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Interview with Novice




Interview #12 only two days after interview #11. This time about one of the upper-level guys again, our beloved Co-Leader Novice. Definitely one of the most exhausting interviews so far. Thanks to Parrot and Latino555 for their questions.



Could you quickly introduce yourself?


Hello all, I'm a 31 year old currently living in Rhode Island USA. I have a wife and three beautiful children. I enjoy the typical things in life, spending time with family and friends, beach, and the outdoors. Currently I am working as a freelance web developer.


A freelance web developer? Could you tell us more about that?


I've been working as a web developer full time for the past 6 or 7 years now. Starting out as a freelance designer and developer with small projects, until I started working for one of the largest digital marketing companies in the US for a couple of years as a lead Web Developer. For the past year now, I been working back as freelance developer from home.


Would you be willing to give us some examples of your work or are they top secret?


I had a bad experience in the past sharing my freelance projects in public, where someone was harassing my clients because they were angry at me. So I don't disclose them.


Judging from that, you seem to be a pretty technically experienced person. Did you also work on some =F|A= projects or do you separate job and hobbies?


Yes, I consider myself very technical person, I live in the command line, currently own a few VPS servers that I host my freelance projects on. And as of lately been messing with my raspberry pi. The only thing I worked for in FA has been adding/modifying the sidebar vent widget that was there before, and submitting a few fixes for one of the themes. Daredevil has proposed a few projects, that might be int he works in the near future.


What OS are you using and did you build your computer yourself?


I am currently dual booting Windows 7, and Ubuntu. I have built my own computer since the first one I got years ago, all my servers run CentOS also.


Did you start your gaming career with that first computer?


No, I did not. I have never been much of a gamer, besides playing ET the last game I played was Goldeneye on Nintendo 64.


That means you neither play any of our other games, like Minecraft, CoD4 or TF2?


As soon as I can afford a video card, I will be venturing into our new games. I am currently using the onboard video card.


Now tell us, what made you actually play W:ET? I imagine it's quite different to Goldeneye on an N64.


I started noobing ET sometime around 2004 late 2005 I think. I was on the website http://download.com (cnet) looking for an fps game to play and discovered ET (never played RTCW). I installed the game and the first map I played was et_beach and was instantly hooked! Been playing since.


et_beach, almost a classic. Have you been in any other clans during those years?


Yes I’ve been a member of a couple of clans. My first being {(WSS)} which was some german neo nazi clan. I was allowed to join even though I was not german (I’m Spanish) I didn’t know any better just wanted to play, I did not share their beliefs, and I got banned for not donating shortly after. After that I joined =EWS= with some friends, I met on DRi* server, after it died I played clanless for several years until I found my next clan which was .bb. it was the first time I noticed a clan with good structure and good members some of who still are some of my closest gaming friends today. I’m sure you all recognize a few of these names: Blade, Maximo Decimo, Corey, Peter-, Milktea, Dixus to name a few..


What made you join that first clan?


I was playing for a while as a regular, and was offered an invitation. I had not really played on any other servers at all just that one for a few months, and was just excited to be in a clan.


And when did you leave .bb. to join us?


After .bb. was closed down most of my clan friends came and joined =F|A=, I knew about FA prior because Daredevil was friends with the founders. After a while of playing as a regular on and off, and getting to know about more about =F|A=. I decided to apply and to continue playing with my friends, this was in late 2009 early 2010 or so.


How long did it take you to become a Co-Leader of the clan?


I got accepted as trial in May of 2010 and became a co-leader on September 2011. I had previously been a Staff also.


Co-Leader in slightly more than a year? Was it because of your infamous charm?


Honestly I don’t know it has never been my intention to get promotions here in FA. I’ve only asked for bumped level once because I wanted to help out more than what my current admin levels allowed me to at the time. I’ve always played for fun period. Kept a cool head, applied common sense to my admin decisions, and been fair and honest with members and regulars of our community and tried to help where help was needed or asked.


