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Interview with docwarren




Here is the ninth interview, perhaps not as long as yesterday's, but still quite a good read. This one features our member docwarren, an interesting and more profound person than one would imagine when he is on a killing spree on our servers. Thanks to Krayzie and GI-JOE for their questions this time. Still no adjective I can think of.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


My real name is Brook. Yes I'm a guy. Ever hear the Johnny Cash song " A boy Named Sue"? I am 41 with a wife & 9 year old twins. I live in Dallas, Texas, but am originally from farm country in Ohio.


You've been helping your parents farming as a kid?


My parents weren't farmers, but their parents were. I worked farms as a kid to make money though.


What kind of? Goat-sitting?


They don't respond to you as good as sheep. :)


Seriously though, I worked mostly cattle farms & general farming.... bailing hay & harvesting crops.


Did you visit a university?


Visited several for parties. Went to college right out of high school. Partied too much and ended up with a 0.92 GPA. So flunked out. Went back 8 years later when I was more mature and graduated with a Nursing Degree.


What's your current job?


Vascular Access Nurse. I start IV's & central lines on kids. (I work in a pediatric hospital)


And what did you do before that?


I was a pediatric Flight Nurse for 11 years. Airplanes & helicopters.


I guess you're not airsick then?


No, but I do have a slight fear of heights.


Yet you used to fly? How does that work? Never looked out of the window?


I focused on the job at hand. If you are busy worrying about a patient, you don't have time to worry about anything else....... exception would be when you are crashing.


So when did you discover video games? Certainly not during your farm time.


Well...... we were pretty poor growing up. Some of my friends had Tandy 1000's & Commodore's and got to play some games when I went to their houses. FPS games I started with Wolf 3D & Doom. When I found ET was a free game, I tried it out and loved it. This was a few months after it's release.


Where did you play ET during that time?


LOL.... at work mostly for ET. We had alot of downtime. I surfed alot of servers. BnB, AE, and something with "Airborne" in it. I found Nuremberg Clan servers pretty early on and camped there long enough that they eventually asked me to join them.


Nuremberg was your only clan before =F|A=?


{NB} was my only clan before joining here. {NB} was getting inactive servers. I happened across F|A server one day and found JoeDirt. He was a long time regular on {NB} servers years ago. He told me this was a clan he formed and soon found a few old {NB} members here too. Along with some old regulars. I stuck on F|A servers because I loved the rotations & servers settings.


Talking about rotations and server settings, what's your favorite ET server and why is it?


Jay 1 & Jay2 are my favorites. Mostly because of the ping I have on those two. I have been venturing to 3 & 4 as well as the Silent servers a bit here recently, but I always prefer Jay 1 or 2. I used to like NQ, but the mod doesn't suit my style of playing.


Oh yeah..... I like the players on Jay 1 & 2 best.


And do you currently play any other games? One often spots you on CoD4 lately.


I got COD4 when it 1st came out. Sucked really bad at it. Went back to ET. This past December, someone here talked me into giving it another try and am loving it. Favorite haunts are Recruiting & Beginners. Once again..... I have the best ping on those 2 and we have gotten alot of good recruits out of those 2 servers.


Never tried Minecraft or TF2?


No. Never tried them. To be honest, my schedule gets pretty full playing COD during the day and ET at night. Gotta make time for the wife and kids in there somewhere. Because if MaMa ain't happy.... ain't nobody happy.


Your time in the clan seems to be pretty successful so far, as a level 17 member.


So far..... with a few rough patches. Made a few mistakes here & there, but tried to learn from them. The co/leaders/founders have graciously trusted me with this level. I try not to fail them or our visitors. I am not here for level, though. It's about having fun and to do that, the servers have to be maintained.


What kind of mistakes?


Mistakes I have made........ I have ticked off a few here & there. Mostly unintentionally. Going between COD & ET, the commands are different and have made a few mistakes with lengths of bans.


I guess that means you liked your time in the clan so far?


It took me a long time to drop the {NB} tags. Probably because I am a very loyal person. 2009-2011 while {NB} was inactive, I still wore the tags. I am proud to be able to wear the F|A tags. This is such a great community of gamers and imho, the most respected clan in ET & COD. And it's not just about gaming. There is support for any issue. Gaming, computer tech as well as personal help. That is a real family feeling here.


Are you satisfied with your member title or do you seek the leader title?


Well.... as I said. I'm not here for level. Any level you have has been granted based on performance. Just like any structured group, there is always a small (or big) desire to move up in the rank & file. So yes..... moving up to Co or Leader is an aspiration. But, level is something that is earned. If the higher ups feel I have earned it, it will happen. If your ONLY goal here is higher level, I think you are here for the wrong reasons. Man.... that was one question I was dreading. It's hard to answer in a way that conveys your meaning accurately. Push it too much and you sound over ambitious. Go too lightly and you sound like a brown noser when you are just trying to remain humble...... which is how I truly am.


Do you think ET is going to die soon? How do you imagine =F|A='s future?


