really tiring when you camp there alone and only a few visitors show up. I am glad that I am not camping there alone most of the time though. It can also be really fun to play on the server and play all kind of wars with the regulars there. I hope that all the efforts we put into that server will eventually pay off and lead to a frequently populated server.


How would you describe your role in the clan?


I think people do not hesitate to contact me for any kind of problems or questions. I try to help wherever I can and I believe leaders as well as trials appreciate that. I am also trying my best to teach every new member and trial what I have learned during the time in the clan.


If you recall your time in the clan so far, did you enjoy it?


Absolutely! I didn't regret joining this clan a single day. I enjoy being admin and I enjoy helping people but the most important thing is that I got many friends during my time in the clan and I am really thankful for that.


What are the typical tasks of a dedicated Co-Leader like you?


I am reading the forum and I try to fix issues there whenever I can. When I get on xfire, I am available for random chats, questions or to jump on different servers to help out if I am needed. On the server, I like to sit back and let other members handle the daily admin work and only include myself when needed. Recently I started to submit demos to pbbans to hopefully get rid of the banned cheaters for good. And one more thing which is very important for me as Co-Leader is to watch applicants or possible applicants and guide them to our clan. It can be quite stressful on some days.


Have you ever met any members in real life or plan to do so?


I haven't met anyone in real life yet, but I am going to meet Joker in July. I find the idea of meeting people, you have spent lots of time over the internet with, quite interesting. There is also a certain leader in our clan that lives not too far from me and I would be excited to meet him for a quick chat and a coffee or so.


What is the most important part of =F|A=?


The most important thing for me is that we are a huge community with all different kind of characters and personalities and we are all working for the same goal. To keep our servers alive and fun to play for everyone.


If you were in charge of =F|A= for a month, what would you change?


Hmm, there is not much I can think of. I guess I would try to find a way to make our promotions a bit more transparent to our members.


What was your most embarrassing moment?


My most embarrassing moment. I once travelled from Rome to Austria per train with 3 friends and we were already driving for a few hours in one of these cabins made for 6 person, trying to catch some sleep. It was already too tight for 4 persons to get a good sleep but then in the middle of the way a chinese couple entered the train and they reserved the 2 seats in our cabin. I was complaining about that in German, thinking they would not understand it and then suddenly the guy answered me in German. It was quite embarrassing, especially since we were sitting another few hours next to each other then.


Where do you plan to be in 10 years? A good job, famous, an attractive wife, kids, a goat?


These suggestions sound quite attractive. I hope that I will have finished my PhD by then and found a nice job somewhere. I want to live in a nice house, hopefully with my girlfriend who could be my wife by then. If everything goes the way I plan, I will have two children, a son and a daughter, but no goat.


What would you do with 100 million dollars?


I would donate a part of it and I would support my family. I would buy a nice car and build a fancy house. I might try to build my own company. I definitely wouldn't stop working because I need a goal in my life to keep going.


How was your childhood? As exciting as your virtual life?


I had a nice childhood with two long time friends who were there for me whenever I needed them. Growing up at the mountains was quite exciting and I used to play a lot of football in my childhood.


Is Gubbi a real word or just something random you made up?


It is a pure fantasy name. I tried to find something short and memorable. So I pressed some random keys and then deleted some parts to make it readable. The result was Gubbi.


What are your hobbies apart from football and video games?


Obviously I love the mountains. In winter I used to go skiing a lot and in summer we were climbing up a few mountains. I also play some card games with a few friends quite regularly, just for fun though.


What kind of music do you listen to?


Depending on my mood I listen to rock, punk rock and indie but I also like some metal, alternative metal and such.


What are you favorite movies or TV shows?


I don't really watch many movies. I really like the Lord of the Ring movies. My favorite TV shows are Psych and The Big Bang Theory.


Do you like pie?


Yes, it is one of the only sweet stuff I am eating at all.


What's your favorite food and drink?


My favorite food would be Pizza. I also like to make my own Pizza and choose my own ingredients for it. My favorite drink is Ice Tea.


Do you have a pet?


I used to have a cat when I lived at my parents house. We left her there when I moved to Vienna because the cat was used to live in a house, surrounded by a forest and she could come and go whenever she wanted to and I didn't want her to become a cat locked into an apartment. Unfortunately the cat died last year when it got hit by a car and since then I don't have any pet.


What kind of car do you drive?


Me and my girlfriend share a Ford Mondeo.


Imagine you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member. Who would it be?


Only one? Hmm, I would have to choose between Krauersaut and Joker. I'll take Krauersaut and Joker counts as stranded luggage.


What was your favorite subject in school?


Watch out, nerd alarm. My favorite subjects were Maths and Physics.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


I believe it would be, but not too much. I could be still playing football at a hobby club maybe or do some more sports in general.


If you could pick any celebrity for a wife (or husband), who would it be?


I don't know really. Is there a celebrity you could stand for more than 10 minutes? Jessica Alba looks cute.


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening?


I get up to prepare myself for work, then I get to the university, work for a few hours there and get back home to join servers and xfire. It is a calm schedule at the moment for me.


At what age do you expect to retire from work, what are you going to do to make it happen and what are you going to do as an old man?


Umm, I actually plan to earn enough money to retire between 65 and 70. I doubt that it will be realistic to retire earlier when I come to that point. I hope that I am still fit enough to make some trips and enjoy my life. Maybe I get to see some parts of the world then that I couldn't visit before.


Parts like?


