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  1. Scream

    Prepare to be abused!

  2. ROFL!!! hahahaahahhahaahah shit man sign me up maybe i could learn a thing or two hhahahahah
  3. mew

    f*** you!

    1. goku


      hahaha mew whats up!?????????????!!!


  4. LOOOOOL new kraken hahahahah did achiyan get promoted lol im back in Australia i just got back from interstate for work but ill be leaving again to Japan this time in July lol dw scream ill come to Poland one day
  5. Wtf Scream a leader now OHHHHHHH MAN!! I need to protest about that!!! jk jk Congrats bro! yoyo ice creams are just for the hunnies you should know that by now lol hahhaha
  6. Greetings Fellow Friends, Hows everyone doing, i see FA is still doing well after all these years and some got promoted to leader Congrats to them i just came on to say Hi to everyone and see how everyone in FA members are doing, for those that know me Sorry that i have been inactive but with me traveling to places to places and work will always be busy hopefully i can start gaming with everyone again hahah Take care everyone ! mew.
  7. Guess whos BACK!!!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Antichrist


      Guess who's gonna abuse you until you cry to yoyo... and then yoyo abuse you next :D

    3. (Snake)


      :o Welcome back mew! <3
    4. Reptile*


      Mew boob is back! Fking awesome :D Hi!

  8. Happy Birthday mew!

  9. where are you mew!????

  10. Mew! We miss yew! Happy birthday buddy!

  11. Scream

    Happy birthday newbie!

    1. LuCkY*13


      Happy Birthday ;)

    2. mew


      thanks all

    3. yoyo


      appy budday!


  12. Happy Birthday mew!

    1. mew


      thanks dare

  13. mew

    i dont really have a pc since iv just gave it away to my little cousin just been using my mac but i will try to be back asap, iv been too addictive to playing console hahaha

  14. Scream

    lol :P We want you to come back ASAP! I'm good actually, bored with school lol.

  15. mew

    hahahaahah.... it only shows how much u love me :) im good bro just busy with work thats all but dont worry i shall be back soon

    1. mew


      how u been btw lol


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