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  1. Happy Birthday FunkybananA!

  2. Happy Birthday lotasgt!

  3. Happy Birthday Toby!

  4. Aaaand I'm back from the tour! It was nothing short of awesome! Oh and I also graduated, what a start for a summer, which unfortunately ends in July 11th as I have to go to the army.

  5. I can also goof around with photoshop, so I could be of use
  6. Did your vacuum get stuck on your neck or what? Laundry day perhaps?
  7. Kyllä Kyllä, another fin on board :)

  8. My latest album that I listened to was perhaps either Dream Theater - Scenes from a memory or Avenged Sevenfold - Diamonds in the rough Both awesome as HELL!
  9. So, When are we gonna have another "Sense" Conversation?

  10. Here's my experience so far! Black Sabbath Deep Purple Rise Against Sum 41 Airbourne Avenged Sevenfold Gary Moore ZZ Top
  11. I thought I'd enter myself to this signature topic and be of help! I made a few examples and will continue making sigs whenever I have time, but here are the 2 examples. Tell me what you think and if you want either one of them with your name on it, then tell me They're unique, so the winner takes it all ps. I think this also saves a lot of Zuthus' time if someone helps him EDIT: Ofcourse I'm not as good as Zuthus, but I'm learning and atleast I'm trying
  12. Happy Birthday mate! :)

  13. Happy birthday mate! :)