Keeping a cool head, having common sense, trying to help and being fair and honest. Very specific. What are your typical tasks as a Co-Leader?


As a Co-Leader my tasks vary daily. One moment I’m browsing the forums helping users with any issues they have, reviewing demos, or helping other clan members dealing with troubled players via the forums, xfire, or just having a random chat. On the servers I’m generally playing, meeting new players and potential members, watching for cheaters and dealing with troubled players to keeping the game fun for all or helping other admins where needed.


Why do you only play on our silEnT servers? Do you like the ETPub experience, do you like the gameplay or is it simply because you like the names?


Etpub has my heart, its the server that matches more my gaming style relaxed and playing the game. and what I had become accustomed after .bb. I am not a fan of double jumps or adren. It’s where all my friends were playing at the time also after .bb.


Are you teaching your kids the venerable art of playing W:ET or are they more interested in modern games? Probably even preparing them to become your successors?


My two youngest kids currently play on our Minecraft server, and my oldest son has played a few times, but he is more into modern games and consoles.


What's your role in =F|A=? The problem solver? The encourager? The organizer? Or even Mr. Nobody?


I would have to say a a mixture of all the above. At times I am there to help make decisions about trouble players, enforcing our rules and dealing with troubled players. Other times I am talking to players about personal issues or clan issues and providing positive feedback and encouragement. On the server its more of an organizer role helping keep things running smoothly so everyone is having fun.


What parts do you like the most about the clan and what do you utterly hate?


I would not be here without the love that is the FA community, its members, regulars, and even the trolls too. I’ve met a lot of great individuals and have made some awesome new gaming friends. FA runs a tight ship, and I love every part of it. What I dislike the most is Peter- and mew asking for nudies 24/7 can we get a grasp on these two? :D


How do you picture the clan's future? Focussing on W:ET so we don't have to upgrade our computers or taking a step forward into the next generation of games?


I think FA has a very bright future ahead. We have a lot of great members, and leaders who care about the community as a whole and continuously strive to keep things going and expanding in a positive direction. ET is still a big part of FA although I see more and more people moving to other games. I think Et will still be around for a bit longer but it’s inevitable that we continue to move forward with new games. I myself included when I buy a video card soon hopefully.


Since you are a good friend of some of our older members, did they act as a mentor for you or did you learn everything related to the clan yourself?


Yes definitely, when I first joined FA there was so much to learn. Watching them and other admins handle situations on the server and receiving help from other admins was very helpful and encouraging. I was always afraid to do the wrong thing or to step in and handle a situation but over time learning about FA and reading our Wiki and Guidelines helped me learn more how to handle these issues and problems on the servers and forums. I'm still learning a lot right now.


Imagine you were in charge of the whole clan for a month. What would you change or would you leave everything as it is?


I'd freak the hell out first thats for sure. FA runs a tight ship and we are expanding a lot into other games. I would keep things running and moving as they are.


What are the dark and secret mistakes you made in the clan?


Hahaha there are a couple embarrassing moments and learning experiences. From accidentally banning the wrong slot number, to setting regular to admin members, and even removing my own admin level. And definitely my favorite has to be when I accidentally banned mew for sexual harassment playing around because I didn't think I could ban someone the same level as me, this was also my first ban on FA.


Your turn to share a funny or stupid joke. Preferably dirty.


How do you remember your wifes birthday? forget it once.


Rhode Island is near some of our members and regulars. Have you ever met one of them in person?


Unfortunately no, I haven't met any or our members. I've talked to a player who lives the next town over however a while back.


But you would take part in a possible future US meeting, wouldn't you?


Yeah, I would definitely go to a meetup if one was ever close by.


Tell us about your favorite music, movie, TV show and book.


I mostly listen to hip-hop, rap, and reggaeton. One of my favorites movies is memento, it has a crazy plot to it. For TV I'm currently catching up on Breaking Bad on Netflix and watching White Collar on television. I mostly read online articles now a days havent read a good book in a long time unfortunately.


