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  1. Baska's Pregnancy

    THE F*CK is all i can say. is this for real? thought u were 100% gay, guess not lol, congrats i guess.. u better get ur own place soon then
  2. Test you knowledge in this music quiz.

    Answer to everything: Alexandra
  3. Women of Enemy Territory Video

    Shame you didn't film the 18+ trickjump room I don't know most of those maps!
  4. Comfortable Chair

    you game naked? with one hand? nvm, i dont want details...
  5. The ultimate debate !!! Cracked vs Legit

    lol this topic so dumb, just buy ur game on steam, if ur cheap, wait for it to be on sale
  6. What song are you listening to right now?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6p_Qtylumw best video....
  7. Scotland's national animal

    no shit
  8. Greetings from Ireland <3

    So true, even lesbians fall in love with the gubbinator <3
  9. Greetings from Ireland <3

    And then you get drunk and get hit on by grannys!
  10. Xfire or teamspeak?

    You're lame!
  11. Xfire or teamspeak?

    Do you have proof? Noes! So get online more!
  12. Xfire or teamspeak?

    Never see you on TS!!!!!!!!! get online more you you you...
  13. A serious word about cigarettes you may not know...

    "So, if you smoke cigs, just heed my advice. Get rid of that filter." more like, just stop smoking hehe.. waste of money, such a stupid thing to do
  14. Teamspeak status on our website