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  1. Happy Birthday Thoracic!

  2. Hey Anti, good to hear from you! It has been quite a long time.
  3. Thoracic



    1. Thoracic


      Hey whats up TS


    2. T Sizzle

      T Sizzle

      not much. just been able to play cod lately between workin and living in so cal. what u been up too?

  5. Impressive, especially to get it lighter than an S-Works. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I close COD4 prior to using the demo viewer for each demo, the viewer opens a mod which may be why it doesn't work if you just minimize the game.
  7. Heading out of town a few days....summer begins.

  8. Hello karmablack welcome to the forums.
  9. #5 Napa valley is the only one I've been to, when I was there I rode the Silverado trail on my bike and it was really cool to see the vineyards that way. peaceful.
  10. Yes, yours looked fine but more WinMtr's are needed for diagnosis.
  11. Thoracic

    June 1 and 2?

    Actually it is Euro, Per Gubbi's post 1.7 HC Euro Server (Germany).
  12. Taking the family camping again, cooler, tent, s'mores, music, all ready to go, have a good weekend all.


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