What was your most embarrassing moment?


I had to think about this one it's been a while, but definitely the time I was woken up by neighbors that I barely knew after going out drinking the previous night cause I mistaken my own house and was sleeping in their hallway.


What about you in 10 years? Will you have a fourth child, will you be the president of the USA, will you be freaking rich or do you think nothing will change at all?


Three is enough thats for sure and 10 years is currently to far for me to know how things will be from now, I think things will be pretty much the same as right now. I am currently in the planning stages to possibly relocate and move with my wife and kids to Canada. I lived there before and always wanted to go back to live there at some point, if all goes well I would like to be there within the next year. My wifes family has a lot of land we could get for cheap and build a nice house out there. I dont think I will strike it rich (We will know on wednesday when I play my lottery number) if not I would love to establish an official web development company at some point also.


What would you do with the millions you could win in the lottery?


Just the typical. I would definitely clear my current debts, relocate as mentioned above and build a nice house for me and one for my parents, I would take a few months and travel the world, donate some to charity, and make sure my kids are set for life. Then I would build a huge battleroom for my gaming, and donate money to FA and charities. Also I always wanted to own a lion, so I would get me a damn lion just cause I can.


The name Novice doesn't sound too confident for a Co-Leader. Do you still see yourself as a novice or what's the story behind that name?


The name came after I took a long break for almost a year after .bb. and came back as a Novice player and was getting owned by everyone so I used it and it stuck after a while. Just like real names I don't think it defines a person they are defined by the action a person makes. I'd like to think the name is also synonymous with how I like to play which is that similar to a new player, just to have fun, goof around and just have a good time gaming.


You seem to be a fan of barbecues. What's your favorite food and drink?


I love spending time with my family and friends nothing better than some good ol' backyard BBQ and a couple of beers having a great time with those you care about we usually have several every summer. My favorite food are lobster and swordfish. I drink a lot of water most of the time, but my favorite drinks are pepsi, heinekens, and tequila.


If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, would it be that as well?


Yes seafood all day.


Any cool hobbies? Apart from going to the beach, obviously.


I have recently started doing a really neat hobby called Geo Caching. I heard about it in the past but never tried it. I been going out a couple of times a week to locate geo caches and have been quite surprised to explore new places in my area I never even knew existed.


Do you own a car or are you a passionate cyclist like Thistle?


No I do not own a bicycle. I owned two cars as of recent a 2000 Ford Taurus which I sold about 3 months back. Right now I am driving my wifes soccer mom van a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country.


I've read you were going to install your Raspberry Pi into your car, as some kind of inexpensive entertainment system. Any success with that?


I was hoping to be able to, but after messing around with it, I don't think it will be good or powerfull enough to do much function besides playing movies, it turned out to be a lot more slower than I anticipated, right now I am using is as a LAMP web server to mess around with when bored. I am going to use to learn to program in other languages as it was originally intended for when I have the time.


Are you going to stay in Rhode Island forever or do you have a different place in mind where you'd rather like to live?


I been in Rhode Island most of my life. I think its truly one of the best states to live in in the US. But I've always had a nick for travel and as I answered earlier I am hoping to relocate within the next year to Canada, if not I would like to possibly move to another state like Maine for a while to get away from the city life for a bit and explore different places.


Would you rather prefer a city trip, an exhausting hiking trip or going to the beach?


Definitely an exhausting hiking trip, I have always been a fan of the outdoors, but I love the beach also it reminds me of Puerto Rico. I usually go out camping once or twice a year for up to 10-14 days at a time every summer.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


I would definitely go back in time where life began and see how life all began.


Would you like to come to Europe to visit fellow clan members? And who would you want to meet there the most?


I would love to visit Europe and meet some of our clan members. If I had to pick someone I would pick the all mysterious Kai for sure.


Taken you could swap roles, permissions and duties with a a =F|A= member for a month. Who would that member be?


I would swap out with Daredevil so he could go hang out at strips club, get drunk and have a nice Vacation.


