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Interview with Raziel




Roughly half a year after the last one and more than a year after the first one, you are going to read the fifth interview in this series. This time about our Co-Leader Raziel, a more or less interesting person. Read it to find out why. Thanks to darkfag77, Marar4, and RoosterCogburn for their... inspiring questions.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


My name is Marcel-René. I am a 19 year old student from Germany who has just finished school. I spend my time playing ET and Poker mostly. I also consider myself being a part of the Brony community.


Brony community. What's that?


Bronies are mostly males, teenagers and 20+ year olds alike, who enjoy watching the show My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A big and still growing community has been established over the internet. It's a fandom, like the Star Trek fans, for instance.


How did you get introduced to the world of video games?


That's a tough one... I started playing PC games at the age of 12. No online games though. It started with the AOE and AOM series. I also bought a PS3 when it came out, my very first console. But =F|A= is the first gaming community I joined in. I've been playing ET for some 4 years now.


Are you playing Poker on a competitive level or just for fun?


I consider it playing for fun. But I recently started to play online-cashgames. I've put some money into books to improve my play. So it's still a hobby that involves money but I suppose I'm no opponent for competitive playing due to my lack of experience.


Did you already win some real money from these poker games?


Yes, and I also lost some. I play homegames with some friends. 10 € are the usual Buy-In there.


So how did you manage to join our clan?


Skullcollector invited me and I got the trial status right away, without applying. Big coincidence imo, given that I just started playing on the NQ server and was a total noob back then.


What's the key to get up the ladder as fast as you did?


Again, it's the things everyone tells you: huge amount of server activity (too much when you ask my mother ^^), decent forum activity, reporting cheaters and trouble makers, and also a mature attitude whilst admining. I also think that I took my "job" very seriously and put effort into it (since I had nothing else to do).


You are a regular on our NQ1 Enemy Territory server. Are you active in our other games and game servers as well?


No. I stick to ET no matter what. I never bothered looking for other games for PC.


How would you describe your role in the clan?


Good question. I guess I'm kind of a reporter and live policeman of the NQ department along with nani*, pepperonipizza and skully. I guess I am the most active one though. I do give orders and advices to trials and members alike, but they know what to do most of the time. I also bug a certain leader when it comes to new maps and such things, which have to be implemented in the server. I consider us co-leaders a bridge between the members and the leaders/founders. We are still online most of the time but also take care of things not directly related with the in-game developments.


Things not directly related with the in-game developments?


Well, if there are, for instance, conflicts between members or trials, we (also the staff) try to settle them. We help deciding about promotions and demotions as we know the respective members better than some leaders (who are seldom present at the server) do.


How do you imagine the clan's future? Is it going to grow any larger, expand into more games?


I guess that's the plan. I'm not certain of the ET development as it is an old game and such. I wonder what I would do if ET died. I am not that into trying new games out. But I guess this time has to come. I think this clan has enough potential to grow even larger, but the problem with the new games is that you have to find enough members who are willing to try them out. I think that's the case with TF2, for instance, I'm not sure though. But I am looking forward to spending some more years in this awesome community.


Have you ever met any of our charming members in real life or had any contact apart from the servers and the forum?


Well there was one single videochat with Alex, Baska and General, I remember. I learned that I can't handle these women, lol. I vividly remember the TS meetings with Masa,Reptile, Boombas, Retroleaves and some others, as they are always fun. I also enjoy the Xfire conversations with my favourite leader ^^. I can recall another spoken conversation with nani, Txoko and Ischwars (how can spanish people speak so fast?), but that's it. No real life contacts yet, well apart from T2WAII who is one of my best friends irl but his appearance in the clan was quite short.


Describe the ideal member.


Me. Ok just kidding. Let's see, the ideal member should be able to help out in every situation regardless of the game, be it CoD or Minecraft or whatever. He/She has to be very active and helpful on forums and servers alike. The ideal member doesn't care about promotions at all, but rather puts his/her very heart and soul into admining whilst still being humble and lighthearted. He/She is known to hang out and fool around with the regulars and admins on the server but also solve eventual problems with talking rather than commands and that easily. He/She has to be friendly and well-mannered, mature and good tempered. The ideal member can recognize cheaters with ease, apply the rules to whatever situation may come and is able to recruit tons of new and good members. My ideal member doesn't exist but maybe we can build one lol.


You joined the clan in September 2009. Did anything change since then?


I guess lots of things changed since then. The clan has definitely grown and expanded into more games and more servers for each game. We gathered so many helpful and amazing members for those games and servers that it's no big surprise though. Settings changed, people changed, people joined and left, we had some drama times and what not. But a few things didn't change: We are still banning cheaters and the like from our servers and keep them clean.We still try to create a fair and fun gaming environment with success. And we are still one big =F|A=mily.


How were your first days as a trial?


I can't remember these days very well...I guess I was not that talkative apart from the inevitable spamming with skully. I mostly put afks spec and tried to write proper english in forums to get the post count up.