I would be interested to see South and Middle America, Australia and New Zealand. And I guess there are plenty of other beautiful and interesting places on our planet.


Are you aware of the fact that you sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was allowed to dub himself in English in Ventrilo?


Haha, that is absolutely not true. Maybe that is the Austrian accent of English but maybe people just think it is because they only have Schwarzeneggers voice as reference. Anyway, I hope to lose that accent during my time in England.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


I think it would be interesting to go back to the 15th century and learn from Leonardo Da Vinci. Having said that, I prefer the standard of living from today and probably I would prefer to live in present time.


Are you going to dare driving a car while staying in England?


Yes, I really want to do that and I hope that I wont make too much damage trying it. I will start with an automatic car probably.


Do you consider yourself a smart ass?


No. I am a dedicated person and try to give 100% at everything I do and I believe if you love what you do, you are good at it.


What's your biggest dream?


At the moment I am dreaming of getting a good job for a few years in the US after I finished my PhD.


If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?


Apart from England, where I will be the next few years, I would really like to go to the US to work there for a few years.


Roughly half a year after the last one and more than a year after the first one, you are going to read the fifth interview in this series. This time about our Co-Leader Raziel, a more or less interesting person. Read it to find out why. Thanks to darkfag77, Marar4, and RoosterCogburn for their... inspiring questions.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


My name is Marcel-René. I am a 19 year old student from Germany who has just finished school. I spend my time playing ET and Poker mostly. I also consider myself being a part of the Brony community.


Brony community. What's that?


Bronies are mostly males, teenagers and 20+ year olds alike, who enjoy watching the show My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A big and still growing community has been established over the internet. It's a fandom, like the Star Trek fans, for instance.


How did you get introduced to the world of video games?


That's a tough one... I started playing PC games at the age of 12. No online games though. It started with the AOE and AOM series. I also bought a PS3 when it came out, my very first console. But =F|A= is the first gaming community I joined in. I've been playing ET for some 4 years now.


Are you playing Poker on a competitive level or just for fun?


I consider it playing for fun. But I recently started to play online-cashgames. I've put some money into books to improve my play. So it's still a hobby that involves money but I suppose I'm no opponent for competitive playing due to my lack of experience.


Did you already win some real money from these poker games?


Yes, and I also lost some. I play homegames with some friends. 10 € are the usual Buy-In there.


So how did you manage to join our clan?


Skullcollector invited me and I got the trial status right away, without applying. Big coincidence imo, given that I just started playing on the NQ server and was a total noob back then.


What's the key to get up the ladder as fast as you did?


Again, it's the things everyone tells you: huge amount of server activity (too much when you ask my mother ^^), decent forum activity, reporting cheaters and trouble makers, and also a mature attitude whilst admining. I also think that I took my "job" very seriously and put effort into it (since I had nothing else to do).


You are a regular on our NQ1 Enemy Territory server. Are you active in our other games and game servers as well?


No. I stick to ET no matter what. I never bothered looking for other games for PC.


How would you describe your role in the clan?


Good question. I guess I'm kind of a reporter and live policeman of the NQ department along with nani*, pepperonipizza and skully. I guess I am the most active one though. I do give orders and advices to trials and members alike, but they know what to do most of the time. I also bug a certain leader when it comes to new maps and such things, which have to be implemented in the server. I consider us co-leaders a bridge between the members and the leaders/founders. We are still online most of the time but also take care of things not directly related with the in-game developments.


Things not directly related with the in-game developments?


Well, if there are, for instance, conflicts between members or trials, we (also the staff) try to settle them. We help deciding about promotions and demotions as we know the respective members better than some leaders (who are seldom present at the server) do.


How do you imagine the clan's future? Is it going to grow any larger, expand into more games?


I guess that's the plan. I'm not certain of the ET development as it is an old game and such. I wonder what I would do if ET died. I am not that into trying new games out. But I guess this time has to come. I think this clan has enough potential to grow even larger, but the problem with the new games is that you have to find enough members who are willing to try them out. I think that's the case with TF2, for instance, I'm not sure though. But I am looking forward to spending some more years in this awesome community.


Have you ever met any of our charming members in real life or had any contact apart from the servers and the forum?


Well there was one single videochat with Alex, Baska and General, I remember. I learned that I can't handle these women, lol. I vividly remember the TS meetings with Masa,Reptile, Boombas, Retroleaves and some others, as they are always fun. I also enjoy the Xfire conversations with my favourite leader ^^. I can recall another spoken conversation with nani, Txoko and Ischwars (how can spanish people speak so fast?), but that's it. No real life contacts yet, well apart from T2WAII who is one of my best friends irl but his appearance in the clan was quite short.


Describe the ideal member.


Me. Ok just kidding. Let's see, the ideal member should be able to help out in every situation regardless of the game, be it CoD or Minecraft or whatever. He/She has to be very active and helpful on forums and servers alike. The ideal member doesn't care about promotions at all, but rather puts his/her very heart and soul into admining whilst still being humble and lighthearted. He/She is known to hang out and fool around with the regulars and admins on the server but also solve eventual problems with talking rather than commands and that easily. He/She has to be friendly and well-mannered, mature and good tempered. The ideal member can recognize cheaters with ease, apply the rules to whatever situation may come and is able to recruit tons of new and good members. My ideal member doesn't exist but maybe we can build one lol.


You joined the clan in September 2009. Did anything change since then?


