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Interview with Corey




And interview number 8. This is by far the longest one about the likable person with the beard we all love - Corey. Thanks to Krayzie, Wizbang, GI-JOE, Raziel, mew, Moron4 and Alexandra for their questions. I can't think of an appropriate adjective this time.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


My name is Corey. I am 22 years old and live in Alabama. I attend a small university and hope to have my bachelors degree in computer information systems by next spring. I love watching movies, hanging out with friends, and playing video games.


Just a Bachelor? Why not go for an MSc like the famous Gubbi?


Well I like to take things one step at a time... Getting a bachelors degree which usually takes 4 years is going to take me 5 years lol. After i receive the bachelors I will have to decide what I want to do. If I find a good employer sometimes they will pay for me to go get my masters which would be very nice... cause school is expensive. I started out going for a Biology degree because I like animals and traveling so I thought it would have been a neat career choice. I later decided to go for something that may become a little more popular and easier to get a job with so switched to a computer degree. I hope it all works out in the end though!


So what are your future career choices now? An IT biologist?


lol would be neat, but honestly I have no idea what I will do for a career. A lot of the courses I am taking deal with programming in C++, but I do not see myself programming for a company.


You more see yourself as the guy managing the programmers?


I wouldn't say that necessarily. I think I would enjoy that more so than sitting writing a program all day. It's tedious work that can get very boring so I would rather be over the guys programming than actually doing it myself.


When did you start gaming?


I have been a gamer since I was a little kid. My dad used to own a video rental store where he also rented out video games. So we would always have the new systems like nintendo, super nintendo, N64, playstation etc. It was neat because I could walk into the store and pick out any game I wanted to play and bring it back when I was done. I grew up a console kid and really never got into computer gaming until highschool.


Who introduced you to the fabulous world of ET?


Forsaken introduced me to ET in our sophomore year of highschool about 2006 I believe when we were in an algebra class together. To this point I had not played many computer games at all so this was a whole new world to me. He had to give me his old 6200 gfx card so I could play the game at about 30 fps. Since then I have used over 1600 hours of my life playing it haha


How did you discover =F|A='s servers?


I followed Forsaken to a server called .bb. (bloodbucket) in 2008 and ended up joining them. At the time I believe Daredevil was helping them with server settings and so forth so I saw .bb. had a close relationship with him and I think daredevil was with =F|A= at the time. I had registered with the F|A community in 2009 after .bb. was starting to fall. I tried to keep it alive for a few months, but could get no financial support or enough active players to keep it going. Needless to say after .bb. died in probably mid 2009 a lot of their members migrated over to F|A. I decided to take a break from clans for awhile, but noticed how boring it can be if you do not have a community and friends around you and joined F|A on January 25th 2010!


And it took almost two years for the higher-ups to notice your management qualities and promote you to Staff?


Well I am not perfect lol. I was promoted fairly quickly to a high level (right before the staff level) and maintained that the entire time. I was content with where I was in the clan and did not do any extra effort to stand out. I was not always around and active so I am sure that was taken into account as well when promotions were handed out.


Not always around and active? Like the months you spent on World of Tanks instead of ET or CoD4?


hahahaha well World of Tanks was released during the summer of 2011 and I have spent time off and on playing it. I recently got into playing again around December 2011 and yes.. since then I have been very inactive. I was looking for something new and I found competitive clan play in World of Tanks. I would have loved to start a clan for =F|A= in tanks, but there was not enough interest and since our members live in countries all over the world people would have to create an account on a certain server. instead of the one closest to them.


Do you only play WoT (and ET) or CoD4 as well?


Currently I do only play cod4, et and WoT. I do have tf2, and counter strike but I never got into playing them. I have minecraft as well but have never played with our great F|A members! I usually host a small server for forsaken a few other friends and i to play on. It usually last a few weeks and we get bored. The only other game I play is MW3 and thats on the xbox only.


What are your favorite CoD4 and ET servers and why are they?


I usually go towards the Abnerdogs hardcore server in cod4. Usually pretty populated and thats where most of my friends play. As for ET I try to stick to the silent mod server and Hardcore server. They are small and everytime I go on the jaymod servers with 50 people I feel like killing myself.


So the ideal server should be small and populated with hardcore settings?


yeah that sounds about right. I do get frustrated at cod4 sometimes because I die so quickly though :(


You're probably not the right person to ask about the key to promotions, but what are they according to you?


keys to promotion =

  • follow rules
  • be helpful
  • stay active
  • post useful information
  • be nice and respect everyone
  • use commands properly
  • and recruit good players!

How do you imagine the clan's future?