Is he also your favorite =F|A= member and would he be the one you would pick to be stranded on an island with you?


Of course :P but I would also like to add Maximo I think out of all members me and him have played and talked together the most at this point and have become great gaming friends. And if I was stranded with no way back, I would only hope it would be with one of our lovely FA girls of course like Kai.


I remember you mentioning that you have a dog. Do you have any other pets?


No I don't currently own any other pets. My dog is a 5 year old female tea cup Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier). She is the smallest dog I have owned, always had Pitbulls most my life. Her name is Phatty.


What's your favorite color?




What is the biggest influence in your life?


My mother and father are the biggest influences in my life.


What kind of cellphone do you use?


I currently have the T-Mobile G2X, running Cyanogenmod.


What's your daily schedule, from morning to evening?


My schedule is all over the place right now, but typically my morning starts somewhere around 7am, I check for any emails from my freelance clients and handle issues they have like websites updates, and sending email campaigns for them, checking and updating my servers to make sure all is well. And if I have a project on hand like right now I work on that for the better half of the afternoon. I try to keep all the isolated to less than 6hrs per day. I then head out to run errands, go for a jog or just to get out the house for a while and visit family or friends. In the evenings I am here on prowling the forums and gaming.


If you were the first person to make contact with an Alien life form, what would you say/do?


I read a guide a while back that says stay still, attempt to communicate and show basic geometry shapes, numbers and such, matter of fact here it is http://blastr.com/pi...Infographic.jpg so I would try that. If they are not trying to destroy me of course.


At what age do you expect to retire from work and what are you going to do then?


I would probably be working for as long as I could, but Ideally I would like to retire around 65 or so where I could still get around, travel the world spending a month or so in each country learning about other people and cultures.


If you could pick any celebrity for a husband or wife, who would it be?


I've always told my wife I would leave her for Angelina Jolie, loved her since The Movie hackers.


What's your life goal?


To leave this world better than I got it, enjoy life to the fullest, and help my children grow up become wonderful loving and caring people.


What about your dream job?


I would like to own a hosting company, or ISP


Which comic character would you like to be?


Batman of course.


What was your favorite subject in school?


Definitely history, I've always loved the adventures, explorations, and battles that lead to where we are now in time.


Have you ever forgotten your sports bag in the school bus?


Yep, on more than one occasion and various other places.


What's your favorite cuddly toy?


My wife.


What's one thing you'd like to do before dying?


I would like to travel out to space.


If your wife told you no more video games, which would you choose, her or the game?


I would pick her without a doubt.


If you never got introduced to gaming, would your life be any different?


I don't think it would be a lot more different, I would of probably had a different past time or hobby just as equal. But I would not change it for another one, I have met some very great people online some which I would consider very good friends.


What was the best gift you ever received and what was the worst one? Neither love, nor socks count.


My children are my life and will always be the greatest gift I have ever received. The worse gift I ever received was my own belt back for xmas.


How many tattoos do you have?


I have two and plan on getting another one within the next month. I have a half sleeve tattoo with my daughters middle name about 3 months ago, and I got my sons middle name also.


If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?


I'd probably like to meet Barack Obama currently.


You wake up in jail. Who is with you?


All my friends I went out with that night.

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cool interview Novice!! :D


Was good seeing you the other night on the ET server :)


:omgcat: approves


EDIT: btw that most embarrassing moment was hilarious!!

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It was great to read this. Thank you for sharing. It is always fun to read this and not know who the gamers are you are talking about. Time to search... :)

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Really nice interwiev, and funny ofc.

When i started to play in F|A you and Decimo were my idols, cuz u guys owned us all in F|A silent ETPub server, i always wanted to be like you guys sometime. Im really happy that F|A has co-leader like you.


Here is the answer i liked the most:

Etpub has my heart, its the server that matches more my gaming style relaxed and playing the game. and what I had become accustomed after .bb. I am not a fan of double jumps or adren. It’s where all my friends were playing at the time also after .bb.





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