I guess lots of things changed since then. The clan has definitely grown and expanded into more games and more servers for each game. We gathered so many helpful and amazing members for those games and servers that it's no big surprise though. Settings changed, people changed, people joined and left, we had some drama times and what not. But a few things didn't change: We are still banning cheaters and the like from our servers and keep them clean.We still try to create a fair and fun gaming environment with success. And we are still one big =F|A=mily.


How were your first days as a trial?


I can't remember these days very well...I guess I was not that talkative apart from the inevitable spamming with skully. I mostly put afks spec and tried to write proper english in forums to get the post count up.


If you were in charge of =F|A= for a month, what would you change?


I guess I would let everything remain untouched for I don't want to mess it up :P.


Where do you plan to be in 10 years? A good job, famous, an attractive wife, kids?


In ten years... of course everything you've mentioned would be awesome. I have no real plans for the future to be honest, so I stick with your proposals for now.


What would you do with 100 million dollars?


That's a huge amount of money. I'd like to donate a few millions to the clan, some other millions would be for charity and I'd keep 10 or so for myself.


And what would you do with the 10?


Buy myself a nice house filled with fancy things and luxury. Maybe on a beach, but with internet access. Of course not too far away...I'd like to keep in touch with my friends and family.


What was your most embarrassing moment?


I was outside of the school and my classroom because some girl threw my hacky sack out of the window. I went out through the window, but my so-called friends found it tremendously funny to shut them so that I couldn't get in. Well, I was very stubborn and wanted them to open the windows again (I figured if I used the door, they would hold it close, too) and made some drama out of it trying first to kick the window (which failed, much to the amusement of my friends, it was stupid anyway) and then beat the glass in order to show my anger and desperation. Well I succeded: The window consisted of two glasses one thicker one on the inside and a weaker one on the outside, I made a very neat, middle-sized hole into the glass, as if a ball crashed into the window. Cullets, screaming and I hurt my hand in the process. I didn't have to pay the damage in the end, but it was quite a shock.


What's the story behind your name?


Oh that's a simple one. Raziel is the name of an Archangel. He appeared in the "The Mortal Instruments" book series by Cassandra Clare. I was thinking about a name while I was reading the books and I found that it matched perfectly. Well, that was before I got to know about this famous RtCW player RaZiel ;). Some people even asked me on forums if I was that player lol.


What are your hobbies apart from playing ET and poker?


I like reading, mostly fantasy but also other things. I have a whole lot of books in my room. I also watch the anime Naruto: Shippuuden and of course My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I hang around with my friends, watching movies, partying, playing PS3 and the like. I also go to the gym.


What kind of music do you enjoy?


You bet there is a lot. I listen to rock, punk, alternative, dnb, dubstep and most of the music the artists of the brony community makes (The Living Tombstone and Glaze/WoodenToaster are my favs) which ranges from electronic/dance to classical music. I'm a huge Muse fan and went to a concert of Rise Against in March, which was awesome. I do appreciate all kinds of music, so there are few things I don't like. But a lot of things I rarely listen to because it is too much.


What's your favorite movie?


A beautiful Mind, Dead Poets Society, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world and Kick-Ass are some of my favs.


What's your favorite food and drink?


That's hard to answer because I appreciate all kinds of good food. I do like the Mediterranean cooking, sushi and other spicy Asian food, but also the Swabian and German food I've grown up with. I love to drink apple juice, black tea, beer and tequila.


Any pets?


No. Maybe a spider and some flies from lack of cleaning.


Imagine you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member. Who would it be?


Nani* or Pepper hopefully. Or anyone of my TS crew. Can't I take all of you with me?


What was your favorite subject in school?


English and Mathematics.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


Big yes. I would have spend more time with my friends and outside. I also would have had getting more important things done.


Such as?


Better grades of course, deeper relationship with all my friends and maybe even a girlfriend , who knows. I would also have spent more time with my family.


If you could pick any celebrity for a wife who would it be?


George Clooney.


Why is your member title "Wonderbolt"?


That has to do with the ponies. My profile picture is the cutiemark (a thing the ponies have on their flanks and indicates their special talent) of Spitfire a female pegasus character who is the captain of the Wonderbolts, the greatest flyers in all of Equestria (the pony universe/world in the show).


Do you like potatoes with ice cream?




Do you like Sauerkraut or Schnitzel?


Both. I love Wiener Schnitzel and also Sauerkraut.


When RoosterCogburn was little he would eat crayons to see what funny colors he could get his poop to look like, have you ever eaten anything funny to make your poop a different color?


No lol. I guess such things were/are beyond my imagination.


Interview with GI-JOE

It's been quite a while but this is round 4 (for our newer members, round 1-3 could be found here). My victim in this quite long round is our beloved leader GI-JOE. Again I've got some guest contributions, from Corey, stabak, Speedfact and Raziel this time.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


I'm known as GI-JOE, I'm 22 years old and I live in "The Air Capital of the World"


How's life in The Air Capital of the World?


Not nearly as exciting as it sounds. Sure, there's plenty of clubs and bars with live music, but it gets old after a while. Sometimes if the air is just right you could go cow-tipping and all that jazz but that's mostly out in the boonies.


When did you join =F|A=?


I had been playing on F|A servers for almost a year before I finally applied to join. I applied at 4:12pm on April fools day 2011 and was accepted to Trial at 6:18pm April 1, 2011.


And what/who made you join us?


I was in a 2-man clan with a friend for a while named {HectiC} but we sort of fell out of touch and it fell apart. We played on F|A all the time so that kind of became my hang-out. Then I became pals with people like Funkbut, Milli, sicsiksix, Avaa, Theo, Speed, Hannah and Rolf. Speedfact and Hannah finally convinced me to apply to join.


