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  1. I would get a laptop that can run games at its native screen resolution....but that's just me. A 660M is not going to run a lot at 1080p. I do not think even a 775 or 760M would do much better at 1080p, a 15.6 or lower is fine at 1600x900 but if you do design and movies a lot then a 1080p would be better for that.
  2. Happy Birthday Forsaken!

  3. Forsaken

    Crysis 3

    I have a 670 and its not playable on max settings. Even on high I get less than ideal FPS.
  4. I usually dont auto assign, I wait to see which team isnt stacked to hell. By stacking I do not mean numbers either...
  5. Any place you can't be seen or shot.
  6. How will I ever be able to go on without you? Killing you that is. O:] Later dude.
  7. What you talkin bout willis? Oh rofl, watched 5 seconds of that demo. This alucard guy hates me, I make him so mad he likes to tbag when he does kill me.
  8. Depends on the mouse. Ive used a g7 ( old logitech mouse) and a mamba, no lag for me. Never used a wireless keyboard, but I do use a wireless headset which is also fine.
  9. We tried getting killbox going the other day but none of us really liked softcore. Might try to get everyone to give it another go!
  10. I have no idea, i was just asking lol, believe me its almost impossible to get to any of the elevator jumps without being shot.
  11. I though glitching was considered a place you can't be seen or shot?
  12. Ping is the time in milliseconds it takes for information to get to and from your computer to the server. High ping means it takes longer, which can cause a delay if its extremely high. Depending on the game, and how how it deals with anti-lag, higher ping can be an advantage or it could be a disadvantage.

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