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  1. New site I see? :)

    1. CheepHeep


      Good. Was gonna resort to serious action had you not appeared. :> Your sudden bail from the server gave me doubts but i knew youd pull through.



    2. kajto3


      what new site?

  2. Still alive and just wanted to say Happy New Year 2018. Is there any old timers still left? :) Hi!

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. schNee
    3. RetroLeaves


      Played my first mins of the year today. I stilll suck. In other news, water is wet.

    4. Teukka


      I'm still almost alive. Happy new year, hope it's as special to you as it has been to me 8)

  3. Reptile*

    Formula 1 2017

    Bottas his first win!! This is awesome! Many more to come
  4. Reptile*

    Formula 1 2017

    That flying dutchman just flew on the wall. Bottas his race pace is very poor, funk.. lewis much faster.
  5. Reptile*

    Formula 1 2017

    Also Wehrlein made a very nice debute this year, P13. Both mercs and Vettel has a chance today. Kimi had nice race pace, too, but I don't think he is "sharp" on start and first few laps..
  6. Reptile*

    Formula 1 2017

    Bottas did it. Nice and tight quali between merc drivers. Going to be interesting race today. I assume ferrari has a good race pace, too.
  7. Reptile*

    Formula 1 2017

    Chinese quali was pleasure to watch! Ferrari and Mercedes has same pace, awesome. Tomorrow will be interesting. How these wet tires will work?
  8. Did you actually play this time?
  9. Reptile*

    Formula 1 2017

    I like the idea ferrari has gained gap over half a second. Not worried about the pace between Ham & Bot... yet. Give guys him a chance. Red Bull is really struggling, kinda a surprise.
  10. Reptile*

    Formula 1 2017

    Overtaking shouldn't be easier IMO. Nothing better than a hard fight side by side and which one gets better corner exit. DRS makes it easy to overtake on straight.
  11. Reptile*

    Formula 1 2017

    Felipe Massa didn't quit racing. Hes still Williams driver. Can't wait to see the battle against Bottas & Hamilton. Gotta trust Bottas hes speed and skills. It's his only chance to show the real pace. I hope there will be atleast 3 teams to race for the wins. Ferrari might be really good. It's just how much Mercedes has hidden real pace in winter testing.
  12. Reptile*

    Formula 1 2017

    Is there any F1 fans out there? Any thoughts upcoming season 2017? 7 days and Australian GP starts. These new cars looks fast with wider tires, but I ain't a huge fan of those shark fins.. Speak now!
  13. Nothing better than finglish

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