Do you only play CoD4 or are you already showing up on our other gameservers?


I have been known to play ET on occasion. I'm even worse at it than I am at COD, but the people are fun so I don't mind losing all the time. I also play Counter-Strike: Source (since '05), Battlefield 2, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Team Fortress 2, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I don't have as much time for that many games anymore so I mostly stick to COD4 or ET now a days.


What's your favorite ET server?


Thats a tough one...If I had to pick one I have to go with Jay3 with Silent being a close second. I picked Jay3 because I get a good laugh out of the vsays and most of my F|A pals play there.


What are your tasks as a famous =F|A= leader? What are you doing all day?


As Leaders we are problem solvers...which is basically the role the average member probably wouldn't want. We have to look at a situation or problem that members of the community have and find the best way to resolve it and it's not always easy. I mostly deal with Hackers, rule breakers, trolls, you know all the fun stuff. I also help answer questions that members have about rules, technical problems etc. I also help deal with reports and complaints whether it be about admin abuse or server issues, those sorts of things. Mostly I sit on my ass all day and play the "keep track of what's going on" game.


Describe the ideal member.


Someone who isn't afraid to ask questions or do a little research. They pay attention to the way senior admins handle problems and emulate it in their own way. They're friendly and have fun with people and not at their expense AND they are just as active on the community forums as they are on the server.


Judging from that description, a member needs to show respect and accept senior admins as role models. How important is respect?


Respect is very important in a community. It helps make things work and is key in making sure it stays in working order. As corney as it makes me feel to say it this community really is like a Family. Sure you hate your parents because they scold you and ask you to do things you don't want to do...but later on you realize that by doing that they have helped you learn right from wrong and helped develop problem solving skills in the process.


How were your first days in =F|A=?


I remember I spent a lot of time reading all the stickies and getting used to how things worked in F|A. I remember the crippling fear of messing up or doing something wrong. Thankfully everyone was very supportive and helpful.


Comparing your early days in the clan and the situation now, what has changed?


Heh it seems like it was so much easier then! No one coming to you with questions, petty problems or looking to you for answers not nearly as many tough decisions or judgement calls. Don't get me wrong though I love being able to help people, it's probably my favorite part of where I am now in the Clan.


Have you already met some of our members in person?


No, but it's fun to think about.


Why is it?


Well, you meet all these people in game and on the forums and you get to know their personalities. I don't know about you but I can't help but wonder what they must be like outside of the Internet.


Where did you grow up? How was your childhood?


I grew up in trailer park in a small hick town, where everyone owns a pick-up truck and no one brushes their teeth. My childhood was fun actually, I spent a lot of time climbing trees, catching frogs and racing bikes around the convient circut that surrounded the trailer park.


Some of us already know you're a musician. Tell us more about that.


I've been playing the drums for close to 7 years now. I've never had a lesson in my life outside of the drum videos I watch on youtube. I've played in bands whose genre ranges from Death-Metal to Rock to Funk to Psychedellic. There's never a dull moment for me when it comes to music. I enjoy every part of it, from writing it, to recording it in a studio, to going out and playing it live in front of a crowd.


What are your hobbies apart from playing the drums?


I like to hunt and fish. I also enjoy drawing cartoons (drew cartoons for my high school newspaper for 3 years) and have been known to paint on occasion. I like to listen to music a lot as well, although I usually listen to entire albums rather than individual songs.


Do you like your own music?


Sometimes. After you spend a couple of hours hearing the same bit of the same song over and over again it can get old.


What's your favorite musician, movie and book?


Favorite musican: 4 way tie between Josh Freese, John Bonham, John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl. Favorite Movie: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (huge Kubrick fan). Favorite Book: Farenheit 451


What car have you got?


Right now I'm rolling around in a Buick Rendezvous...its kind of a soccer-mom car but it makes hauling around my drum kit easy.


What's your favorite food and drink?


I'm a sucker for good Chinese food...no one dish in particular...I love them all. Water is my favorite refreshment, but I am a big fan of good burbon/whiskey.


Do you like pie?


Love it


Have you got any pets?


At this moment I have: 4 dogs, 2 cats and a very noisy cockatiel


What's your favorite color?


My favorite color is green.


What is your favorite cereal?


My favorite cereal is Raisin Bran...I know...I'm an old man...


Do you look more like a monkey or a ape?


Definitely more like an Ape...straight out of "Planet of the Apes"


If you would be in charge of =F|A= for a month, what would you change?


hmm...hard to think of off the top of my head...but it wouldn't be much. Maybe speed up the app process on the COD4 side of things. Clean up members again, get rid of some people who haven't logged in to the forums in months. That's all I can really think of right now..


Where do you plan to be in 10 years? Any great achievements? Job? Girlfriend? Family?


I hope to be touring touring the US (at least) with a successful band. I'd like to be a working session musician, go around and play with all kinds of people on all kinds of albums and tours. A wife and a Family would be nice but I would settle for a fun Girlfriend.


What would you do with 100 million dollars?


Idealy I would live a comfortable life in a modest home and hopefully live off of the money for many years. But I like to try and be a generous person so I would probably try to help as many with it as I could...because there's no way I could spend all of it on myself.


What was your most embarrassing moment?


Hmm...probably the time I unknowingly exposed myself to a crowded bar while setting up my equipment for a show. I hadn't realized there was a gaping hole in the seat of my pants.