I believe we still have a lot of life left. Looks like we will be the last ET servers to go and I dont anticipate ET totally dying anytime soon. We are quite successful in cod4 as well. As hard as it looks like it has been I would like to try get an active server in a modern game. I see where we tried with BF3 but I dont believe that went very well. Also we need more support from our members money wise. I dont know how we keep everything going! Not everyone can donate due to financial reasons ( I am guilty) which is understandable. I would just like to thank everyone who does donate :)


I've heard some people call you the funny guy with the weird beard. Is that how you see your role in the clan?


LOL omg... I do not have a beard! i have many pics on the forums and none of them have me with a beard. I do like being funny though. Nothing is better than making people laugh. My role in the clan is to inform people about technology and make everyone feel at home.


Did you enjoy your two and a half years in the clan so far?


Yes I have enjoyed my time in the clan and I hope I can enjoy it for many years to come. I have to watch out for people like Moron4... they corrupt clans.


How would you describe the ideal member?

  • single good loking female
  • around the age of 20
  • likes to play video games
  • blonde hair
  • about 5 foot 7

lololol muhahaha


or did u want serious answer :(




lol awww. I think the ideal member would be someone that is nice and has a sense of humor, but knows how to get down to business when its necessary. They have to be intelligent too! A person that can find things out on their own and doesn't have to be told everything.


Who did you think of here? Certainly not yourself.


i made someone up lol. well the first two attributes were of myself :D


take that back i thought of me!


Are there any tasks apart from posting tech news and playing WoT a staff member has?


haha I make sure people don't spam. I usually find people who posts multiple applications and merge them together! I also try to help with the Contact Us section when I can.


What would be the most important part of =F|A= for you?


The most important part is meeting new people from around the world. It is interesting to see how different cultures go about their daily lives.


Please tell me you've met any of our members in real life and not just on TeamSpeak, Ventrilo or dreamt about them.


I have not. I see the big meetup a lot of our euro members are trying to arrange it looks like a lot of fun. I expect a lot of pics. So atm I currently just dream about them.


I know a lot of us pray to god that such a thing never happens, but taken the fictive situation that you were in charge of =F|A= for a month, what would you change?


I really don't think I would change anything. Everything is running so smoothly I would not want to mess anything up. I did pick up a cool little thing from my World of Tanks clan. They host poker events and give away prizes. So I would try to set up some monthly competition in any game and try to give away VIP packages or something of that sort.


What was your most embarrassing moment?


I don't know if I have a most embarrassing. I am pretty shy in person so it doesn't take much to embarrass me. I have fallen a few times in public. gotten called upon during a live show or something.


Where does a great character like you plan to be in 10 years? Apart from being an IT manager, having three dogs, a goat, a wife, kids and a big house?


All of the above sound great lol.


What would you do with 100 million dollars? Spend everything on hookers and barbers?


hmmm I would make sure F|A would be set on money for a long time so we can continue to grow. Buy a house probably on the ocean and in the mountains. I would try to buy part of a professional sports team. Buy everyone in F|A plane tickets to spend a few days in Disneyland! wooooo


Which team?


Lebron James is my favorite athlete so I would try to buy part of the Miami Heat while he is there now and try to keep him there.


You recently visited Disneyland. A childhood dream?


It should be every kids dream to come to a place like this! It is amazing! There are actually 2 parks. Disney World (located in Orlando, FL) and Disneyland ( Anaheim, CA) I have actually visited Disney world in Orlando twice. I didn't think I would ever come to Disneyland but I am glad I did. It is neat to say you have been to both parks.


Why does our member mew call you Corrence?


Mew believes that Corey is short for Corrence. Why would anyone think that haha


Any hobbies apart from biology, computers, movies, friends and games?


I do enjoy shooting guns and fishing with my grandad. We try to go out a few times a month to go fishing on the Tennessee River or go to a shooting range to shoot a lot of guns. If it werent so expensive and I was so broke I would like to collect guns.


What kind of guns?


He has a lot of different pistols and rifles that we shoot. Like a russian sks. I own a glock 22 (40 cal) that I enjoy. I really want to try to do some skeet shooting though with a shotgun. It looks like a lot of fun.


Had a happy childhood? When did your beautiful beard start growing?


My childhood was great. Growing up in a household with a single mother was different but I have nothing to complain about and loved every minute of it. my beard started when i was.... 15


Corey's favorite movie or TV shows?


I do not have a favorite movie because I like a lot of them. some people would say any movie I watch is good. I do enjoy like forrest gump, shawshank redemption, iron man movies.


TV shows include: pawn stars, walking dead, top shot and family guy


What about music?


anything but country music. I do live in the south, but i absolutely hate country. I enjoy hip hop, rock, classic rock, dubstep, techno, pop


Favorite book? In case you enjoy reading.


