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  1. Well, bretheren, What the hell is Up?

    lol crashing someone elses return thread, nice mate. Long time no see to you too. Shesh they're just letting all the crazies back in here aren't they? Think they miss all the fun of running an insane asylum
  2. Well, bretheren, What the hell is Up?

    lol oi who let this guy back in here? what up soul? long time no see. hope alls alright with you
  3. Kicked by Krayzie

    What up razor. Gonna give us an update? Seems like a misunderstanding, so let us know if he's having any problems still. Also not saying your kids hacking but one thing is for sure hackers are limited by age or anything lol. Anyways like Krayzie said just let us know so we can help work the problem
  4. Game outdated

    check the bottom of your screen. you might still be running the 1.6 patch even if you updated to 1.7. The patch might not have taken effect. Let me know if it says you are running the 1.7 patch. I check server and its still up and running on 1.7.
  5. Great news! :D

    gratz old timer
  6. Who dis!

    hey hey hey i aint as bad as these two lol. I just havent been posting much lately.... Though on a serious note, if Dare posted in this topic it would become legendary
  7. Who dis!

    .....too much bright red. my eyes have started to melt
  8. Hey all, how old r u?

    Old enough
  9. Glitching Map

    Your face
  10. Glitching Map

    ...I need to update that....why it was unpinned lol...Never got around to it though
  11. Help with F|A BEGINNERS 24/7

    ...run a WinMTR and it can tell you if its your computer or your connection
  12. Help with F|A BEGINNERS 24/7

    did you check the server listing...i know it sounds weird but if you can find it on the server list then you should be able to connect. if not there could be a couple other reasons
  13. cod4 server Remember when Beginners COD4

    Trails have the warn command right? Or do I need to fix that...
  14. Website updated to use HTTPS only

    Anyone else getting this when you search for something:
  15. I got banned for cheating

    my mom told me to never trust strangers. stranger danger stranger danger