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  1. Hello friends :)

    ROFL!!! hahahaahahhahaahah shit man sign me up maybe i could learn a thing or two hhahahahah
  2. Hello friends :)

    LOOOOOL new kraken hahahahah did achiyan get promoted lol im back in Australia i just got back from interstate for work but ill be leaving again to Japan this time in July lol dw scream ill come to Poland one day
  3. Hello friends :)

    Wtf Scream a leader now OHHHHHHH MAN!! I need to protest about that!!! jk jk Congrats bro! yoyo ice creams are just for the hunnies you should know that by now lol hahhaha
  4. Hello friends :)

    Greetings Fellow Friends, Hows everyone doing, i see FA is still doing well after all these years and some got promoted to leader Congrats to them i just came on to say Hi to everyone and see how everyone in FA members are doing, for those that know me Sorry that i have been inactive but with me traveling to places to places and work will always be busy hopefully i can start gaming with everyone again hahah Take care everyone ! mew.
  5. Happy Birthday Maximo Decimo

    happy Birthday culero! hope u have a good one!
  6. I am imperfect.

    culero! Mew loves u!
  7. Peter Fiesta

    Peter is that guy, that loves midget trannies. Stay away from him he might come after you lol
  8. H*S- Aussie clan SS - Aussie scrim clan my first scrim team that only play in comps bpc. - was a scrim team old skool when i used to scrim alot
  9. Interview with Corey

    whats your ideal member? single good looking female around the age of 20 likes to play video games blonde hair about 5 foot 7 Come on ladies if you're Blonde and single PM Corrence NOW! hahahaah
  10. Tinker Belle Secret of the Wings | trailer

    Peter and Novice will love this movie
  11. Hey F|A

    hey man hows it going and welcome to the forums
  12. jhvh<

    whats up man? glad you finally joined the forums and Welcome
  13. that hat will suit me more corrence, you know that right? hahaah great pics bro hope you're having fun!
  14. RockStar

    As long as you enjoy the game and you have fun playing ET thats all that matters, skills is not important when it comes to gaming its how you play it and meet the people your play with ,every min makes the fun out of playing any game. People who think they are skillful are just arrogant and cocky so i hope you enjoy our servers and the forums, its good to see you here, stop by at hardcore server when you get a chance to say Hi or just kill some FA members lol hahaha And also WELCOME!
  15. silent server (xps)

    he mad