I do not read anything I don't have to. I only read books for school. The only book I remember reading by myself is that zombie survival guide book and I havent finished it yet lol.


Imagine you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member. Who would it be?


I would take mew because he lives in australia. I hope he has practiced his surviving skills in the outback because I am going to rely on him to make a home and a raft to escape.


Imagine you could swap roles, permissions and duties with a =F|A= member for one month. Who would it be?


I would swap with Krauersaut. He gets to interview people so I think I could handle that. I would then interview him to see what hes really like.


Who are your favorite clan members?


Having favorites doesn't seem to be very fair. I would say members I am closest with would probably include blade, mew, and Krauersaut. Those are who I usually talk to on xfire. I do enjoy messing around in the shoutbox with joske,alex, and marar though. they are always fun.


What's your favorite color and why?


blue because it is the color of the sky and the ocean. Both nice and calm


What's your favorite food and drink?


I love chicken its the best. and sunkist used to be my favorite drink, but I try to drink a lot of water now to be a little bit healthy lol


Isn't Sunkist every little kid's favorite drink?


kids shouldnt be drinking orange soda


If you were the first person to make contact with an Alien life form, what would you say/do?


If I came into contact with an alien life form I would try to be friends with it and show it I cause no harm. Cause if they blow up earth I'd want to live.


Do you have any pets? I remember a dog.


Yes I have a chocolate lab named Hershey and I feed the wild squirrels outside.


What kind of car do you drive? Apart from the obvious Porsche for sunny weekends.


I drive a 4 door kia spectre like a bossssss


What was your favorite subject in school?




If you could pick any celebrity for a wife, who would it be?


Thats a tough one but imma go with jessica biel.


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening?


it varies from day to day but usually wake up, go to a class or 2, come home play tanks, go to a friends house, come home do hw or watch a movie, sleep


insert showers and eating


At what age do you expect to retire from work and what are you going to do then?


60 and i hope i can relax around the house and play video games at 60 and possibly go fishing.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


I would go back to the ancient egyptians and see how they built the pyramids. See if aliens helped hahaha


What's your biggest dream?


To be happy with my life.


Are you happy with your life?


So far yes.


If you had to move to a state or country apart from the USA, where would you move and why?


I've never been to hawaii, but it sounds like an awesome relaxing place to live.


Who or what inspires you and why?


My mom she works really hard to support us.


Why is your name on steam snoozer214?


snoozer214 is my email which i created back in middle school when hamtaro the hamster show came on so it kinda stuck and i still use the same email address today.


How does it feel being in a social gaming community? Does it change your prospects in traveling around the world after knowing some of the people in other countries?


It is an awesome feeling being a apart of something so large. It does not change my prospective on traveling, but I was kinda surprised so many people know english so well being from non english countries.


Do you like Arnold Schwarzenegger?


I like his movies. That's all I can really say about him.


If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you? Schwarzenegger with a beard?


my life would make a pretty boring movie lol. can harry potter play me?


If you had to marry one clan member, who would it be?


Alex? lol


What was the worst gift you ever received?


Silly String


And what was the best one?


Best christmas present was probably my gun i received last christmas.


Who got you a gun for christmas?




Would you like to come to Europe to visit fellow clan members? And who would you want to meet there the most?


I would like to come to europe. I have never been out of the country before. Meeting you would probably be the best! or creepiest...


Where did the panda thing come from? You wore a panda hat in one of the vacation photos.


Yes there was a shop right outside the giant panda viewing area. They had a lot of gifts relating to pandas so i picked it off the stand grabbed a quick pic and put it back.


What is one thing you could not live without?




If ET and CoD4 died today, what would you do with your free time?


Play more world of tanks or go get a real life.


If your significant other told you no more video games, which would you choose, her or the game?


I guess if this significant other was "the one" i would probably choose them.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


For sure... im not even sure what i would have done with those thousands of minutes i have spent gaming.


What's your life goal?


To be successful.


With what?


Be successful with a family and job.

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"Since then I have used over 1600 mins of my life playing it haha"


I hope you mean hours :/


And I agree with your choce of ideal member, Corey ;)

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whats your ideal member?


single good looking female

around the age of 20

likes to play video games

blonde hair

about 5 foot 7


Come on ladies if you're Blonde and single PM Corrence NOW! hahahaah

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"Since then I have used over 1600 mins of my life playing it haha"


I hope you mean hours :/


And I agree with your choce of ideal member, Corey ;)


haha yes hours :P my bad



i didnt even get to do :omgcat::(

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@joske - silly string is ok... But I got it 3 Christmas' in a row from my cousin lol.