Who are your favorite =F|A= members?


I don't really have one favorite I like a lot of members for many different reasons. But my best pal is probably Speedfact...he makes me laugh


Round two. This time I'll cover one of the funky new leaders in the clan, father of two, active in both W:ET and COD4 where he regularly blows out enemies' heads. Once again there are a few questions from other clan members, Speedfact, Scream, Karine and Maximo Decimo (in gold as requested) this time.




Could you quickly introduce yourself?


I am the ripe old age of 41. I dwell in the state of NY where taxes rule the world. I have been married for almost 15 years and have 2 children both are boys. I enjoy gaming, cars and cold beer with my buddies. I work as a Deputy in the county jail.



Are you one of those old-school gamers who started gaming with an Atari 2600?


My history of gaming actually predate the atari 2600. My first console was Pong, circa 1978. From that day forward I pretty much have never stopped gaming. had a atari, odyssey, sega, sega 32 bit, sega saturn, nintendo 64 and playstation. The arcades was a whole other scene that was popular back in the 80's and a lot of quarters were dumped in there. I wish I had em back.


I switched to PC gaming exclusively in 1997/1998. I really enjoyed RTS game such as Command and Conquer, a great series. Then when Ghost Recon came out that was it. Jump to FPS games. We had a large group of guys from work that played nightly. usually 10-15 of us. It was great. Then GRAW came out and wow epic game and online play was awesome. That is where I was introduced to "clans" I never jined but I use to play with Germany Ghosts.



So how did you come from GRAW to COD4?


All the guys got to busy to play at night so GRAW was phased out. So i bounced from game to game. Playing all sorts of diff stuff.


Then my first born came and I actually stopped gaming for the first time for almost 3 years !!Then the new young generation of guys at work started talking about "modern warfare" and how good it was. So I did the old PC upgrade and bought cod4.



You joined =F|A= in May 2010 and became a leader just months after. How did you manage to do that?


I fell in love with the COD4 game and went on the hunt for decent servers. The server I learned to play on was .::GO::. SnD great guys and great players I believe the clan is done in COD4 but there are still some players I see on our servers. Then the popultion went down and back to the hunt and I ended up at FA servers. Wow I was impressed with the players skill level and members moderation of the server. I then signed up at the forums just over a year ago now. A few weeks after that I submitted a application. The admins were getiing less and less so I figured what the hell. Killergun set me to trial and away I went.


I always like to know more than the next person. So I would pick other members and leaders brains for info. I like to do things right. I try to be fair as possible.


The road to leader was a short one, lol. I really did not see it coming that fast but Dare had other plans.


My advice is simple. Just like in real world, know what you are suppose to do then apply it.



What are your tasks and duties as a leader?


I try to stay on top of applicants, trial status and make sure the servers are being run well. I try to make myself available even if not playing to help anyone they may need it. We have a good group of members so that makes my job easier.



Have you already peeked into our other games like W:ET and COD:BO or are you stuck to COD4?


I play COD4 85% of my free gaming time. Someone talked me into getting WET and man is that game hard to play. But I will keep practicing....I play Black Ops maybe once a week, a little Left for Dead 2, BFBC2 once a month. I play FIFA 11 and Homefront on Xbox along with all Lego series game with my son AKA: Lil' Funk. Who by the way now wants to play WET...??



Since you went up the ladder so fast, what's the key in becoming a member relatively quick?


Showing interest is number 1 for me. If you want to be a member you must be active. Checking the forums once every four months is not a active member. This is more than just signing on to server and playing, those are players. Understand the community of members and knowing what changes are going on is vital to running the servers. I look for applicants that are applying the rules and maintain activity at all levels. from creative input to spamming whatever it may be. I cannot begin to count the number of applicants and trials that I denied already just based on no activity.



Do you know any clan members and clan friends personally?


No I do not. Perhaps someday when I travel around I would like to stop and have cold beers with anyone I can.



A classic: What's your favorite movie/book/musician?


I prefer metal but listen to a lot of diff music. Currently reliving my youth listening to old school Armord Saint, Accept, Maiden and Loudness. Waiting patiently for the summer tours to be announced so I can pick a couple shows to go to.


Movies.... Goonies...... Never Say Die. I enjoy all types of films but mostly Horror. Yes I watch Scooby Doo ever since I was little.. Rooby Dooby Doo.


Books.... Not much time to read these days but whenI did it was mostly classic literature. Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. HP lovecrafts works are good as well. Robin Hood, treasure Isle, Bram Stoker, Marry Shelley, Ellery Queen.....etc



Do you like pie?


I like pie too. Dutch Apple. http://www.preparedpantry.com/dutchapplepie.aspx. Crumbly top. Like apple crisp almost.



What kind of car have you got?


I have a lot of cars. I currently have 4: 2010 Toyota Venza, 2010 Toyota Corolla, 2008 Chevy Colorado, 1969 AMC Big Bad javelin my babay.



The AMC for you, the chevy for your wife and the two toyota for the boys?


Venza for wifey all others MINE !! MINE MINE



Have you got any pets?


I have two dogs. Both pitbulls. Both geneticly (SP) deaf. Both rescues. Guardians of my home and family. I miss my kitties....RIP



What its your favorite game console??


Two part answer. For its time period the sega saturn was insane, loved it. present day I say xbox360 great games nice design. Only wish it could be seen on a PC network for easy game backup.



What happened that you actually took part in this interview?


Kai payed me....lol



What's your favorite food & drink?


