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  1. I'm going to work on that now my graphics card is a Nvidia 940m 2gb graphics card. Intel i5 3.2ghz processor. 8gb ram. The only thing I didn't do when changing resolution was the r_customaspect which as I'm going to try now then I will do other various things you mentioned. You jotted down quite a lot of information. lol. Also this in-computer pointer doesn't display on the screen just the regular pointer. Another bizarre thing is when I'm looking at the screen I only see 2/3 of it but when pressing "~" the Wolfenstein logo is centered in that menu where it should be in great quality. Edit
  2. Okay I have no mouse travel if I set my video setting's to high in the main menu (Wolfenstein's Menu). Think that resolution is like "1120x768" or something to that nature. The game plays fine, and I have no mouse travel but when trying to change resolution to 1080p it comes out great just only displaying 2/3 of the screen and the mouse cursor on the fritz. The problem is playing on the other resolution the screen is to small for me to see, and I need to get it running in full-screen. It's only when I change to 1080p resolution I get that horrible mouse travel, and 2/3 of the screen displayed!
  3. #1. Where I live we literally have had some of the same potholes for years.
  4. I took off work for the BF1 release on Xbox. lmao.
  5. I got the boot earlier, but was able to join back. 20-30 minutes ago.
  6. I've opened it alone with no other program's running and it still does it. I'm lost at this point. I've wanted to play for a long time, and actually have a good laptop that can run games no problem 10x bigger then this. The problems I'm having is the screen resolution doesn't stay put, and mouse travel. If I could get my screen fixed, and the mouse problem fixed I could move on to getting my guid, and stuff.
  7. Schweet, I hope I get to play If i can get mine running correctly.
  8. Okay mouse travel is fixed I ran it in compatability mode for Windows XP. Have my resolution set, and now I need to get my new guid on here. EDIT: nevermind it's back. I deleted the game, and probably going to have somebody use teamviewer to help me set this up right. I've tried everything, and the resolution doesn't stick, the mouse keeps scrolling (just in Wolfenstein) and I'm just bummed out I really want to play.
  9. Ahhh that's the oldcschool server with no vcommands I believe, well anyway deleted Wolfenstein and re-installed and still getting mouse-travel. I changed the resolution to where I can get to the options and see if I configure anything but it still doesn't fix anything. Like when I'm moving my mouse, and I stop the mouse with my hand it keeps traveling on the ET screen.
  10. The problem I'm having now is the screen resolution is to big for me to scroll, and change the resolution. ughhhhh
  11. What's the most populated server now-days? I used to play on Jay3 I believe.
  12. Thanks for stopping by. I'm hoping a clean install will do some good. I have lost my etkey on a older laptop that took a dump. So I have to start over and figure everything out as far custom resolution, my guid, and other things.
  13. Hey Guys it's Levi (NoCell) , and im doing a clean install of wolfenstein. I need some general help. Right now I'm just downloading the game, but the problem Ive been having is my mouse doesnt sit still on the screen with my trackpad or my gaming mouse it scrolls in whichever direction i moved it to, anybody know a fix or you think a clean install will fix it?
  14. Levi

    I'm Back!

    Yeah I didn't have a computer for awhile there, and just bought this new Star-Wars Edition gaming Laptop. I've been enjoying it. I got to remember how to do everything like setup my et guid I believe, and stuff like that. It's been awhile.
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