I think ET will run on until the server providers decide to stop supporting it. PB dropping ET was a HUGE blow to the ET world. But I don't think it is death knoll. There are still a lot of people playing ET. If we provide the clean servers..... they will come.


As for the future of F|A...... expanding out into multi-gaming has pretty much ensured it's survival for many years to come.


Isn't it quite exhausting for the members and difficult to keep more than 10 servers without a cheat detection engine like PunkBuster?


If we have the members and those members are dedicated to helping keep the servers clean, I think the job can be done pretty successfully. When PB dropped ET, I found myself in spec more than playing. I have since seen how our newer members have stepped up to police the servers and have gotten to play more knowing that they are on top of things if I don't spot the problems. COD...... wow..... PB down on Recruiting & Beginners has been exhausting as well. But as with ET, we have gotten in some newer members that have stepped up to help handle the cheaters. And that has helped tremendously.


So you would like to have the newer members police the servers and the older members play?


No.... of course not. Just saying that it takes teamwork and the newer members have made it alot easier than just 1 or 2 admins on a server keeping an eye out. It should be watched equally by all members. Hope that came out right.


You are probably the right person to ask about it with level 17. What's the key to promotions?


We have a thread for that in our private section. I would say, however....... just do your best to use your level to help keep the servers clean & fair, help others in various ways. Posting helpful things instead of spam goes a long way. Basically..... do what is right for the clan.


Well then how would you describe the ideal member?


Ideal member is someone who is proud to wear the tags of this community and does everything they can to maintain this clan and maybe even improve it a little. Can we make some clones of YoYo?


How would you describe your role in the clan? Do you have one or do you help out wherever you are needed?


I'm not that great of a player. I get some kills and have fun doing it. ET & COD are stress relief for me. Some know that if they call me on x-fire to come help populate a server, that I usually go to lend a hand getting it going. Even if my ping is so high I can't see someone running around me in circles.


No role?


Multi role...... I'm the player, the enforcer, the joker, the voice of reason, the good guy, the prick, the friend, the enemy. But...... NEVER the troll. :)


Did anything change since you joined the clan in May 2011?


I have learned sooooooo much about admin tools and have gotten 100 times better at knowing the difference between a cheat and "just a good player". Several higher admins helped me with all of those and now I find myself doing the same with the newer members. But.... I listen as well, because I will be the first to admit I don't know it all.


What's the most important thing of the clan for you?


There is not just one thing that is "most important". Every part of this clan has to work to keep us going. Members, website developers, etc. All make this F|Amily possible.


Have you ever met any member, clan friend or server regular in real life?




What would you change if you were in charge of =F|A= for a month?


Map rotations on all servers change once a week. I would chain DD to his chair and start IV Redbull to make sure he stays on top of it.


Your most embarrassing moment?


In game......... A few times I have banned cheaters on ET for 6 minutes instead of 365 days. Twice the players came back after the 6 minutes and I got the right length of ban the 2nd time. IRL....... most embarrassed when I pulled on a pregnant lady's pony tail as a joke and it was a wig I ripped off her head.


Where do you plan to be in 10 years? Flying again? A third child, a bigger house, a faster car, a goat maybe?


Done flying. Had a vasectomy, so my wife would have to really explain the 3rd kid, bigger house & faster car (1969 Chevelle or Camaro). No goat..... unless it was a 1969 GTO. I still see myself playing computer games (if they still exist in 10 years). Hopefully in the same job because I love poking kids with needles. Hopefully still with this great clan and it's great members.


What would you do with 100 million dollars?


That much money...... I would keep about 40 million to live comfortably on. The rest would go to family members and to the hospitals I have worked at to improve care in some way.


What the heck would you do with 40 million?!


live VERY comfortably




Houses in several countries, boats, hookers, cars, kid's college funds...... did I say hookers out loud?


Who is or was Doc Warren?


Last name is Warren. Doc is a family nickname that has been handed down for generations. Started in early 1800's with Dr. Harrison Warren. Any child with the name Harrison is given the nickname Doc. My middle name is Harrison. However, being a nurse, I don't use it as it can get confusing in the hospital. I started using docwarren as a tribute to my uncle Daniel Harrison Warren. He was a WWII soldier. Won several citations and 2 battlefield promotions around his actions on D-Day. Since ET was WWII based, I decided to use it as a tribute to him.


What are your hobbies? I heard you enjoy Nascar?


Playing guitar. I play alot of poker.... was even part of a reality TV show that has never aired based on poker. NASCAR and me go back to the 1970's. I love old cars. I am an assistant coach for my son's little league baseball team. I collect NASCAR diecast cars. Can watching porn be considered a hobby?


Do you play in a band?


I did in high school. I jam with some friends every once in a while, but it's mostly just goofing around.


Already won a lot with poker?


Play alot of free league poker. Cash games...... usually end up breaking even over the course of the year.


What kind of porn?


lol.... not going there


How many diecast cars have you collected so far?


42. Some are pretty rare. Have 1 that is 1 of 500 produced. At one time, it was selling for over $3,000.


Who is your favorite Nascar driver?