I am a protein hound so i have to say steak and cheesburgers and whole milk coffee and beer.



If you would be in charge of =F|A= for a month, what would you change? Servers, forum, rules?


Forum roster...drives me insane. I think they are working on something now.



What color are your socks?


Socks....dont laugh...black for work thats the rules...winter time gray with my Red Wing boots...thats right Red Wings best ever. with my skechers black or white no seeums depending on what I am wearing and which shoes....lol



You've got 2 dogs, why pitbulls?


Pit Bulls....love them till my death....I guess because they are misunderstood only because of the torment brought to them by man kind. Makes me very sad that a dog that was a household pet in the 1920's and 30's is now a feared killer. I love my dogs and they would give up their lives to protect ours what more could you ask for from any species. Or friend. They are hugabull, kissabull and adoptabull go get one !!



What's your favorite TV show?


Vampire Diaries and True Blood and Modern Family


Rrrround three. This time one of the old-established leaders in the clan, a man of few words, active in both W:ET and COD4 where he regularly bans "those who are not worthy". Since he is such a shy person, this interview will be featuring a few more questions from clan members, HULK, Alexandra, RoosterCogburn and Corey namely.




Could you quickly introduce yourself?


My name is Scott and I am 27 years old. I enjoy fast computers, fast cars, and fast women.



When and how did you join =F|A=?


It all started back in December of 2008, this is when I built (with help) my first computer. I was having a hard time installing windows so I gave it to a friend BSM4:20 to fix. He named the computer Thundercunt. and installed Wolfeinstein Enemy Territory. The name stuck and I played ET religiously on F|A servers only. I applied for membership in February 09 and was accepted in March and slowly worked my way up to Leader.



You say you played religiously on =F|A= servers only. How did you get to know of them? A random click in the ingame server browser? Noticed it on the Splatterladder frontpage as "The best place"?


BSM4:20 played on a F|A server before giving me the PC back so it came pre loaded with the F|A menu.



What are your tasks or duties as a leader?


My tasks and duties as leader include any thing from being Dares test subject to hosting an F|A servers in my living room. Mostly I am setting levels, checking PBBans, and banning those who are not worthy.



How does it feel to be Dare's test subject? Is it a dirty job?


It is... but it nice to get some sneek peeks of cool new F|A stuff.



Cool new F|A stuff? Are you allowed to tease us a little?


No, or i would have to kill you.



Obvious question: How do you become a good member in your opinion?


There are many things that make a good member. You have to get Involved and share suggestions, ideas, and solutions to problems. We all must work together to uphold the greater good of the gaming world.



And furthermore, what's the fastest and easiest way to climb up the ladder to success?


Honestly there is no fast or easy way. But there are things you can do to make yourself stand out. Today's world there are so many technologies invented to make our lives easy and to make our selves little bit lazy. And all of us know the easiest way to climb the ladder of success is having good communication. So communication also plays a major role in modern gaming world. I wont go into detail but just remember, the more you put into your clan the more you will get out of it.



Favorite book/music/movie?


Favorite books: Haynes Manuals.

Favorite music: Metallica, Johny cash, lamb of god, Lil wayne

Favorite movies: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Trainspotting, Scarface, Blow, The Godfather, Carlito's Way, and Goodfellas.



You've outed yourself as a huge car fan. Tell us a little about that hobby.


I have huge love for anything with wheels. Ive always liked tinkering with engines and modifying cars and trucks. It started with demolition derbies and dirt bikes in high school. then I moved on to solid axle swaps and rebuilding engines in my dining room.



Why did it take you that long to answer these questions?


Family, crappy internet connection, marijuana, and spell checking.



What about your other hobbies, hunting and fishing?


Hunting and fishing have been a big part of my family. My grandfather dedicated his whole life to hunting and raising livestock. He taught hunting etiquette to my father who passed it on to me.

There is allot more to hunting than just going out and killing something. Hunting lies at its core. It takes skill and persistence to bring down an animal that's senses well exceed that of your own. Its not easy and that's what keeps me coming back... and animals taste good too:D



What kind of food do you like?


I like any food that's not green or that hasn't decomposed to get to an edible state. No vegetables! I proved my mom wrong after 20 years with nothing green and still growing to 6'2 200lbs



Where do you plan to be in 5 years as far as house, job, dream, girlfriend, family,…?


I already have a good job and an awesome family. Maybe one day I would like to buy some land and build a house. With the ways things are going ill be lucky to just keep my job.



What would you do with 100 million dollars?


Absolutely positively anything! no joke.... you know that freaky thing you seen at that weird party you where at that one time. Ill even do that.



Does your name refer to something you have experienced?


lol no. Although I have seen some doozies in my day. i.e meat curtain... can I say that?



If you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member, who would it be?





What's his favorite fast food place?


I am anti fast food after seeing a 19 year old McDonald's hamburger. There are so many preservatives in that stuff that after three weeks bugs and animals wont even eat it.



Do you like pie?





What happened that you actually took part in this interview?


Krauersaut didn't think I would be able to complete such an interview in a timely matter. (his lifetime) and I though that this might be a good way to drum up my profile views count. I must have more than Krauersaut!



If you would be in charge of =F|A= for a month, what would you change? Servers, forum, rules?


I would set Joedirt level 13 and abuse him. I would also create a F|A gamer tax to help pay for the servers and forums.



What was your first car?


1989 Plymouth Horizon



What was your most embarrassing moment?


I got busted having sex with the girlfriend in my neighbors kids tree house.