@alex - I'm not quite ready for the commitment LOL

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Nice interview, And you mr Corey nubie, play on jay servers from time to time, so I can take an advantage of you and score some of easy kills ^^

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  • Administrators

Alex weds Corey? Rawr! LOL


Corey, i still remember snipping u butt in Marrakesh map... from the tower. God, those where fun days! Miss dow and .bb. clans! Both rocked! One day I will fire up 32 slot gaymod and put same settings for it! One day, it would be their! I miss those time spent on IRC with u, bh, Z, etc. Those where some days :)


But best of best was killing dixus.... blade was so hard to kill..in ETpro he butt raped me LOL


@For's nom nom nom :D

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Corey, I'm 5 foot 7, love to play video games, and if you wait a few years i'll be 20. I'll dye my hair blonde too ^_^

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Well since the interviewer here didn't do some fact checking I suppose I'll correct a few things!


1. Daredevil went by another name in another clan, then I think he went solo for a bit and helped out some people (like the leaders of .[bb]. which eventually dropped the [ ] to go with just .bb. - the brackets were to represent a bucket for the "blood bucket" as .[bb]. went into phase 2 and redid it's website/forum they were dropped to make a shorter clan tag)


2. YES! Corey single handedly tried to keep .bb. going (completely ignoring the fact that there were other leaders, BH, Z, etc :P ) *sarcasm!*


3. I think you were around .bb. before 2008! The clan existed more than 1 year and Fors first stopped by early in the clan's existence. He joined and left the clan a few times too!


4. Corey neglects to tell you that he is the clan killer! He joined Dis before .bb. and a few months later they went away. Then he joins .bb. and many months later they go away. If he was actually active I'd worry about F|A's future :P


5. About movies! Corey's answer: "some people would say any movie I watch is good." That's not to imply he's got good taste in movies, that just means that he has yet to watch a movie he didn't like. He likes all the movies! even if they're awful!


6. Interesting that he picks a man to be stranded on a island with!


7. Just a question but how is Hawaii a state/country outside of the US ?


8. His best F|A friend is me! :P Actually I don't have a clue. I was told once to wear F|A tags in the ET server and then had some tech problems and ET stopped working right so I stopped coming around.


9. By be "successful" Corey means winning more gold in WoT. You should have seen his attempt at winning gold by making a tank cake!


10. Corey secretly loves asians more than 5'7 blondes. And from the looks of the responses here, he's apparently quite the ladies man. He must be a player though as he's never able to slow down and commite to just one!

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  • Administrators

LOL BH shows up? ZzzzZzZ.. BH when u and Z are getting married? common man that would be epic :) I am waiting for that epic.. make it happen in this life time.. sadly, I don't believe in re-incarnations :D


Glad to see u around.. :)

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  • Administrators

and if you wait a few years i'll be 20. I'll dye my hair blonde too ^_^


Corey would prolly wait but sadly time doesn't wait for corey :P Corey, I didn't knew ET girls die on u :) haha damm u corey, For's would be jealous now LOL

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Yep I figured I'd stop by. Corey told me he was being interviewed, and then an hour later I returned and he said he was still being interviewed. I figured the least I could do is stop by and post on his interview.


I'm still alive! Barely. Can't say I'm up to much. Corey's been trying to get me to buy a new computer so I can play tanks with him.

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Hey Blade and Max. I remember you, how could i forget! And I blame your sneakiness on bad lag :P


I fixed the forum to list blade as well. I think the roster automatically moves everyone to MIA after a set amount of time. So that's why we're all MIA. Blade's was apparently never set so now he's MIA just like the rest of us :)


I'm not sure Corey is going to like his Interview thread turning into a BH love fest :omgcat:

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I didn't knew ET girls die on u :) haha damm u Corey, For's would be jealous now LOL


Lol me neither till today :)


Glad to see some reunions here!



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If you had to move to a state or country apart from the USA, where would you move and why?


I've never been to hawaii, but it sounds like an awesome relaxing place to live.


Last time I checked, it was a part of the USA. Might want to get get that MS education going a little sooner than later.

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If you had to move to a state or country apart from the USA, where would you move and why?


I've never been to hawaii, but it sounds like an awesome relaxing place to live.


Last time I checked, it was a part of the USA. Might want to get get that MS education going a little sooner than later.


lol yes that was already pointed out. This was during hour 4 of the interview where I was not paying much attention :)



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@ Dare nomnomnom

@ dare #2, corey has always been interested in those taboo potentials for signifigant others I wouldnt touch. IE young ones and males. :P


So corey picks alex and kristy steps in wanting the spot? I think fight to the death for Corey is in order. Also don't let his photo shop skills fool you, he has a huge beard!

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