If you were in charge of =F|A= for a month, what would you change?


I guess I would let everything remain untouched for I don't want to mess it up :P.


Where do you plan to be in 10 years? A good job, famous, an attractive wife, kids?


In ten years... of course everything you've mentioned would be awesome. I have no real plans for the future to be honest, so I stick with your proposals for now.


What would you do with 100 million dollars?


That's a huge amount of money. I'd like to donate a few millions to the clan, some other millions would be for charity and I'd keep 10 or so for myself.


And what would you do with the 10?


Buy myself a nice house filled with fancy things and luxury. Maybe on a beach, but with internet access. Of course not too far away...I'd like to keep in touch with my friends and family.


What was your most embarrassing moment?


I was outside of the school and my classroom because some girl threw my hacky sack out of the window. I went out through the window, but my so-called friends found it tremendously funny to shut them so that I couldn't get in. Well, I was very stubborn and wanted them to open the windows again (I figured if I used the door, they would hold it close, too) and made some drama out of it trying first to kick the window (which failed, much to the amusement of my friends, it was stupid anyway) and then beat the glass in order to show my anger and desperation. Well I succeded: The window consisted of two glasses one thicker one on the inside and a weaker one on the outside, I made a very neat, middle-sized hole into the glass, as if a ball crashed into the window. Cullets, screaming and I hurt my hand in the process. I didn't have to pay the damage in the end, but it was quite a shock.


What's the story behind your name?


Oh that's a simple one. Raziel is the name of an Archangel. He appeared in the "The Mortal Instruments" book series by Cassandra Clare. I was thinking about a name while I was reading the books and I found that it matched perfectly. Well, that was before I got to know about this famous RtCW player RaZiel ;). Some people even asked me on forums if I was that player lol.


What are your hobbies apart from playing ET and poker?


I like reading, mostly fantasy but also other things. I have a whole lot of books in my room. I also watch the anime Naruto: Shippuuden and of course My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I hang around with my friends, watching movies, partying, playing PS3 and the like. I also go to the gym.


What kind of music do you enjoy?


You bet there is a lot. I listen to rock, punk, alternative, dnb, dubstep and most of the music the artists of the brony community makes (The Living Tombstone and Glaze/WoodenToaster are my favs) which ranges from electronic/dance to classical music. I'm a huge Muse fan and went to a concert of Rise Against in March, which was awesome. I do appreciate all kinds of music, so there are few things I don't like. But a lot of things I rarely listen to because it is too much.


What's your favorite movie?


A beautiful Mind, Dead Poets Society, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world and Kick-Ass are some of my favs.


What's your favorite food and drink?


That's hard to answer because I appreciate all kinds of good food. I do like the Mediterranean cooking, sushi and other spicy Asian food, but also the Swabian and German food I've grown up with. I love to drink apple juice, black tea, beer and tequila.


Any pets?


No. Maybe a spider and some flies from lack of cleaning.


Imagine you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member. Who would it be?


Nani* or Pepper hopefully. Or anyone of my TS crew. Can't I take all of you with me?


What was your favorite subject in school?


English and Mathematics.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


Big yes. I would have spend more time with my friends and outside. I also would have had getting more important things done.


Such as?


Better grades of course, deeper relationship with all my friends and maybe even a girlfriend , who knows. I would also have spent more time with my family.


If you could pick any celebrity for a wife who would it be?


George Clooney.


Why is your member title "Wonderbolt"?


That has to do with the ponies. My profile picture is the cutiemark (a thing the ponies have on their flanks and indicates their special talent) of Spitfire a female pegasus character who is the captain of the Wonderbolts, the greatest flyers in all of Equestria (the pony universe/world in the show).


Do you like potatoes with ice cream?




Do you like Sauerkraut or Schnitzel?


Both. I love Wiener Schnitzel and also Sauerkraut.


When RoosterCogburn was little he would eat crayons to see what funny colors he could get his poop to look like, have you ever eaten anything funny to make your poop a different color?


No lol. I guess such things were/are beyond my imagination.

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"Well there was one single videochat with Alex, Baska and General, I remember. I learned that I can't handle these women, lol."


I agree, we have to do that again someday!

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I would like to point out that the crayons were non-toxic. Don't worry people. Sometimes I still like to eat the pink ones, they have the funniest result.

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razzie musta been a strong german child punching ball sized holes in glass and falcon punching laydies left, right, centre lol :)

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What would you do with 100 million dollars?

That's a huge amount of money. I'd like to donate a few millions to the clan, some other millions would be for charity and I'd keep 10 or so for myself.




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Nice interview its about time got off his lazy ass.


You're not going to get interviewed, no matter how often you imply it.

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Finally an interview! No idea how you guys made Kai doing it but I'm sure everybody is grateful for that.

Loled hard at brony community. :P

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Finally an interview! No idea how you guys made Kai doing it but I'm sure everybody is grateful for that.

Loled hard at brony community. :P


Bribed him.

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