Why does your nose run, while your feet smell?


Your nose and feet both run and smell.



If you had an anchovy and a scallop in front of you, which would you eat?


Gimmi both i got the munchies!



Where did the word thundercunt come from?


Its more than just a word.... Its the pinnacle of all English swearwords, thundercunt is phonetically, spiritually, grammatically, and socially the worst thing you can ever say. Much like a Holy Hand Grenade or the most powerful zord from Power Rangers, it should only be used in times of extreme need -UD



What's your favorite color and why is it that?


Red, because its in my name.



What is the biggest thing you have ever killed while hunting?


I have a 13 point buck on the wall from a few years back.



Have you ever seen a gorilla?


On TV...



What stuff is on your floor in your room right now?


My feet, cable modem, speakers, a couple computer cases and pictures I need to hang.



What was your first pet?


A poor turtle my mom left on the porch all winter. It froze solid! She went to throw it out in the summer and it was still alive!!!



If you find a spider in your room, do you squish it or place him outside?


Squish it for sure!



What color is your underwear?


Commando with duct tape on the zipper of my jeans...



What was your favorite subject in school?





Have you ever farted on a cocker spaniel?


No but i have on a springer spaniel.



If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


I'm sure it would. I wonder what great things I could of accomplished with all the time ive spent gaming. The world will never know. Thanks to my father who placed a video game controller in my hand before I could even walk. He always made sure I had the new systems when they came out too. Maybe because he wanted to play more than me!



What is your favorite comic book character?





If you could pick any celebrity for a wife who would it be?


Kari Byron




And finally a quote which sums up everything pretty well:


i am a man of few words remember

Continuing OnionKnight's thrilling blog post about the character of JoeDirt, I thought it would be interesting to cover the second one of the three founders in a short interview. Additionally I've integrated four questions from our members, namely Alexandra, Thundercunt and Kimbohunter.




Could you quickly introduce yourself?


I’m 28 years old and live in Delaware. I enjoy playing outdoor sports when I am free especially volleyball and Ping pong is my favorite indoor sport. I also play Tennis, Cricket and Golf once in a while when I get chance.



What's your educational background?


My background is in Electronics and I completed my MS in EEE with VLSI as major. Lately I got more interested in different database and other web languages.



When did you start gaming and when did you discover W:ET?


I started playing single player PC games in around 2000-01 and then I started playing multi player FPS games in 2005-06. We used to play ET after the mid term exams in LAN and that’s how I started playing ET.

The first server, I joined for playing ET was {NB} and there after (SB) (South Bunker). Then I started playing on [FAG] clan servers and was invited to join there clan after one year or so. I met Tipsy (yoyo) during 1st on 2nd week while playing on FAG server and then I found Rainier and Joe. Rainier used to play around evening/night time and so was Joe.  In the mean time I found one new server run by .bb. clan.

It was perfect server with decent settings. I played there a lot with nickname ‘Blacky’ and that’s how .bb. members know me. I made some very good friends while playing on .bb. server and to name few Corey, BH, Blade, Dixus, Z, Nerfy, etc. and the list goes on.



What happened to .bb.? When did you found =F|A=?


The first clan I ever joined was [FAG] clan. It was server with no rules but then eventually things started getting worse. Server was down for many weeks and owner Chris didn’t cared much. Server was not doing good and at the same time admin abuse was getting on peak. Players used to get abused for getting higher kill spree, you kill admin, you get !splatted. Motto of FAG was if you get offended on internet you shouldn’t enter FAG server. Players can b*** on any race, person, player, etc they want. FAG actually started when HESS clan head admins started banning Chris and his night crew for admin abuse and constant whining. HESS had there servers on 2.6b and they knew that if they started server on 2.6b none of ET players would be joining there server. So they started server on 2.55. 


To say in short, after being in a FAG clan for a while, I left the FAG clan to stand by my friend Tatul. In the mean time Rainier was also getting !splatted on continuous basis for using 60 maxpackets by FAG leader. So we decided to start new server in order to provide better gaming environment where players can enjoy. FAG said we would die in few weeks and started rumors and what not but eventually you can see the result which is other way around now. Most of the clan websites has ‘history’ of there clan which technically is b*** fest of there old clan. We never had history page on our website and we never will. =F|A= was born to provide better gaming environment to all players around the world and that’s our Motto and history. Rest doesn’t matter to us.



Why "Fearless Assassins"? Is there any motivation or deeper meaning behind that name?


The name is what it conveys.


Fearless - without fear; bold or brave; intrepid.

Assassins – a murderer, especially one who kills a politically prominent person for fanatical or monetary reasons.


We enjoy playing FPS games and after all we do is kill players in FPS game. The name, Fearless Assassins fit’s us well.



What's your role in the clan? Are you keeping everything together? Managing the servers? Taking care of the members?


I basically manage/fix ET and COD4 servers, website and forums related issues. Black Ops servers are managed by Dan and Duckie. Counter Strike server will be managed by Kai. The rules are made by internal discussions and managing members is a joint effort of every member within the clan.



Mentioning Counter Strike, what will be the future plans for the clan? Are you going to expand further?


I am looking forward for CS:S, L4D2, BC3 and Brink. I have plans to open up new forums for our community which mainly focuses on RPG, Simulation and Strategy games. Nothing is yet decided because it depends on many things. Managing communities take decent amount of time from your life and I don’t want to open something which can’t be managed in a decent way.



Some malicious tongues say that you are spending your evenings on our COD:BO servers. Do you spend a decent amount on the W:ET and COD4 counterparts as well?


