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  1. Norris, Chuck Norris. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

    1. PiaNist


      is your Norris a she-male? XD

    2. Spaceballs
    3. LuCkY*13


      Be carefull about what you sayd i heard he have eyes and ears every where...shhhhh

  2. It smells like fish

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    2. Spaceballs


      my nose tells me.

    3. SkuLLc0LLector


      ok now its getting creepy ! Were you at my house last night ??!!

    4. Spaceballs


      might have passed your house - unintentionally =)


  3. I think a major issue here is that you can play CS:GO without really having to choose a specific server. You can play by choosing a game type such as destruction, deathmatch, etc. and the mainserver will do the connection for you. So I regularly play CS:GO, but rarely on clan servers. Only via random server connection upon selecting the game mod. The game itself though is pretty good - I like it very much.
  4. It is never a bad idea to install ET. It is a great game and you will see a lot of people on the FA ET servers. Just go ahead and install the game.
  5. So now it's censorship? There I was getting curious about donations and stuff. And off you go, delete the topic. So much for "free to express his her opinion". Was Krauersauts topic where he asks about donations that uncomfortable? I Well then. Thank speedfact for the update. I will stay out of this topic now. @Krauersaut: All the best to you and thanks for your work.
  6. @Borr*acho: I think it is a very legitimate way to say good bye. Krauersaut has practically worked for this clan three years. I imagine his xfire list to be very very long... So why not use the forum to inform the people of why he left and at the same time give reasons. He will reach everyone this way. You know, his personal problems with other leaders apart, there are people in the community who cared about him and probably longed to hear something official. That's what the forum is for. But what the forum is not for is your calling him "obnoxious and attention seeking". That is, with all due respect, ridiculous and uncalled for.
  7. Thanks for your words Krauersaut. You listed many reasons, which also made me leave. I only had the problem that I couldn't find the words to describe why I felt that "FA is not for me". But you found the words and they are as if I wrote them myself. Especially, when you refer to some leaders - one in particular, I am not gonna name him, who simply behaves like an adolescent and doesn't comply with the clan rules. Unfortunately, in FA there are some people with power and admin levels, who make use of it whatever way they want. Arbitrary. Sad. Well anyways, nice reading this. Thanks for your hard work in the clan and see you on x-fire.
  8. Hi Guys, I just realised that Jay 4 is down. It is already reported on tracker, but when I checked the server list on the website, it says that not only Jay 4, but the Minecraft and TF2 servers are down as well. The CS:S server is down as well (though I think it has been down for a longer time now?) What happened? Did they crash?
  9. Spaceballs

    Closing down.

    I lost my common sense and am therefore closing this blog. No sense writing about something I don't have. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you anyways =) That much at least has to be said! Best regards, Spaceballs
  10. Sounds fun =) I'll tryand pop by if I can.
  11. I really like this idea. The spoiler shows just how many tutorials there actually are and I think it would be useful to rearrange them in a way that people can find the necessary tutorial faster.
  12. I got to meet your knife quite few times by now. Good aiming there =) Keep it up!
  13. If you say that Obama has done nothing, ask yourselves why that is so. And have a look at the House of Representatives. You will understand that Obama couldn't do shit with all those Republicans blocking everything. So don't complain. US politics is just f*cked up in two camps, who just know how to block, but not how to think *together*. It is almost the same in Germany btw... getting uglier with the elections approaching.

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