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Interview with Gubbi




Only a day after the fifth interview, you will be able to learn a bit about your favorite Co-Leader Gubbi, a kind of intelligent, pleasant and sweet-tempered person. Thanks to CSL, stabak, GI-JOE, Joker and Alexandra for their valuable questions this time.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


My name is Stefan, I just turned 24 last month and I am from Austria. I just finished my Master of Science studies in Microelectronics and I will start with my PhD in September. In my spare time I really enjoy watching all kind of sports, but football is my favorite. I spend a lot of time on ET servers and since a few months now I also offer myself as easy target on our CoD servers.


An easy target?


I would say so. I am not the very gifted with skills but I never really cared because for me other aspects are way more important in online games. On ET I was always the one trying to get the objective done, which was not that easy on a full jaymod server.


Do you play any other games, apart from ET and CoD4?


Not at the moment. I am still trying to motivate myself to get into Minecraft, but it is mostly a matter of time that I postponed my projects there over and over again. I used to play some games on my PS2 and I played the MMORPG Everquest for a couple of years before I sold my account.


Are there any interesting Minecraft projects from you we should check out?


No, unfortunately there isn't. I planned to build a big football stadium because, after all, football is one of my main hobbies. But I was interrupted by some busy times in RL and therefore the project is far from being finished. As soon as I have more time, I will continue with that project and I will post some pictures when I am done with my stadium.


When did you start playing video games?


I have an elder brother and when he started to play video games, I was interested in playing myself of course. So I started to play on his gameboy when I was quite young already. The first games I played on a computer were Age of Empires and Command & Conquer. It took a while until I started to play any games online because we didn't have a reliable internet connection for a long time.


No reliable internet connection? Very rare for such a highly developed country like Austria. How come?


I knew that was coming. I grew up in a rather small village in the mountains and there was no cable that reached to our house. So we didn't have a reliable internet connection and no cable TV at our house when I was a kid.


And when did you start playing ET and discovered our servers?


I actually started to play ET about 5 years ago but then stopped after only a few months. The main reason for that was my girlfriend. I then started again to play about two years ago and this may sound sappy, but when I looked through the server master list I felt that FA servers were the right one. I then connected to jay3 and kept playing there until today.


Why and how did you join our clan in May 2011?


I already had more than 100k XP on our server but I never thought of joining a clan before when Stabak asked me on jay3 if I would be interested in joining the clan. I remember that after he started to talk with me, I got more interested in the clan and so I applied.


You became Co-Leader within less than a year. How did you manage to do that?


This is a question I asked myself more than once. I think I am generally a helpful person and all I wanted to achieve was to keep the server fair and fun as much as possible. I believe I must have done something right to earn the trust I got from you, the founders and the other leaders.


That means the key to promotions is being helpful and keeping the server fair and fun? Is there anything else one needs to do to gain trust?


I guess the best way to get someones trust is to talk with him and show him what kind of person you are. One important factor is also to show respect to everybody and to act as a role model for newer members and trials.


Now how would you describe the ideal member?


The ideal member puts the interest of the clan in front of his own interests and has a good portion of common sense to handle the server. He should look out for cheaters and at the same time always keep an eye open for new members. He should not lose control at any time and always show maturity and good behavior to represent the clan in a perfect way.


You are known to spend a countless amount of hours on one of our CoD servers. Isn't that boring?


It depends really. Some days are really tiring when you camp there alone and only a few visitors show up. I am glad that I am not camping there alone most of the time though. It can also be really fun to play on the server and play all kind of wars with the regulars there. I hope that all the efforts we put into that server will eventually pay off and lead to a frequently populated server.


How would you describe your role in the clan?


I think people do not hesitate to contact me for any kind of problems or questions. I try to help wherever I can and I believe leaders as well as trials appreciate that. I am also trying my best to teach every new member and trial what I have learned during the time in the clan.


If you recall your time in the clan so far, did you enjoy it?


Absolutely! I didn't regret joining this clan a single day. I enjoy being admin and I enjoy helping people but the most important thing is that I got many friends during my time in the clan and I am really thankful for that.


What are the typical tasks of a dedicated Co-Leader like you?


I am reading the forum and I try to fix issues there whenever I can. When I get on xfire, I am available for random chats, questions or to jump on different servers to help out if I am needed. On the server, I like to sit back and let other members handle the daily admin work and only include myself when needed. Recently I started to submit demos to pbbans to hopefully get rid of the banned cheaters for good. And one more thing which is very important for me as Co-Leader is to watch applicants or possible applicants and guide them to our clan. It can be quite stressful on some days.


Have you ever met any members in real life or plan to do so?


I haven't met anyone in real life yet, but I am going to meet Joker in July. I find the idea of meeting people, you have spent lots of time over the internet with, quite interesting. There is also a certain leader in our clan that lives not too far from me and I would be excited to meet him for a quick chat and a coffee or so.


What is the most important part of =F|A=?


The most important thing for me is that we are a huge community with all different kind of characters and personalities and we are all working for the same goal. To keep our servers alive and fun to play for everyone.


If you were in charge of =F|A= for a month, what would you change?


Hmm, there is not much I can think of. I guess I would try to find a way to make our promotions a bit more transparent to our members.


What was your most embarrassing moment?


