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  1. Happy Birthday RoosterCogburn!

  2. Make sure you cancel the pre-order and pre-purchase it so you can get into the headstart!
  3. GW2, Rome Total war 2, FIFA 13, Borderlands 2. Those are for sures for me.
  4. That is one major factor in how raters get high rates is by stacking. It just makes sense for them to join the team that they can rape the other team easiest. Most of time if raters can't get in on the strong team they will just disconnect. Raider is guilty sometimes, but mostly he is just so good it doesn't matter what team he joins and the nuthuggers join his team instead of going against him. 9 time out of 10 probably you can join Silent XPS or Hardcore, and the teams usually are stacked. Frustrating but nothing can be done most of the time unless a lvl 12 or higher joins. So we have to just sit and be raped until autoshuffle.
  5. I just bought it. It was only 10 usd on Amazon on a deal right now so I guess it was just meant to be. The last FIFA game I played, Ronaldinho was still rated 97 so thats been awhile.
  6. you can get it from some shady isreali site that sasuke posted or use Kai's nice ultimate installer from a reputable source. Your choice.
  7. Oh its that soon? Now im just wondering if I should wait. I probably will still get it, I haven't touched fifa since 09 and could probably use a touch up on my skills.
  8. It already is apparently, It just is alittle unclear which platform everyone is playing. Im 90% sure its PC but I want to be 100%. I think its mostly euros that are playing so timezones will probably not allow me to play with them most of the time.
  9. Just so we are clear, the clan is playing on PC right? It sounds like a lot of people have it on ps3 and xbox too. Im probably going to buy this weekend, and I just want to know which to buy it for.
  10. What i want to know is where in the hell Red Ketchup is.
  11. Acting was pretty terrible by all the actors except their chief. Action scenes were pretty cool though, Shame about the acting, could have been a better movie.
  12. RoosterCogburn


    I liked the more horror survival aspect of Pitch Black than the epic storytelling of Chronicles imo. Im hoping for more of a PB type movie, but a Chronicles type movie would be fine too, both sweet movies.
  13. I would like to point out that the crayons were non-toxic. Don't worry people. Sometimes I still like to eat the pink ones, they have the funniest result.

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