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  1. All the very best to all you shooters, hope you have a great year. 1984
  2. 1984

    Monthly COD4 Award for Drunkest Player March 2016

    Mandi, think i gave you a run for your money the other night,
  3. Merry Christmas guys and girls, hope you have a great time. A very Happy New Year and all the very best for 2016 1984
  4. 1984

    Are the tunnels still mine

    yes the tunnel is still there, i have been in and the fridge is still full of cold beer so i take it nobody had found it !!!!!!
  5. 1984

    Are the tunnels still mine

    Hi guys, been very busy for a while, i'm back, ready to retake my tunnels, hope you (the old gang that used to be in the tunnels) are all fine. thought i would pop on to say hi and get back into it again. 1984
  6. been busy but i'm back

  7. 1984

    merry Christmas boys and girls

    Merry Christmas, hope you and your families have a good one, been off for a while building my house and for those that know me building new clays, be prepared for my return in the tunnel. Happy new year for 2014, 1984.ðŸ˜
  8. 1984

    Problem with commands on cod 4

    thank you for the quick update. 1984
  9. 1984

    Problem with commands on cod 4

    the commands are not working, people on with last stand and marty and can not be warned or kicked. when you ask them to remove its abuse abuse abuse. hopefully it will get sorted soon. 1984. ps when !pl is typed only 3 names come up nothing more. this is no marty abnedog......
  10. Happy Birthday 1984!

  11. 1984

    This made me laugh pretty hard

    well done very good
  12. 1984

    To Inactive forum users on COD4

    im here most days, when im not at work, i do forget to log on if it is a quick look. keep up the good work speed. 1984
  13. 1984

    The winner with the coolest FA name is...

    disagree with you all, you all know the coolest name is the and only 1984 now that's a name.
  14. 1984

    Hello Mon

    hello mate, didn't see my name on your list, but then again you do die a lot in my tunnel !! well welcome to the site mate and keep up the good work. i may even let you in my tunnel one day. 1984
  15. 1984

    I'm new, but not really!

    hello mate, at last you was asked to join ages ago and now you have gone for it. just remember rule 17!! my tunnel, and you will go far my friend 1984