My most embarrassing moment. I once travelled from Rome to Austria per train with 3 friends and we were already driving for a few hours in one of these cabins made for 6 person, trying to catch some sleep. It was already too tight for 4 persons to get a good sleep but then in the middle of the way a chinese couple entered the train and they reserved the 2 seats in our cabin. I was complaining about that in German, thinking they would not understand it and then suddenly the guy answered me in German. It was quite embarrassing, especially since we were sitting another few hours next to each other then.


Where do you plan to be in 10 years? A good job, famous, an attractive wife, kids, a goat?


These suggestions sound quite attractive. I hope that I will have finished my PhD by then and found a nice job somewhere. I want to live in a nice house, hopefully with my girlfriend who could be my wife by then. If everything goes the way I plan, I will have two children, a son and a daughter, but no goat.


What would you do with 100 million dollars?


I would donate a part of it and I would support my family. I would buy a nice car and build a fancy house. I might try to build my own company. I definitely wouldn't stop working because I need a goal in my life to keep going.


How was your childhood? As exciting as your virtual life?


I had a nice childhood with two long time friends who were there for me whenever I needed them. Growing up at the mountains was quite exciting and I used to play a lot of football in my childhood.


Is Gubbi a real word or just something random you made up?


It is a pure fantasy name. I tried to find something short and memorable. So I pressed some random keys and then deleted some parts to make it readable. The result was Gubbi.


What are your hobbies apart from football and video games?


Obviously I love the mountains. In winter I used to go skiing a lot and in summer we were climbing up a few mountains. I also play some card games with a few friends quite regularly, just for fun though.


What kind of music do you listen to?


Depending on my mood I listen to rock, punk rock and indie but I also like some metal, alternative metal and such.


What are you favorite movies or TV shows?


I don't really watch many movies. I really like the Lord of the Ring movies. My favorite TV shows are Psych and The Big Bang Theory.


Do you like pie?


Yes, it is one of the only sweet stuff I am eating at all.


What's your favorite food and drink?


My favorite food would be Pizza. I also like to make my own Pizza and choose my own ingredients for it. My favorite drink is Ice Tea.


Do you have a pet?


I used to have a cat when I lived at my parents house. We left her there when I moved to Vienna because the cat was used to live in a house, surrounded by a forest and she could come and go whenever she wanted to and I didn't want her to become a cat locked into an apartment. Unfortunately the cat died last year when it got hit by a car and since then I don't have any pet.


What kind of car do you drive?


Me and my girlfriend share a Ford Mondeo.


Imagine you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member. Who would it be?


Only one? Hmm, I would have to choose between Krauersaut and Joker. I'll take Krauersaut and Joker counts as stranded luggage.


What was your favorite subject in school?


Watch out, nerd alarm. My favorite subjects were Maths and Physics.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be different?


I believe it would be, but not too much. I could be still playing football at a hobby club maybe or do some more sports in general.


If you could pick any celebrity for a wife (or husband), who would it be?


I don't know really. Is there a celebrity you could stand for more than 10 minutes? Jessica Alba looks cute.


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening?


I get up to prepare myself for work, then I get to the university, work for a few hours there and get back home to join servers and xfire. It is a calm schedule at the moment for me.


At what age do you expect to retire from work, what are you going to do to make it happen and what are you going to do as an old man?


Umm, I actually plan to earn enough money to retire between 65 and 70. I doubt that it will be realistic to retire earlier when I come to that point. I hope that I am still fit enough to make some trips and enjoy my life. Maybe I get to see some parts of the world then that I couldn't visit before.


Parts like?


I would be interested to see South and Middle America, Australia and New Zealand. And I guess there are plenty of other beautiful and interesting places on our planet.


Are you aware of the fact that you sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was allowed to dub himself in English in Ventrilo?


Haha, that is absolutely not true. Maybe that is the Austrian accent of English but maybe people just think it is because they only have Schwarzeneggers voice as reference. Anyway, I hope to lose that accent during my time in England.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


I think it would be interesting to go back to the 15th century and learn from Leonardo Da Vinci. Having said that, I prefer the standard of living from today and probably I would prefer to live in present time.


Are you going to dare driving a car while staying in England?


Yes, I really want to do that and I hope that I wont make too much damage trying it. I will start with an automatic car probably.


Do you consider yourself a smart ass?


No. I am a dedicated person and try to give 100% at everything I do and I believe if you love what you do, you are good at it.


What's your biggest dream?


At the moment I am dreaming of getting a good job for a few years in the US after I finished my PhD.


If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?


Apart from England, where I will be the next few years, I would really like to go to the US to work there for a few years.

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"Jessica Alba looks cute." - Agreed!!


Nice reading! Now I know a bit more of you :)

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Mr. Gubbi :D

Lovely interview even I already knew a lot of you, it seems you still have a lot of surprises.

Hope we can say in 40 / 45 years that everything went, the way you wanted it to be now.

Gladd to have you as co leader / and also I concider you as a friend here in F|A.

And please if you ever get stranded with Krauersaut and Joker please video tape that :D

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Guess I was a bit too late with my question :/ But the answer ould be no anyway :P


"Imagine you would be stranded on an island with one =F|A= member. Who would it be?


Only one? Hmm, I would have to choose between Krauersaut and Joker. I'll take Krauersaut and Joker counts as stranded luggage."


Yes, i love you too gub :'(

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I admire and respect Stefan, he is definitely one of the best people you could meet in Wolfenstein I know that.

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