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  1. I'm trying to get my GUID but using /pb_myguid as some has suggested in-game hasn't seem to helped [pb client has been disabled]. Is there a way of getting my info for tracker? Thanks!
  2. Yo everyone! After a really long hiatus, I'd like to play W:ET again, unfortunately, my Windows PC where I used to play is dead (along with my ETKey) and I've upgraded to Mac, I've tried a few solutions (e.g. ETLegacy but can't connect to anything), and I've read the instructions for the PlayOnMac solution but when it opens the game, the FPS is really bad and the sound is also choppy (basically 1-2 FPS), is there a solution for this? Thanks ! EDIT: Nvm, it was the firewall
  3. I'm told that Adobe After Effects can do this ? Anyone have any experience with it?
  4. Hi, I'm looking to do some video editing for short movie clips, etc for presentations, comedy, etc. I've previously made some gifs from frame-by-frame editing, and want to top it up a notch and for simple project purposes, I'm after a software that lets me track and superimpose images on top of objects in a video clip. To avoid boring you with further descriptions of exactly what I want to achieve, here is an example of object superimposition/tracking I'm looking for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7Bg0J8Ba7I Ideally, I want to do whole minute+ segments so ofc frame by frame editing is just not feasible. So any advice on software here would be helpful.
  5. couldn't find a file called autoexec under etmain, goes from 1944_beach to adlernest then am_hydro then baserace when arranged alphabetically. tried copying "/cg_novoicechat 0 r 1" into console when opening ET: states cmd not recognised; also tried variants of /cg_novoicechat, no result. I did find a .cfg file called etconfig, but after searching for "novoice" via Notepad couldn't find anything related to it. Sorry if I have missed anything out, but is there anything else I can do?
  6. Sorry I'm still rusty on ET: how/where do I open my .cfg file?
  7. Hi, So i've just started playing ET again and i've noticed that I'm unable to use vsays on any server except J3. Whenever I trigger a vsay nothing happens, I've checked all my settings, even tried v91 on NQ to no effect, restarted the game, and still no results. Should I try re-install or .pk3 cleaner? or something in settings I'm missing? Thanks
  8. Basically having taken a year long break from the game I paid the bad decision to jump into Jay 3 playing with a lot of good players xD. The big thing for me having to readjust to the game is that SMGs are very very OP compared to other weapons available, you get a massive boost in RoF and reload as well as adren which makes medics the highest DPM dealers in the server, if I decide to play as engy (rifles) or cvops (FG42/rifles) or soldier (flamer/MG), its very difficult to be as effective as the SMG users compared to other servers. Suggestions: MG-42: Half the spread and buff the RoF. FG-42: Same again. Rifles: Higher RoF (when Mouse 1 depressed) and less spread/more accuracy since its impossible to land more than 3-4 shots against a medic at mid range. Flamer: this was the really annoying one xD, I'd rush into Supply spawns with the flamer blazing but the medics with adren would easily outheal and run away, even in cramped spaces, maybe a range boost/RoF increase?
  9. Does splatterladder still do it?
  10. Using 1920 x 1080 on 23in from 1168 x 768 for the first time.... everything's so big o.0

    1. kami


      That's what she said

  11. darkfang77

    Fake ?

    probanly thought it was cotton and not nylon? xD
  12. always laugh (yes I know GoT isn't a film!).
  13. an incredibly bad, poorly thought film that really only serves as an Alien prequel for diehards.

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