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  1. I dunno about jaymod ive been playin mostly on HC and silent1 ... but in my opinion its not the kind of problem that requires a FIX ! i mean it can be surprising to "suddenly" die while fighting a covie with a knife despite the impression that you had managed to get away from em ... but im just like "wow what was that !?! ... OK..." and then keep playing. It is also something that doesnt happen many times during a map (to me at least) maybe 1 or 2 times because after that i just become more vigilant and those situations happen usually when a specific type of player is arround they know how to take advantage off the covert ops class and manage to sneak in go undetected to be able to have those close combat situations otherwise they are forced to use their smg too. So i think they diserve credit for that cuz the majority of covies i see dont succeed when tryin to do that tbh. And what about an engi who can take you out before u even can see him with a riflnade cuz they just randomly thought u could be there, and in some little maps its like a spam fest ... ( What is more problematic for me on HC specificaly is the TK/TB situation ... like a panzer guy who doesnt bother taking out 2 mates for a kill blowing himself up in the process and then go 'YEAH!!' in the quick chat but that is another topic i know that )
  2. Gud luck for the tests and i hope its not a cancer or anything that serious my own mom went thru this difficult 'cancer thing' ... tests, all the stress that goes with it, u kno... for a long periode off time but it all ended well for her thank God!
  3. (ill assume its about how to improve aim and not just be the highest fragger on server) So... If you have high stable fps, stable PING, a good enough mouse(no need hitech things), clear cfg good view of map objects..etc is a good step forward no doubt. After that u need i wont just say practice a lot but try to see what you are doing wrong during fights, once you get to that level it means you are starting to know exactly what you are doing. Because at first you are not specialy relax and tend to enter in some kind of loop during a 1vs1 which is that Random Left-Right movement and i think that is a bad habit. most off the time you ll end up "killing yourself" without even knowing it Also the way you play i mean how you move your mouse either with your wrist or your elbow must help you find your own sensitivity which should be the one you are comfortable with, so that when you are tracking an ennemy for me he should never be too fast for you to do it no matter how fast his movements are, dont go and pick som1 else sensitivity and then try to adapt your game accordingly! But in my opinion the most important thing is your own movement! How you move according to the ennemys move, or how you move in order to be unpredictable for your ennemy. Some players are very aggressiv in their gameplay and always try to drive the fight with unpredictable and quick movements which is very effective cuz the game pace is very fast itself u endup takin huge damage before u try to recover. Other players are more deffensiv in their gameplay and try to counter the ennemys movmnt during 1vs1 and i am more that type off player myself, but it requires prediction a lot, i always try to 'go where the ennemy goes' and do a circular like mov arround that direction with the mouse slightly moving, and notice that they always tend to take the space arround so cover more the most spacious area in a way you are 100% sure that the moment they try to get there u take em down. And this applies more to close/medium fights. Dont bother tryin to do as much movz as they do, some players just move too much when u first encounter them, just relax and a long strafe in either left or right side always helps me see what they are really doing so that i can read and counter them. And for the xhair positionning to have more hs u usualy just need to put it slightly abov shoulder, but your mouse settings and mouse movements can make you loose that position during the game and it can be difficult to have the xhair in that position when you need it and u ll end up tryin to readjust it or just content yourself with whatever part you hit. But i think if your mouse goes up and down all the time on your mousepad you are pretty sure to be in that kind off situation. So what i do is try reduce that up/down mouse movmt as much as i can and then adjust my m_pitch so that i can move the xhair up and down easily with a lil hand gesture(i play with my wrist fixed and hand moving arround...). And what i do at beginnig of play is from distance try spot my standing and crouching teammates heads in a first time snap, when i do that and there is no name/rank that appears then i know i didnt spot the headbox there! i just readjust the mouse how i hold it and somtimes my stence and try again til i hav the result i want, and doing that lil check from a certain distance helps me even more during long range fights (but its just me, some poepl probly dont need all that). And guys! These are not advices, i am probly not the best player or HSer arround but, i have improved a lot in a relatively short period just by following these tips. I am just sharing experience with those who may find it usefull ...
  4. r_gamma not working sounds like r_ignorehwgamma is set to "1" try verify your r_ignorehwgamma value then if its "1" set it to "0" and normally r_gamma should work i think....
  5. well, i somtimz do use RaZiel alias and im a hc regular (hope its not me!! ;p)
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWBG1j_flrg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBPQ5UUeVgQ
  7. Iv always said NO to big maps on HC but now... you know its a bit different... because in the littl maps on HC in 1/3 of time u die from TK so many riflnades and that flamer behind you... and that guy with panza tripleTKin for 1 kill... the idea of playin in a more skilled way on that server is like a MYTH it looks more and more like another silent1 but with FF on (omg). So add new maps (suggestion: ET-Assault) for fun... we play on HC just for fun now.
  8. ok a part from those internet/ping/stableFPS/smoothGame things. ... imo (according to my own experience [and imnot the best ET player ever its just ivy aka laglaglag.Sulliwan]) HS are very very decisive once you learn how to make em easily i mean without needing to adjust your aim to much to get em. If u hav that ability it means you 'almost' know that in any close/medium range fight your gonna hav at least 1or2 HS. But winning a fight when your opponent is very skilled aiming at lets say +45% acc and can get HS too(and dodge bullets like matrix somthing... is that a cheater? ... lol im jokin), you ll need to do better than him or get a TRIPLE HS VERY FAST to hav a chance to kill him. and that tripleHS isnt impossible to do once you achiev the ability i talked about earlier. It makes u the kinda player that can kill any Good/Average aimer on the server and im not talking about LUCK its all about you doing it. thats what HS for me give u as a pubPlayer. So for me 'controling' your HS is a huge step in havin better stats in general AND its easy then for you to hav BodyShots obviously cuz Hbox is small once you track it easily its easier for the rest. The only thing u hav to work for is prbly MIX it not randomly but i mean u hav to know when u hav to go for BodyShots instead of missing the targetsHEAD for a couple of milliseconds... I forgot to mention the spread like Aniky said its important to try reduce it by any mean (dont try hax they ll catch u) for me u dont hav to believe me i hav a HINT for that and i actually use the spread for HS . thats my opinion based on my experience of ET.
  9. lol YOYO that body mov at 1:08 !! Awesome
  10. File Name: ivyCFG File Submitter: luventaz File Submitted: 25 Mar 2014 File Category: Player Configs .U ll need to set your own values for r_displayrefresh r_customwidth r_customheight because of rendering issues .mouse DPI = 1200 windows sensitivity = 6/11 .If your game is still too dark after you exec the autoexec file just adjust your screen gamma(on windows with your gcard settings) till u get it better but its not necessary for some poeple. .U can also set your own FPS(com_maxfps"value") i myself use 142fps/144hz displayrefresh as u can see on screenshots. .And finally for sensitivity and other mouse settings in close,medium and long range cfg files u are free to go there and set values if u want it. But those are mine and they depend on my own gameplay and ofc how fast i move my mouse on my mousepad. Feedbacks are welcome! Click here to download this file
  11. i think so... because the first time iv updated the driver it was impossibl to play the FPS droped to 15-20 and it was the 13.12 version. Now with those settings it is workin fine....

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