Yes, I pretty much enjoyed playing Black Ops. I still play it on random basis but not as often as I used to. It’s no joy for me to play that game with blue screen error and fluctuating FPS from 120 to 40. I also play BC2 randomly. I have played ET long time but lately I am in mood to explore other PC games. ET has just turned into memories at present.



What advice would you give members who are trying to climb the ladder to a leader?


For promotion we look for many things and various factors play role when we promote someone. I would suggest new members including trial members to read the topic posted in private section.



Being a dedicated member of PBBans Staff you show no mercy to cheaters. What are your impressions of the "war against cheaters" and what is PBBans' role in it?


PBBans, is an anti cheat community which provides many features for server admins. Most of the admins don’t take full advantage of features which is provided through PBBans and PB. Then few server admins whine saying PB isn’t doing anything. All PB does is ‘kick’ cheaters and if your server is streaming to PBBans, GUID get’s banned permanently on your server and on all streaming servers. Rather then helping players in updating there PB, admins decide to disable PB saying PB doesn’t do shit but fact is either he himself is busted or his clan mate is busted. If PB didn’t do anything how more then 3000+ cheaters are busted on our server? How are cheaters still getting busted each day? 


I would agree with the fact that PB needs to improve in order to catch cheaters more effectively but at the same time I would say its better then nothing. 


To name few of basic criteria to stream with PBBans are you need working website, clan roster and 100% clean members. Most of the applications at PBBans get’s denied because they have cheating member in there clan and they don’t want to remove that member. PBBans doesn’t allow any server to stream which is run from home due to security reasons. There are also other Anti cheat communities which allow you to stream without any background check of clan or server IP’s.



The donation bar shows that it takes more than 4,500$ to run the services =F|A= provides. That would be about 380$ a month! How are you able to cover these costs? Did you win the lottery? Are donators able to come up with such a sum?


No, I haven’t yet won the lottery and I have never bought the lottery tickets either. I will give general idea of our monthly bill:


@ET Servers: F|A 1 = 61$, F|A 2 = 60$, F|A Beg and NQ 2.55 = 80$. F|A HC and Silent = 52.  We run 3 redirects. One from EMS, one from gs.com and one from godaddy and all 3 cost around 17$/month. All redirects and server run on 100Mbps line.


@US COD4 Servers: 55-60$. At present we are using ET redirect for COD4 custom map servers.


@Black Ops: It’s around 30$/month which Duckie and Dan pay. Any donation received with comment for Black Ops goes equally to them for monthly bills.


@CS:S: It's donated from Kai. 


@Website: 40$/year for domains because we run 3 domains:

fearless-assassins.com fearlessassassins.com and clan-fa.com


@Forums: We use same hosting for forums and website which comes around 30$/month + forum cost. Forum cost can be calculated from IPB website. In short, it’s one time 329$ and then renewal which comes around 160$/year and then add on charges for the forums. Example Tutorial mod is of 40$/one time and then 10$/major upgrades. We have purchased several mod’s to provide better feature and even the decent forum skin cost around 20-50$.


@Miscellaneous charges: 1 time set up fee of dedicated server cost around 250-300$ upfront, 2x Windows Server 2008 R2 license (Google for price) and then adding KVM charges of 25-50 Euros each time if there is any issue with machine. Paypal also take’s it fee and so does credit card. I have to pay extra 6-8$ on each bill pay for Euro servers because of currency conversion.


I will be honest and up front. We try to get donation but not all like to donate and the remaining one we pay from our pocket. We don’t give unbans based on donation neither we let donor keep level if they admin abuse it. We don’t run clan based on membership like 40-70%+ big clans out in world do. BC2 was closed because of lack of donations and less members in that game. 


I would like to mention props to donors who donate for the community welfare. The donation bar on forums show how much we have received and how much it's remaining for 2011. I will be amazed to see if we ever reach that goal because since last 2 years we hardly reached to our 50%  of yearly goal.



Talking about donations you introduced some new VIP membership models and gameserver hosting plans recently. Are you planning to extend the store even more this year, maybe by focussing more on gameserver hosting?


At present, I don’t see any extended plans, to expand our Game hosting but it might change in future. I will soon add few more new games in the store and couple of other things. I don’t want to enter into hardcore game hosting business. All I want to do is make some money so the monthly payments going out from our pocket’s is less. At present we provide servers at Chicago, NY, NL and Germany location. We might soon add France location also. 


If anyone who is interested in providing services through us, can always reach me at admin@fearless-assassins.com



Are your clan friendships limited to the virtual world or have you ever met some of the members in person?


I wouldn’t say online gaming friends comes in Virtual world. It’s real to me because the person talking to me on another side is real. We live in 21st Century and not some stone age. Now a days, people see and talk with each another using webcam and VoIP. I would probably call online friends as 21st Century pen friends. I haven’t yet met any online friends but if given opportunity, I would like to meet them.



A classic: What's your favorite movie/book/musician?


My favorites keep changing depending on my mood and time. But overall I enjoy action and sci fi movies and I like to read new articles instead of books. As far as music goes it totally depends on my mood.



Do you like pie?


I do like Apple Pie.



Warm apple pie?


I prefer at room temp.



Why are indian people so much smarter than the average person?


I think it changes from person to person but I would take that statement as a compliment.



What kind of car have you got?


I don’t have any car after I became a hardcore fan of movie ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ and ‘Transporter’.  I use public transport since I moved to DE.