Right now I root for a few drivers. Harvick, Burton, Martin, in cup...... Austin Dillon in NW. I was a Dale Sr. fan since 1980 until he died. I haven't found that ONE driver to back since he died.


Have you ever been to Disneyland?


Going there next month.


What kind of music do you enjoy?


Everything from Beatles to FFDP...... except rap. Before 1990 is ok..... after that.....no.


What are your favorite movies or TV shows?


Favorite movie is Patton. Favorite TV show is Top Gear.


What's your favorite book?


Favorite book is "Don't Stand Too Close To A Naked Man"


Who are your favorite clan members and why are they?


Too many to list. Not going to play favorites.


Imagine you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member. Who would it be?






The laughs. Plus there's a chance he might be gay.


Imagine you could swap roles, permissions and duties with a =F|A= member for one month. Who would it be?


YoYo. So I could !pants him ..... along with a few other fun commands to torture him with.


What's your favorite food and drink?


Food is Sirloin steak cooked medium. Drink is sweet tea. Alcohol drink is 90 proof Vodka & Fresca (soda)


What's your favorite color and why is it?


Red...... don't know why though.


Do you own a gun?


Yes....... you have been warned.


What gun?


9mm pistol, 12ga shotgun. Getting an AR15 in the next year.


If you were the first person to make contact with an Alien life form, what would you say/do?


Shoot them. Have you seen what these things do to people in the movies?


What was your favorite subject in school?


Chemistry. I built a solar powered still. Was my science project for 3 years. Made our own hooch right there in school.


Do you have any pets?


No. Wife allergic to pet hair.


You seem to be a car fan. What kind of car do you currently drive?


Chevy Cruz.


If you could pick any celebrity for a wife, who would it be? (Porn stars don't count.)


Cindy Crawford...... it has always been her.


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening?


3 days a week.... sleep all day/work all night. Other days divide between COD/Kids/Poker/ET..... with sex slipped in there from time to time.


With your wife or your hand?


does it matter?


If you had to move to a state or country apart from the USA, where would you move and why?


UK countryside. I have never been there but it looks beautiful.


At what age do you expect to retire from work and what are you going to do as an ... even older man?


Hopefully at about 60-62. Enjoy life.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


My early childhood and warn myself about all the bad stuff coming my way.


Are you happy with your life?


Is anyone? I am OK with where I am at. I would like to have the means to make it better.


What's your biggest dream?


Hitting lotto for at least 20 million.


What's your life goal?


Life goal is to be able to live long enough to see & have fun with my grandchildren.


Who or what inspires you and why?


My brother who has had a rough life and keeps plugging away without complaint.


How does it feel being in a social gaming community? Does it change your prospects in traveling around the world after knowing some of the people in other countries?


Of course. Any interaction with another person changes your perspective on that culture/country.


If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you? Cindy Crawford?


It would be about struggling to get out of poverty. Emilio Estevez would play me.


If you had to marry one clan member, who would it be?


Ohhhhhh the choices......... next question


What was the best gift you ever received?


A bicycle at 5 years old...... first taste of freedom


And the worst one?


A brick disguised as a duck doorstop.


Would you like to come to Europe to visit fellow clan members? And who would you want to meet there the most?


Yes...... Think it would be fun to meet any members. you of course.


What is one thing you could not live without?


My wife & kids.


If ET and CoD4 died today, what would you do with your free time?


Go work out at the gym. I need it.


If your wife told you no more video games, which would you choose, her or the game?


Her..... but she works so I would play anyhow.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


Of course. The exposure to different races/cultures has an impact.


What is your dream job?


Dream job. Manage my own spy store.


Would you ever have a boa constrictor?


Boa .... no.... hate snakes.


What scares you?


Scared of losing those close to me.


Would you eat a live tropical fish?


Tropical fish live..... yuck


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


5 pounds

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The question he didn't ask that I had ask him to was "Would you buy KrayZie a wireless keyboard" But he said it was a "stupid" question.

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The question he didn't ask that I had ask him to was "Would you buy KrayZie a wireless keyboard" But he said it was a "stupid" question.


It still is.

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1st..... I don't even have a wireless keyboard myself, so it will be a while.


2nd..... The porn doesn't involve animals, guy on guy, under 18 or period sauce. Hope that clears it up a little.

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Awwwww...... Just noticed you didn't include the part about have I ever used a gun for home defense.


Answer is yes.


When I lived with my parents, my brother's estranged wife broke into our house at 3 am. (she was total psychotic) I caught her as she was coming up the stairs. My dad knocked the barrel as I pulled the trigger. Blew a hole in the wall. She tried to have me charged with attempted murder, but the cops just laughed at her.

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If your wife told you no more video games, which would you choose, her or the game?

Her..... but she works so I would play anyhow.

wife vs game? LOL :D Nice interview docwarren

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1st..... I don't even have a wireless keyboard myself, so it will be a while.


2nd..... The porn doesn't involve animals, guy on guy, under 18 or period sauce. Hope that clears it up a little.


So that's granny porn

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Hay, I've read Never Stand Too Close To A Naked Man as well!

Never would have thought that Tim Allen did time in prison!

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